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Rob Biederman Co-CEO and Co-Founder Catalant
September 21, 2020

All About Catalant with Co-founder & Co-CEO Rob Biederman

Welcome to the Open Assembly Podcast. In this episode we chat with Rob Biederman, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Catalant Technologies.

Business Talent Group with Co-founder & Co-CEO Jody Miller
September 16, 2020

All About Business Talent Group with Co-founder & Co-CEO Jody Miller

Business Talent Group was founded in 2007 is one of the pioneers for hiring on-demand talent and to this day are regarded as the premier marketplace for companies seeking high-end expertise. Please enjoy this podcast with Jody Miller, Co-founder and Co-CEO of the Business Talent Group.

James Cole, Founder, The H Hub
August 31, 2020

All About The H Hub with Founder James Cole

The H Hub platform is a tool which allows companies of all sizes as well as individuals hire the best photographers in seconds. They have worked with top brands such as Allbirds, Kashi, Brooks Brothers, Vistaprint and more. 

Simon Hill
August 30, 2020

All About Wazoku with CEO & Co-founder Simon Hill

In this episode Open Assembly CEO John Winsor caught up with Simon Hill, the founder and CEO of Wazoku. Simon is one of the brightest thinkers in the open innovation space and always has great things to say.

Mike Morris CEO Topcoder
August 29, 2020

All About Topcoder with CEO Mike Morris

Topcoder is a one of the world’s leading platforms with a network of 1.5 million designers, developers, data scientists, and testers from around the globe that help Topcoder customers solve real-world problems.

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