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How work gets done has changed. Forever.

Open Assembly is leading the charge in developing a new way of working; one that is designed for a digital, global, flexible, platform-based world of work. Our unique community of experts is setting industry standards, designing and enabling a new operating system for open talent.

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We teach companies how to use the open talent economy.

Here’s how we do it.

Open Assembly consults with organizations and people wishing to adapt and thrive in the new world of work. We advise businesses of all shapes and sizes on how to use external talent platforms, internal talent marketplaces, crowdsourcing, and open innovation. We believe that a Networked Organization is one that fully embraces these open talent principles and as a result improves productivity, efficiency and diversity.

Our unique access to insights from Harvard Business School faculty, researchers and the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) positions us to provide valuable content, community, and strategic advice that educates, connects, and inspires everyone who wants to learn new ways of working using open strategies

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We engage with our clients in two ways.

Advice. Community.

Advice. We help organizations create transformational growth strategies and business-model architecture to prepare them for the future of work. We help platforms bring best practices and growth strategies to their businesses.

Community. The Collective is a member-only community of open talent leaders giving exceptional access to networking, best practices and the latest insight on the industry.

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