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Collective Membership

The Collective is a membership-based community that includes organizations, platforms, freelance workers and academics devoted to advancing the thinking and practical application of open strategies. Members find community, connection and content in a collaborative effort to raise the tide for everyone co-creating the future of work.

John Winsor

Content and Speaking

We create digital and social content that supports and informs the growth of the future of work. We produce the quarterly digital magazine OAQ. We publish in the Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloane Business, Forbes and various industry publications, and support research through LISH. Our founder John Winsor is available to keynote events and moderate or take part in conference panels.



Organizations: We help organizations evolve and adopt best practices to remain effective and relevant as work patterns shift to the gig mindset. We support transformative growth through open methodologies using collaborative business models, tools and technologies. We structure each engagement around four key growth phases: Learn, Experiment, Build, and Scale.

Platforms: We develop go-to-market strategies to help open system platforms accelerate the growth of their market share. We focus our engagements on market research, business and software strategy, and brand communications.



Open Assembly offers two distinct workshop approaches depending on an organization’s level of crowdsourcing trial and usage and their leadership commitment to growing the practice.

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