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How we work is changing

Open Assembly hosts the conversations, community and learning that help culture and business transition to the future of work

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We help companies tap the gig mindset.

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Open Assembly hosts the conversations and connections between organizations and people wishing to adapt and thrive as digital tools like crowdsourcing, blockchain and artificial intelligence change how we work. Our unique access to insights from Harvard Business School faculty, researchers and the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) means we provide valuable content, community, and strategic advising that educate, connect, and inspire people who want to learn new ways of working using open strategies.

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We engage with our clients in three ways.

Content. Community. Consulting.

Content. Our content programs inform, educate and inspire our community of organizations, platforms and people to effectively adopt open strategies that will help them remain relevant and effective.

Community. The Collective is a membership group that provides exceptional access to networking, best practices and the latest information about innovation and transformation based on open strategies.

Consulting. We help organizations create transformational growth strategies and business-model architecture to prepare them for the future of work. We help platforms bring best practices and growth strategies to their businesses.

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The Grandma Test: Are You Explaining What You Do In a Way That Makes Sense?

It can be tempting in any new industry to create buzzworthy terms to identify and establish thought leadership. Words like “gig economy,” “ remote work,” and “open talent” sound new and exciting. But do creative new terms risk alienating key customers, talented employees and the general public? Do they do more harm than good?

These Three Barriers Make it Harder to Choose the Freelance Lifestyle

Traditional work structures are failing and a lot of us in the future of workspace are supporting new systems—like digital platforms that connect companies to a global workforce and connect workers to better contract assignments. This is all great news. But it’s also changed everything, including employment access to the perks that traditionally come with more classic structures, like a salaried job with benefits.

The One Surprising Next Step for On-Demand Talent Models? Proving ROI With Metric Studies

In a wildly changing work landscape in which on-demand talent models are gaining ground, there will always be skeptics of open models standing right alongside the early adopters. One stance is not more right than the other. Businesses need the deep questioners just as much as evangelists. The key to moving forward is determining how these two functions or personality types can build trust—keeping business on course while embracing opportunity at the same time.

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