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About Open Assembly

We are driven by a simple truth: Digital transformation is as much about talent as technology.


Talent is the life blood of every enterprise. Imagine how your business can grow when it becomes a networked organization that taps into unlimited talent, on-demand.

Open Assembly is here to show you how.

‘Open’ is a mindset

Traditional workplaces have been mostly closed ecosystems. Companies hired groups of people, welcomed them physically, kept them in silos, and managed them as a fixed cost. Small catchment areas meant people were a scarce commodity. Talent was an overhead.

Companies with an open mindset see things differently.

They cast their nets farther. Digital platforms give them access to an abundance of talent which they can access on-demand. They create blended workforces. They know the difference between tasks and roles. These companies have made talent costs variable. Their workforces are more scalable and flexible and geared to the needs of the future.

Amazon was already used to working with platforms; that was why it was able to onboard a staggering 500,000 new workers in a matter of months in 2020, as it scaled to meet the pandemic-fueled surge in demand.

John Winsor, OA founder and chairman from his upcoming book

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