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Advisory & Coaching

Creating a networked organization requires nuanced shifts in communications, strategy, relationships and operations. We help leaders within organizations leapfrog the learning curve required to research, formulate and execute strategies to transform work including network ecosystems, platform businesses, processes and tools for organizational adoption.



We help organizations create resiliency and sustainability by introducing using new work models. We leverage tools including open talent, co-creation, open innovation and crowdsourcing to produce the dynamic outcomes required in modern business. We help platforms through brand strategy consulting and customer advisory board management to bring best practices and growth strategies to their businesses. Our consulting is based on our ecosystem of the world’s leading thinkers, innovators and consultants.

Group working

OA Collective

The Collective is a membership-based community that includes organizations, platforms, freelance workers and academics devoted to advancing the thinking and practical application of open talent solutions by defining and shaping the language, mindsets and models that allow for greater adoption.

John Winsor


John Winsor, CEO and Founder of Open Assembly, has been an entrepreneur, pioneer and thought leader for open strategies for decades, and is an Executive in Residence at Harvard Business School. His powerful, human-centered approach to storytelling has earned him keynotes across the global stage.

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