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How The Future Works Podcast
February 23, 2022

Micro Internships, Macro Opportunity

In this episode Barry and Eleanor Matthews are joined by Jeffery Moss the founder and CEO of Parker Dewey.  Parker Dewey offer “micro internships” for students to showcase their skills and potential while also getting paid and providing employers with skills and the chance to get to know student talent who might go on to longer term internships or full time future roles.

How The Future Works Podcast
February 06, 2022

How The Future Works: The Year of the Tiger

In this episode Barry and Eleanor Matthews talk about the Great Resignation, Tang Ping and how workers around the world are changing the way they think about work and approach work-life balance. They also look at the ongoing trend towards freelancing and open talent and how governments are reacting.

Shoba-Purushothaman Hardskills
February 01, 2022

WORK. with Shoba Purushothaman, Co-founder of Hardskills

This episode of the WORK. Podcast features Shoba Purushothaman. Shoba is the Co-Founder of Hardskills,  a corporate learning platform that helps enterprises train their workforces in the hard-to-teach behaviors, skills, and mindsets needed for the new world of work.

January 25, 2022

WORK. with Neil Carberry, CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation

During this WORK. podcast we welcome Neil Carberry, the CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation which is a leading membership organization for recruitment and staffing firms based in the UK. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation helps UK’s professional recruiters have a lasting impact on the economy as well as candidates’ lives – making great work happen everyday. 

Jeff Schwartz, VP Insights and Impact at Gloat
January 19, 2022

WORK. with Jeff Schwartz, VP Insights and Impact at Gloat

This episode of the WORK podcast features future of work expert Jeff Schwartz. Jeff is a Senior Advisor in the Future of Work at Deloitte Consulting, author of the book WORK DISRUPTED, an Adjunct Professor Columbia Business School and last year was named the Vice President of Insights and Impact at Gloat.

How The Future Works Podcast
January 03, 2022

How The Future Worked 2021 – A review of our wonderful 2021 HTFWs guests and themes

In this bonus episode, Eleanor and Barry are joined by Tom Matthews who has reviewed and catalogued each of the 2021 podcast episodes and the trio discuss the guests, the themes, the answers to the 5 x 10 questions and have a general review of the year.

How The Future Works Podcast
December 06, 2021

Yon Living – empowering anyone to live and work from anywhere in the world

In this episode Barry and Eleanor are joined by Tom Brooks the founder of Yon Living a brilliant concept that combines staying in great locations, designed for working and relaxing, with meeting like-minded digital workers and creating community.

How The Future Works Podcast
November 22, 2021

How The Future Works: Leaving the Rat Race and Going it Alone

In this episode of  the How the Future Works podcast Eleanor and Barry take a moment to catch their breath following a busy fews weeks after the merger of re-source with Open Assembly. Following the update they check in with Emily and Alex, two digital nomads who have chosen life of freelancing to pursue their passions. 

Mark Hannant Magenta
November 02, 2021

WORK. with Mark Hannant, Co-founder of Magenta

This episode of the  WORK. podcast features Mark Hannant. Mark is the Co-founder of Magenta, a creative agency specializing in B2B thought leadership, and the Co-founder of Indigo Premedia, a pioneer of remote work and outsourcing to agency clients. Mark is passionate about the open talent economy and the role it will play in the future of work.

Open Assembly Re-source
October 13, 2021

WORK. The Merger of Open Assembly and Re-source

Open Assembly, the global authority on open talent and open innovation, announces the merging of Re-source, one of Europe’s leading open talent and human cloud advisors, into the organization.

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