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About Open Assembly

We exist to transform the way work gets done.

Open Assembly is the world’s leading authority on the open talent economy. Founded in 2018 out of the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH), Open Assembly began as a community of the world’s leading thinkers, innovators, and consultants helping companies navigate the future of work. Today, through its digital gateway, Open Assembly provides access to the global freelance workforce on a single interface creating the most comprehensive source of open talent in the world. As an advocate for building a networked organization with open talent, Open Assembly exists to transform work.Services

Amazon was already used to working with platforms; that was why it was able to onboard a staggering 500,000 new workers in a matter of months in 2020, as it scaled to meet the pandemic-fueled surge in demand.

John Winsor, OA Founder and Chairman from his book, Open Talent

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