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How The Future Works Podcast
September 12, 2022

How The Future Works: Bees, Trees and the Waggle Dance – Open Innovation in action

In this episode of How The Future Works, Eleanor and Barry are joined by Tanveer Mohammed UST UK’s head of Innovation.  They discuss how the open innovation model enables UST to collaborate with employees, customers and targeted groups of external experts who can all contribute to solving challenges on behalf of UST’s clients.  They discuss how UST is using open innovation to solve problems related to fraud associated with deep fakes and malicious use of AI, as well as a range of diverse client challenges.

The team also discuss their plans for The Great North Run, the new PM and Tanveer’s 5×10 round.

How The Future Works Podcast
August 28, 2022

How The Future Works: Holding out for a Hero?

In this episode of How The Future Works Eleanor and Barry meet Kal Sahota, CEO of Open Innovation platform HeroX. She explains how organisations tap into solvers from around the world to find the answers to their big conundrums. As a completely open crowd, the solvers (or Heros) compete for prize money, but as Kal explains their motivation is more about being part of something bigger and the intellectual challenge.

They also discuss Barry’s recent trip to Boulder, Colorado, and Eleanor’s resulting FOMO.

Simon Hill Wazoku Innocentive
August 17, 2022

WORK. with Simon Hill, CEO and Founder of Wazoku

On this episode of the WORK podcast we welcome back Simon Hill, the founder and CEO of Wazoku.  Wazoku is an idea management and open innovation platform which enables organizations of any size to drive innovation at scale. John Winsor interviewed Simon two years ago and much has happened since then. 

How The Future Works Podcast
August 11, 2022

How The Future Works: Freelance doesn’t mean free

In this episode of How The Future Works, Eleanor and Barry meet Matt Dowling, founder of The Freelancer Club and find out more about how the expectation of work for free is a real thing in the freelance industry for creatives. Their #NOFREEWORK movement aims to put an end to that expectation and was born from Matt’s own experience of being ripped off by a client.

They also discuss Upwork’s upcoming Work Without Limits event, lightbulbs going on in a family-run brewing company and possibly the best ever worst job.

Rich Wilson, CEO and Co-founder of Gigged.AI
August 05, 2022

WORK. with Rich Wilson, CEO and Co-founder of Gigged.AI

This episode WORK. podcast features Rich Wilson, the CEO and Co-founder of Gigged.AI. Gigged.AI is an ecosystem to make tech talent hiring easier by using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. Rich is an experienced leader who has had senior positions with Allegis Group and Gartner, and is passionate about mental health, technology and the future of work.

How The Future Works Podcast
July 20, 2022

How The Future Works: Skillsourcing – matching supply with demand in 30 seconds

In this episode of How The Future Works Eleanor and Barry Matthews discuss the role of Change Management and Training in scaling adoption of Open Talent in businesses of all sizes.  They are joined by Kelvin Wetherill the founder and CEO of NerdApp and they discuss the term “skillsourcing” and how well it fits what NerdApp do in matching tech experts with demand from consumers and businesses in as little as 30 seconds using a digital app.  They also discuss UK politics, record breaking temperatures, Meerlust wine and using the term Nerd as a term of endearment.

How The Future Works Podcast
July 05, 2022

How The Future Works: Freelancing Friendly Destinations

In this episode Eleanor and Barry discuss why and how governments want to attract and develop freelance talent. They are joined by Dr. Rochelle Haynes, founder and CEO of Crowd Potential and an accomplished academic, speaker, author and lecturer on gig working, HR and the implications of an increasingly mobile, digital, and global population.

Prakash Gupta - Turing
June 27, 2022

WORK. with Prakash Gupta, Chief Revenue Officer at Turing

This edition of the WORK. podcast welcomes Prakash Gupta. Prakash is the Chief Revenue Officer at Turing. Turing is an Intelligent Talent Cloud that uses deep expertise in Machine Learning and Data Science to deliver top engineers to build your software development dream team.

How The Future Works Podcast
June 12, 2022

How The Future Works: Solving Healthcare’s Talent Crisis

In this episode Barry and Eleanor Matthews are joined by Melissa Morris the Founder and CEO of Lantum. They discuss the talent challenges in the healthcare industry; the huge number of vacancies at a time when the demand for specialist skills is larger than ever and growing each year.

Cal Adamson Distributed
May 29, 2022

WORK. with Cal Adamson, Co-founder & CEO of Distributed

This WORK. podcast features Cal Adamson, the Co-founder and CEO of Distributed. Distributed is a private talent cloud platform that has rebuilt enterprise outsourcing to harness modern freelancer developer talent at scale.

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