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Ryan Gill Communo
December 01, 2020

WORK. with Communo CEO & Co-founder Ryan Gill

Open Assembly CEO John Winsor checks in with Co-founder and CEO Ryan Gill to learn all about Communo.

Show notes

Welcome to another episode of the Open Assembly Podcast. In this episode we have a really great conversation with Ryan Gill Co-founder and CEO of Communo.

Communo is a community of advertising and marketing professionals who give and get work from each other via Communo’s platform. It’s for creative professionals looking for work or agencies looking to hire contingent workers for a specific project. Communo is many more things, too.

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur who had his hand in the marketing agency world for more than two decades. Besides running Communo, he is a driving force behind The Gathering, an awesome event for the marketing and advertising world that is held annually in Canada. He was also the co-founder of the Cult Collective, a Canadian-based marketing engagement firm.

As you’ll hear, Ryan is a ball of passion… as well as a man on a mission. Ryan and Communo are firing on all cylinders right now and I love where this is all going. Please enjoy this dynamic conversation with Ryan Gill, Co-founder and CEO of Communo.


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