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OAQ Report, Volume 2

How to Thrive in the New Economy of Work

Get a copy of our OAQ Volume 2, How to Thrive in the New Economy of Work. This is the ultimate guide to adopting open talent models within your organization and was created in partnership with Topcoder, the world’s largest technology talent network and digital crowdsourcing platform.

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Sajeev Nair
Sajeev Nair
Head of Global ADM Group Operations, Zurich Insurance Group

Moving forward, every company will need to develop a gig-economy strategy, just as they’ve had to develop a social media or mobile strategy in the past. Companies that do this now will outpace those that don’t.

Mike Morris, Topcoder
Michael P. Morris
CEO, Topcoder

We are in the midst of a tremendous socioeconomic shift in how work gets done. Our goal is to support executives and their teams to accelerate gig economy adoption with best-practices, tools and benchmarks for measurement that effectively compare results against traditional methods to further validate the open model approach.

John Winsor
John Winsor
Founder and CEO, Open Assembly, Executive-In-Residence, LISH

Those of us who were here in the beginning were the disruptors. We had to throw Molotov cocktails at the established way of doing things just to get noticed. In the last few years, early adoptive thought leaders have taken up the charge and started to build the tools that incumbent organizations need in order to change.

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