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May 30, 2023

How The Future Works: Malt is Transforming Work

In this episode, Eleanor and Barry Matthews meet Charlotte Gregson, UK Country Manager for Malt. Malt is rapidly expanding and Charlotte is responsible for growing the UK business. Malt already has 500,000 freelancers and works with 60,000 businesses. The discussion covers Malt’s country-specific strategy, the importance of community and customer experience, the opportunities and challenges for flexible working posed by the current economic climate, and of course Charlotte’s first and worst jobs!

This episode is a symbolic one as it marks the final episode of How The Future Works in its current format. Open Assembly’s two podcasts “Work” with John Winsor and “How the Future Works” with Barry and Eleanor Matthews are being combined into a single podcast titled “Transform Work.” As the title suggests the new podcast will continue to focus on how traditional work formats are being disrupted by digital platform-based open talent models and will include discussion, debate, and interviews with many of the leading thinkers involved in transforming the industry. Please note, we cannot move your subscription from this podcast to the Transform Work podcast feed. In order to get the same great Open Talent-related content, please search and subscribe to Transform Work wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

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