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October 13-14, 2020

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Steve Hatfield Deloitte Future of Work

Steve Hatfield

Principal, Global Future of Work Leader - Deloitte

Steve is a principal with Deloitte Consulting and serves as the global leader for Future of Work for the firm. He has more than 20 years of experience advising global organizations on issues of strategy, innovation, organization, people, culture, and change. Hatfield has advised business leaders on a multitude of initiatives including activating strategy, defining a preferred future, addressing workforce trends, implementing agile and resilient operating models, and transforming culture oriented to growth, innovation, and agility. He has a master’s in social change and development from Johns Hopkins and an MBA from Wharton, and is based in Boston.

John Winsor Open Assembly

John Winsor

Founder & CEO - Open Assembly

John Winsor is an entrepreneur, thought-leader and global authority on open innovation. John’s ideas, expressed through his writing, speaking and the companies he’s built, have placed him at the intersection of innovation, disruption and storytelling. John is currently the executive-in-residence at Harvard Business School’s Laboratory for Innovation Science (LISH).  He is an advisor to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Digital Initiative at Harvard Business School, and a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, The Guardian, Forbes and Digiday.

Balaji Bondili

Head of Deloitte Pixel

Balaji is the head Deloitte Pixel and is an expert in the open economy. Deloitte Pixel is the firm’s Future of Work offering, delivering work using an ecosystem of the best crowdsourcing, freelancing, and gig economy companies. He currently advises Deloitte’s largest clients across multiple industries on the driving agility and efficiency using on-demand talent, how to adopt principles of the open economy, how to attract next-generation talent with a fresh mindset and to reorganize work to be able to apply newer formats of work.

Dyan Finkhousen

Dyan Finkhousen

Founder & CEO, Shoshin Works

Dyan Finkhousen is a leading strategist, adviser and entrepreneur building expert ecosystems and platform operations that drive growth and productivity in all industries. She is the Founder and CEO of Shoshin Works and is known for her strategic work in enterprise-scale ecosystems that leverage open innovation, collaboration, crowdsourcing, and freelance resourcing. Before launching Shoshin Works, Dyan was GE’s Global Director of Open Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing, and Founder of GE GeniusLink and GE Fuse – where she cultivated an expert ecosystem with reach to over 21 million resources and enabled over $6 billion in impact.

Steve Rader

Deputy Director, Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation at NASA

Steve Rader currently serves as the Deputy Manager of NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI), which is working to infuse challenge and crowdsourcing innovation approaches at NASA and across the federal government. CoECI focuses on the study and use of curated, crowd-sourcing communities that utilize prize and challenge based methods to deliver innovative solutions for NASA and the US government.

Christopher T. Stanton Marvin Bower Associate Professor

Chris Stanton

Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

Chris Stanton is Marvin Bower Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit. He teaches the EC course Managing the Future of Work.  He is also affiliated with The Center for Economic Policy Research and The National Bureau of Economic Research. An applied economist, Professor Stanton directs his research at how technology is changing the management and location of work. Professor Stanton seeks to understand the resulting managerial and policy implications of these trends.

Gavin McClafferty Founder

Gavin McClafferty

Founder. 1981 Ventures

Gavin is an enthusiastic open innovation professional, with a track record for finding game changing solutions to business challenges. He is passionate about the future of work, open innovation and strategic agility. Gavin has worked across industries and founded the first open innovation program with Subsea 7. Here he led the way to solving complex problems while saving the company millions of dollars. He is the founder of 1918 Ventures, an open innovation consulting firm that works with a wide range of clients, across industries to help them tackle their most complex challenges, and accelerate unimaginable insights and value like never before.

Michael Tushman Professor, Harvard Business School

Michael Tushman

Professor, Harvard Business School

Michael is an organizational theorist, management adviser, and Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He is known for his early work on organizational design with David A. Nadler, and later work on disruptive innovation, organizational environments, and organizational evolution. He is also co-founder and director of Change-Logic, a consulting firm based in Boston, Massachusetts.

John Healy VP & Managing Director - Office of the Future of Work, Kelly

John Healy

VP & Managing Director - Office of the Future of Work, Kelly

John is a global leader in specialty talent solutions and consults with clients and market leaders interested in evolving their workforce strategies and embracing the opportunities emerging through new market dynamics. A respected industry thought leader known for his provocative positions, John is constantly exploring “what’s next” in the evolving world of work, and ways we can help people ditch the script on old ways of thinking and embrace the value of all work styles. John is passionate about human agility, consumer trends impacting the workforce and digital disruption.

Christian Cotichini HeroX

Christian Cotichini

Co-founder & CEO, HeroX

With more than 20 years of experience leading startup and high growth technology companies, Christian Cotichini is an active angel investor and mentor to startup entrepreneurs. Since the mid-1990s, Christian has founded and sold several successful companies and is currently the co-founder and CEO of HeroX which at the intersection of crowdsourcing, innovation and collaboration to drive social innovation.

Dean Bosche Virtasant

Dean Bosche

Head of Channel Development, Virtasant

Dean is a business development and delivery leader with twenty years of experience in the technology sector. His areas of expertise include Business Development Management, Partner Ecosystem Development, Program Management and Strategy. Dean knows how to bring organizations, people and technology together to find a faster path to success for everyone.

Dr. Greetje Corporaal

Research Fellow and British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow - Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Gretta is a sociologist of work, technology, and organizations and is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the interplay between technology and the variety of practices that constitute contemporary work and organizing in society. Her current research focuses on the platform economy and how digital technologies are changing our models of work and organizing.

Jesse Arundell

Jesse Arundell

Head of Emerging Technology, Commonwealth Bank

Jesse leads the Emerging Technology team at CommBank. In his role, he is responsible for managing a dynamic team of innovation professionals and running an expansive portfolio of disruptive and transformative innovation initiatives across the Bank, focused on accelerating the Bank’s adoption of new and emerging technologies within its businesses. He also leads the charge on scaling the Bank’s internal crowdsourcing program and is accountable for the delivery of the Bank’s long-term technology strategy and focus areas. Outside of the Bank, he co-leads the Australian Chapter of the International Association of Innovation Professionals and sits on the local technical committee for the development of innovation management standards at the International Standards Organization.

Bobbie Carlton

Bobbie Carlton

Founder, Innovation Women

Bobbie is the founder of Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights and Innovation Women, and has been called Boston’s Innovation Den Mother and the Startup Fairy Godmother. She’s an award-winning marketing, PR and social media professional. She speaks regularly on marketing, public speaking and women’s issues. Her humorous approach and fiery “let’s make something happen” brand is supported by the real world results she helps drive: 1500+ new products launched, $4B in funding, 3 million monthly views and 1000+ women speaking at conferences and events.

Alicia Evangelista

Alicia Evangelista

Head of Innovation+, swissnex Boston

Alicia joined swissnex Boston as the Head of Innovation+ in 2019 and is responsible for bridging the technology ecosystems of Boston and Switzerland for startups, corporates, and foundations. Before joining swissnex, Alicia worked as a technology scout and consultant at yet2, catering to the Open Innovation needs of Fortune 500 companies and the US Government, including NASA and NIST. Alicia also worked as both a laboratory scientist and technology transfer specialist at the National Institutes of Health after earning her doctorate in Molecular Medicine from Boston University.

JIn Paik

Jin Paik

Senior Researcher, Laboratory for Innovation Sciences, Harvard

Jin H. Paik is the program director and senior researcher at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH). He develops the lab’s strategic vision and directs project and research activities. He also oversees the development of open innovation projects through partnerships with the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), Harvard Medical School, federal government agencies, academic and research institutions, and industry leaders. He advises organizations on innovation strategies with a focus on open innovation practices. He has worked extensively on programs focused on data science, development and use of artificial intelligence, digital transformation in organizations, and the future of work. He is an advisor to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Committee on the Use of Inducement Prizes. Prior to joining the LISH team, he worked at the Harvard Kennedy School and Mathematica Policy Research. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree from Harvard University.

Bryan Pena

Bryan Pena

Chief of Market Strategy, MBO Partners

Bryan joined MBO Partners in early 2019 and leads their overall market strategy, partnership development, business development and enterprise capabilities to support the growing demand for independent workforce solutions. He is a widely sought-after speaker, an advocate for the extended workforce industry, and a recognized global expert on open talent platforms, flexible staffing strategies workforce management programs, labor models, HR technology, variable and full-time labor, pricing and revenue strategies, RFx processes, and supplier negotiation techniques

Mike Morris Topcoder

Mike Morris

CEO, Topcoder

Mike inspires with his connection to Topcoder since its founding, as well as the proof in how the world’s top competitive technology community revolutionizes enterprise software. Previously with Appirio as GM, Mike led the customer innovation and sales/services teams to establish Topcoder as the premier crowdsourcing destination. He continues to empower companies with unprecedented access to talented technologists through the Topcoder Marketplace and Community. Mike is a trusted executive, thought leader and speaker with the unique ability to manage/motivate across all levels/boundaries and he is an active Boston College alum. Mike is responsible for both Topcoder’s success and that of its customers/partners. He believes Topcoder’s 1 million+ strong, on demand global software development community will continue to redefine business.

James Legeman

Jim Legeman

VP Corporate Innovation, Pacific Life

Jim leads a team of amazing designers and works with business leaders to delivery innovation across a spectrum of opportunity spaces at Pacific Life. Together they built Hatch Labs, Pacific Life’s Innovation Ecosystem, to rethink how a 150-year-old insurance company will evolve in response to the changing landscape of insurance. Through the lab, they’ve leveraged innovation methodologies like Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, Sprint, and Agile to launch Next by Pacific Life a brand that is delivering innovative insurance products and a seamless digital experience for partners and customers.

Alistair Hofert

Co-founder, Synapse Squared

Alistair helps clients introduce efficiency, performance improvement and new capabilities to their businesses – his focus is on enabling exponential organizations. He is a current member of the MIT Technology Review Global Panel and the McKinsey Online Executive Panel. His purpose is to amplify human capability for good.

Paul Hlivko

Chief Experience Officer & CTO, Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield

As the Chief Experience Officer, Paul leads the strategic direction and execution of Experience Strategy, Experience Design, Experience Product Delivery, Digital Channels and Research. And as CTO he is leading the delivery of Wellmark’s Application Portfolio and operations, API Platforms, Enterprise Data Management, Enterprise Architecture, Software Product Management and the XaaS strategy.

Sheila Mahoney

Co-founder, LifeSciHub

Sheila is a life sciences R&D independent workforce advocate, tech platform founder, investor, regulatory operations and regulatory information management subject matter expert and life sciences R&D vendor ecosystem expert. She co-founded LifeSciHub, the first online resource marketplace for the independent clinical research workforce. Her current focus is to continue to build fit-for-purpose platform content, engage early adopters from both the independent workforce and sponsors, CROs and the vendor ecosystem, and conduct the first ever life sciences R&D focused industry-wide survey focused on the three independent workforce stakeholder groups: hiring managers, HR/procurement, and the independent workforce itself.

Barrie Davies

Barrie Davies

Strategic Director, Rebel Minds

Barrie has been helping organizations with all aspects of change for the last 20 years. By focusing on building a culture to embrace new ways of thinking, he has innovated, transformed and lead in business large and small. His passion is harnessing the power of people and technology in equal measure, to make work a happier, more rewarding experience. Barrie has deployed his thinking to renovate teams and corporate culture in all 4 corners of the globe and has helped some of the most prominent companies in the world, including ExxonMobil, GE and BP. As Co-founder of Rebel Minds, a boutique consultancy, focussing on company culture change, Barrie and the Rebels are bringing their proprietary Cultural Forensics methodology which turns culture change into a tangible change management process, designed to simultaneously maximize strategy, harness innovation and boost workforce experience.

Ryan Gill Communo

Ryan Gill

CEO & Co-founder, Communo

Ryan is an entrepreneur who has had his hand in the marketing agency world for more than two decades. He watched this industry develop bad habits and pass along high overhead costs to clients. Ryan knew the agency system was broken and needed a fix. From that desire to reach more people, Communo emerged. Communo is an Open Advertising Platform. This vetted network of experienced marketing/advertising professionals makes it easy for businesses to scale up or scale down based on current workflows, without the staffing commitment and overhead associated with the traditional staffing model. Sharing work on a short-term, project basis empowers all of us to resource the best talent, produces a steady stream of work for solopreneurs and results in better work & more affordable pricing for clients.

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