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Platform Accelerator

The Platform Accelerator program offers a unique suite of services to bolster platforms to improve their business operations, expand their market presence, and boost sales. We offer clearly defined and quantifiable metrics for a clear ROI. The program is limited to 10 platforms.

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Talent Innovators

Our Talent Innovator group comprises forward-thinking business leaders in charge of transforming traditional talent practices into a dynamic, digitally-driven ecosystem. By embracing AI and open talent strategies, these leaders aspire to harness a global pool of independent professionals, breaking down the barriers to access top talent anywhere, anytime. This shift towards a flexible, innovation-centric workforce model optimizes talent management and propels organizations toward unprecedented growth and agility. As pioneers of this transformation, Talent Innovators are vital to integrating digital platforms and AI to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and build a more resilient, adaptive organizational structure.

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By using ‘open talent’, companies can have access to the world’s best minds. Many see that need. Few know how to make it happen.

Open Assembly helps enterprises build the networks and systems that will transform their talent strategies.

Blended Workforce Strategies

Our consultants work with business leaders to develop new and dynamic approaches to workforce planning. That allows them to add capability, to create scale without adding headcount, and to move cost from fixed to variable.

External Talent Cloud Models

Platforms offer access to vast new constituencies of workers. We help organizations find and select expert independent talent. This can come from one or a select few platforms. It enables clients to reduce time to revenue and enables scalability and elasticity.

Open Innovation Platforms

Open innovation can exponentially increase the number of solution providers. We help clients build networks of potential collaborators. We co-create challenges and find the right communities from which to source new and novel ideas.

Internal Talent Clouds

Many organizations miss a trick by failing to see what they already have. We help clients catalog enterprise-wide talent and capabilities. We enable internal mobility by using digital tools to matching skills with client demand.

Security, IP protection, and historic internal processes are all barriers to adoption. They cause anxiety. We help companies solve those problems. We do this by creating Centers of Excellence, finding the right digital tools, and sharing best practice.

This gives companies confidence that their blended workforces are secure, vetted, compliant and quality assured.

Open Assembly has conceived, designed and implemented an open talent access model that has become a critical part of how companies services.

John Healy, CEO,

How will open talent power your growth?


The future of work is a hot topic. For good reason.
But there’s only a few qualified experts on the subject.

John Winsor

Our experience as thought leaders, network builders, advisors, and consultants, is unparalleled. That experience is valuable to anyone exploring or building in the open talent economy. We have a ton of research and insights to share.

John did a fantastic job setting the stage for our keynote. ‘Avalanches to riding waves’ is a winning track. He delivered it masterfully. John helped make the Topcoder Open a BIG event for our community, customers, and prospects.

Clinton Bonner, VP Marketing, Topcoder

Our executive team, our advisory panel, and members of our community, are the folks best suited to explain the market’s dynamics and opportunities.

Getting to know John has been a true delight. He is a master storyteller who can hold the silent attention of a room. A global thought leader on the gig economy, but most importantly a true gentlemen and kind soul.

Lana Vickridge-Smith, CEO,

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