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Dave Messinger
January 25, 2021

WORK. with Topcoder CTO Dave Messinger

Dave Messinger is the Chief Technologist and VP of Product at Topcoder, where he is in charge of all crowdsourcing products and technology. He is responsible for the platform and overall community development methodology. Dave has been with Topcoder since the beginning and he’s seen it all. Please enjoy.

Chris Stanton
January 21, 2021

WORK. with Chris Stanton of the Harvard Business School

Open Assembly CEO John Winsor chats with Chris Stanton the Marvin Bower Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard.

Eleanor & Barry Matthews
January 13, 2021

WORK. with Eleanor & Barry Matthews of re-source

On this episode of the WORK. podcast brought to you by Open Assembly we have a fun, informative and inspiring conversation with Eleanor and Barry Matthews of re-source.

Erik Stettler Toptal
December 08, 2020

WORK. with Toptal Chief Economist Erik Stettler

During this episode we spoke with Erik Stettler, the Chief Economist at Toptal. Erik is also a founding partner of Firstrock Capital which ultimately led him to his current position at Toptal.

Ryan Gill Communo
December 01, 2020

WORK. with Communo CEO & Co-founder Ryan Gill

Open Assembly CEO John Winsor checks in with Co-founder and CEO Ryan Gill to learn all about Communo.

Patrick LLewellyn 99designs
November 18, 2020

WORK. with 99designs CEO & President Patrick LLewellyn

In this edition of the Open Assembly Podcast, John Winsor peaks with Patrick Llewellyn, CEO and President of 99designs. 

Steve Rader NASA
November 15, 2020

WORK. with Steve Rader of NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation

Steve Rader, the Deputy Director for the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation at NASA. He is also one of the world’s top evangelists for using open talent to solve problems. In his role he helps facilitate and promote the use of collaborative innovation platforms such as crowd-based communities, challenges and crowdsourcing for supporting development projects across the United States government.

Steve Pockross Verblio
November 09, 2020

WORK. with Verblio CEO Steve Pockross

Verblio is a multimedia content creation platform that powers modern content marketers and SEO agencies. They have created tens of thousands of pieces of unique content for their clients across the globe.Please enjoy this conversation with Steve Pockross, CEO of Verblio.

Wyatt Nordstrom Maven
November 02, 2020

WORK. with Maven CFO & Co-founder Wyatt Nordstrom

Wyatt Nordstrom, co-founder, chairman and CFO of Maven, a global network and marketplace of industry professionals, thought leaders, and experts who share their knowledge through Maven’s unique “microconsulting” platform. Some of their many clients include Home Depot, Siemens, Microsoft and NASA.

John Healy Kelly
October 27, 2020

WORK. with Kelly Future of Work VP & Managing Director John Healy

John Healy, Vice President & Managing Director, Office of the Future of Work at Kelly does many amazing work and one of his main roles is disrupting new and existing markets by improving the ways that people connect and do work. We met John about a year ago and his enthusiasm and positivity about the open economy and what modern work could be is infectious.

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