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Edit Delete Transform Work: Úna Herlihy, Co-founder, The Indie List
October 16, 2023

Transform Work: Úna Herlihy, Co-founder, The Indie List

This Open Assembly Transform Work podcast edition features Úna Herlihy, Co-founder and curator of The Indie List. The founding story of The Indie List is fantastic, and she and her co-founder Peter McPartlin are creating something special.

The Indie List is Ireland’s online talent-management company representing a diverse range of the best independent talent in the marketing, communications, digital, and e-commerce sectors. They offer seamless access to exceptional talent who deliver brilliant input with real commercial impact.

Ilyse Shuster-Frohman, Founder and CEO, Mothership
September 18, 2023

Transform Work: Ilyse Shuster-Frohman, Founder and CEO, Mothership

The episode of the Transform Work podcast is with Ilyse Shuster-Frohman, the Founder and CEO of Mothership.

Mothership is a DEI-focused and skills-based open talent marketplace that connects entrepreneurs, enterprises, and high-value SMEs with highly efficient experts who can perform a myriad of creative and professional services. Their marketplace is backed by proprietary technology and AI to seamlessly connect quality hires with quality clients.

Jason Posel
September 06, 2023

Transform Work with Jason Posel, Founder and CEO of

The Transform Work podcast welcomes Jason Posel, the founder and CEO of works with leading talent marketplaces to help them scale with enterprise clients, and with enterprise clients to help them scale their contingent workforce. They provide API-first, private-label compliance solutions with features designed specifically for staffing businesses and contract workers. Jason is an expert in managing open talent workforce payroll programs, as well as contractor classification, tax, and labor law issues for corporate clients and staffing firms.

Kelvin Wetherill Supportwave
August 07, 2023

Transform Work with Kelvin Wetherill , CEO and Founder of Supportwave

This edition of the Transform Work podcast features Kelvin Wetherill, the founder and CEO of Supportwave. Supportwave is an innovative IT services platform that connects businesses with on-demand IT experts. Their unique approach to skill sourcing facilitates hiring IT talent for project-based work and dedicated resources.

May 30, 2023

How The Future Works: Malt is Transforming Work

In this episode, Eleanor and Barry Matthews meet Charlotte Gregson, UK Country Manager for Malt. Malt is rapidly expanding and Charlotte is responsible for growing the UK business. Malt already has 500,000 freelancers and works with 60,000 businesses. The discussion covers Malt’s country-specific strategy, the importance of community and customer experience, the opportunities and challenges for flexible working posed by the current economic climate, and of course Charlotte’s first and worst jobs!

This episode is a symbolic one as it marks the final episode of How The Future Works in its current format. Open Assembly’s two podcasts “Work” with John Winsor and “How the Future Works” with Barry and Eleanor Matthews are being combined into a single podcast titled “Transform Work.” As the title suggests the new podcast will continue to focus on how traditional work formats are being disrupted by digital platform-based open talent models and will include discussion, debate, and interviews with many of the leading thinkers involved in transforming the industry. Please note, we cannot move your subscription from this podcast to the Transform Work podcast feed. In order to get the same great Open Talent-related content, please search and subscribe to Transform Work wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Darren Murph, VP Workplace Design and Remote Experience at Andela

Transform Work with Darren Murph, VP of Workplace Design and Remote Experience at Andela

This installment of the Transform Work Podcast features Darren Murph who is the Vice President of Workplace Design and Remote Experience at Andela. Andela is a platform that specializes in helping their highly skilled, global technology talent community connect with hundreds of the world’s leading companies. Darren has been featured in The Forbes Future of Work 50 and cited by CNBC as an Oracle of Remote Work.

Danny Gal, Proteams
May 22, 2023

Transform Work with Danny Gal, Lead Director, Proteams

This episode of the Transform Work podcast welcomes Danny Gal. Danny is a lead director at Proteams, a company that builds and manages digital teams with Europe’s top freelancers to successfully deliver digital products and services to leading enterprises. Danny is a commercial and operations expert who has led multinational and high-growth tech companies for more than 15 years.

Transform Work with Wael Mohammed, EVP of Strategy, Field Nation
May 11, 2023

Transform Work with Wael Mohammed, EVP of Strategy, Field Nation

On this edition of the Transform Work podcast, we check in with Wael Mohammed Executive Vice President of Strategy at Field Nation, an expert marketplace and workflow management platform that delivers skilled, onsite professionals anytime, anywhere.

Wael has a passion for identifying innovative concepts and transforming them into viable market solutions. He has a deep belief that the promise of data will significantly and positively change lives.  

March 10, 2023

How The Future Works: What The F*ck is Next

In this episode Eleanor and Barry Matthews are joined by Colton Chorpenning; digital nomad, author, and Senior Interactive Producer for Nest and Pixel at Google.  Originally from Denver, Colorado, Colton has designed a digitally nomadic lifestyle, spending half his time in Denver and traveling the world the other half. To date, he has worked in over 16 countries including Turkey, Austria, Italy, Thailand, SriLanka and India . Colton is the co-author of What The F*ck Is Next – a book he wrote with his father to help people live a life of intention.
The discussion includes the Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission, Chat GPT and LLMs, and the dangers of eating gummy bears in Colorado!

WORK. with Bettina Schaller, The Adecco Group & World Employment Confederation
February 03, 2023

WORK. with Bettina Schaller, The Adecco Group & World Employment Confederation

On this episode of the WORK. podcast, Open Assembly founder John Winsor checks in with Bettina Schaller. Bettina is the Senior Vice President of Global Government and Public Affairs at The Adecco Group where she oversees regulatory and policy issues. She is also the President of the World Employment Confederation, which represents labor market enablers in 50 countries and 7 of the largest international workforce solutions companies. Bettina is a global labor market expert and thought leader and was recently named to the Global Power 150 Women in Staffing List for 2022.

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