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Open Assembly’s global network of certified, expert consultants provides organizations with consulting, advisory, and our playbook for adopting open talent models. Based upon decades of learnings from our advisors and partners at NASA and Harvard’s Laboratory for Innovation Science (LISH), we share our approach and best practices to help companies receive the vast benefits of using open talent.

Our Expert Consultants

Dyan Finkhousen

CEO and Founder, Shoshin Works

Shoshin Works advisors are specialists in platform-enabled ecosystem operations. Known for collaborating with intent to expand the boundaries of organizational performance. Shoshin Works is a global authority on enterprise application of expert ecosystem and platform operational models, designing business model innovation to optimize client results at scale.

John Healy

John W. Healy

Speaker, Board Advisor

John is a workforce strategy and solutions expert. Previously responsible for launching the Office of the Future of Work at Kelly, he is known for his provocative positions and pragmatic solutions related to open talent, talent supply chains, the passion economy, human agility, enterprise enablement, workforce strategy, and people analytics.

Bryan Pena

Bryan Pena

Principal, Defiant Solutions LLC

Bryan is a globally-recognized thought leader on extended work and open talent. Bryan consults with HR tech providers, service providers, private equity and enterprise clients to navigate the dynamic global workforce landscape. Utilizing a global network of industry experts, he provides expertise in emerging talent platforms, workforce management programs, labor models, HR technology, variable and future workforce trends.

Barry Matthews

Barry Matthews

Founder and Managing Director, Re-source

Re-source's mission is to redefine the future of work through "open talent". We help global enterprises to digitally transform talent access via an expert team of open talent consultants who are pioneering new and disrupting traditional operating models, democratising opportunity for a global crowd of digital experts.

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Shift your mindset. Set aside the assumptions that you’re used to operating with regarding the best approach to solving a problem. Those assumptions are no longer relevant given current digital tools and new business models and markets.

Dyan Finkhousen, CEO & Founder, Shoshin Works


Open Assembly offers two distinct workshop approaches depending on an organization’s level of crowdsourcing trial and usage and their leadership commitment to growing the practice.


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