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OA Global Summit

October 13-14, 2020


Steve Hatfield Deloitte Future of Work

Steve Hatfield

Principal, Global Future of Work Leader - Deloitte

Steve is a principal with Deloitte Consulting and serves as the global leader for Future of Work for the firm. He has more than 20 years of experience advising global organizations on issues of strategy, innovation, organization, people, culture, and change. Hatfield has advised business leaders on a multitude of initiatives including activating strategy, defining a preferred future, addressing workforce trends, implementing agile and resilient operating models, and transforming culture oriented to growth, innovation, and agility. He has a master’s in social change and development from Johns Hopkins and an MBA from Wharton, and is based in Boston.

John Winsor Open Assembly

John Winsor

Founder & CEO - Open Assembly

John Winsor is an entrepreneur, thought-leader and global authority on open innovation. John’s ideas, expressed through his writing, speaking and the companies he’s built, have placed him at the intersection of innovation, disruption and storytelling. John is currently the executive-in-residence at Harvard Business School’s Laboratory for Innovation Science (LISH). John’s books include “Beyond the Brand,” “Spark,” “Flipped”, and the best-selling “Baked In,” winner of the 2009 800-CEO-READ Business Book Award in marketing, John is an advisor to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Digital Initiative at Harvard Business School, and a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, The Guardian, Forbes and Digiday.

Balaji Bondili

Head of Deloitte Pixel

Balaji is the head Deloitte Pixel and is an expert in the open economy. Deloitte Pixel is the firm’s Future of Work offering, delivering work using an ecosystem of the best crowdsourcing, freelancing, and gig economy companies. He currently advises Deloitte’s largest clients across multiple industries on the driving agility and efficiency using on-demand talent, how to adopt principles of the open economy, how to attract next-generation talent with a fresh mindset and to reorganize work to be able to apply newer formats of work.

Dyan Finkhousen

Dyan Finkhousen

Founder & CEO, Shoshin Works

Dyan Finkhousen is a leading strategist, adviser and entrepreneur building expert ecosystems and platform operations that drive growth and productivity in all industries. She is the Founder and CEO of Shoshin Works and is known for her strategic work in enterprise-scale ecosystems that leverage open innovation, collaboration, crowdsourcing, and freelance resourcing. Before launching Shoshin Works, Dyan was GE’s Global Director of Open Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing, and Founder of GE GeniusLink and GE Fuse – where she cultivated an expert ecosystem with reach to over 21 million resources and enabled over $6 billion in impact.

Steve Rader

Deputy Director, Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation at NASA

Steve Rader currently serves as the Deputy Manager of NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI), which is working to infuse challenge and crowdsourcing innovation approaches at NASA and across the federal government. CoECI focuses on the study and use of curated, crowd-sourcing communities that utilize prize and challenge based methods to deliver innovative solutions for NASA and the US government.

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