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June 1–3, 2022 | Boulder, CO

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Get ready to roll up your sleeves and workshop with cutting-edge platforms, top academics, leading consultants, as well as fellow enterprise executives who are making an impact at their organizations with the open talent economy.
About to climb

Any adventurous mountaineering journey begins with a spark of inspiration. It might come from an article you read, a story you hear or something you watch, but inspiration will only take you so far. Once you’re ready to commit to achieving your goal, the real work begins. Learning about the route, the climate, the gear, the techniques, the skill, the strength – all the pieces needed to reach the summit, now get put into motion. Once you’ve built your foundation and acquired a solid understanding of the tools and techniques necessary to climb high , the experimentation begins. You start with easy routes and then gradually attempt to reach more challenging destinations. Along the way you learn, you make mistakes, and you change things up. You ditch equipment you don’t need, and get gear you do need. Eat better. Drink more water. Rest more. Rest less. Eventually you dial in your gear, your strength and fine tune your plan. Now it’s time to execute. It might take a few attempts, but eventually you reach the summit. From here the world is yours. You can attempt different routes, climb bigger mountains and reach new heights. It’s a process of learning, assessing, experimenting, building, scaling and transforming.

Building a Networked Organization is a lot like climbing mountains. You need to put in the work. You need to learn, assess and experiment. From here you can build, scale and eventually transform your organization.

Think of the experts leading the Open Assembly Global Summit as professional mountaineering guides. They have put in the work and have the knowledge to help you begin and succeed in your open talent journey.

In order for something like this to take hold it has to be a top down supported initiative but it grows through bottom up success.

Mike Morris

CEO, Torc
Boulder Flatirons
The Location

Where the Rocky Mountains begin

The first Open Assembly Global Summit will take place in Boulder, Colorado. Once seen as a laid back hippie college town, Boulder is now a place where tech startups get launched and tech giants set up shop. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and incredible mountains right at the back door, Boulder is known around the globe as a mecca for outdoor activities, like cycling, hiking and rock climbing. Boulder is where people play hard and work hard.

The Summit will be hosted at the St. Julien Hotel & Spa located in the heart of downtown Boulder. With breathtaking views of the Flatiron Mountains, easy access to world famous restaurants and outdoor spaces, the St. Julien Hotel is Boulder’s premiere event venue.

It’s a quick, 50-minute drive from Denver International Airport to Boulder which makes travel from anywhere in the world as seamless as it gets – no crampons required.

We’ve strategically scheduled our event for the end of the work week in the hope that you might be able to spend the weekend exploring beautiful Colorado.

Boulder, CO

The Speakers

The pioneers of open talent

In the world of high-alpine mountaineering there are those who go first. Those who, despite what doubters say, forge ahead with the vision to reach the world’s highest peaks. Some fail, some succeed, but they all learn.

The same is true in the world of open talent.

We have brought together an incredible line-up of cutting-edge platform experts, enterprise leaders and top academics from around the world who have been experimenting, studying and scaling the use of open talent for many years.

You will hear from these early explorers about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to any open talent journey.

Climbing gear

Indoor climbing
The Attendees

Those who get sh*t done

As with mountaineering, in business there are those that get shit done and there are posers. We don’t want posers. We want people who are truly willing to do the work—study, learn, plan, execute, adapt, and succeed.

The Open Assembly Global Summit is capped at 100 attendees. We are looking for change makers who want to transform the way work gets done and problems get solved. Plain and simple.

Open Assembly has curated a community of leaders committed to transforming work.

John W. Healy

Founder & CEO,

Climbing rope

The Sessions

Rope up. Let’s go.

The Open Assembly Global Summit is a gathering of the world’s leading experts and businesses in the open talent economy. Let’s climb this mountain together.

Session One

What just happened?

Every established company that was built on traditional talent practices is experiencing an existential crisis; one that shows no signs of abating and that is almost certain to get worse. While COVID-19 was the catalyst, the trend has been building for some time. The talent shortage around digital work has been reported for years, but companies mostly ignored the problem, confident that they would somehow be exempt, that they would always be able to attract and retain the best of the best.

The fallout from COVID-19 has made it impossible to deny the talent crisis, while shining a blinding light on the myriads of ways that traditional organizations fail to meet their employees’ changing needs. In this session we’ll dive into where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we are heading.

Climbing gear
Session Two

What is a Networked Organization?

The term “Networked Organization” has been around for more than a decade to describe an organization in which control is decentralized, and there is a web of formal and informal connections enabling work to get done. While that’s important, we believe it is insufficient in a digitally connected world in which businesses can tap into a global workforce ecosystem. Traditional hierarchical organizations are dying.

When networked companies think about talent, they don’t just think about the limited human resources in their own silos, but all of the skills and knowledge they can tap all over the globe. We’ll show you why an open mindset when thinking about talent opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

Climbing gear
Session Three

Build a Center of Excellence

So what is a center of excellence? Think of the Center of Excellence as the map. Firstly, it provides stability by creating processes that work for your organization’s ability and appetite. It’s the go-to place to execute open talent projects. Secondly, it offers advice and coaching to enable and encourage people across the organization to adapt to and adopt the new ways of working. Thirdly, it makes sure that the needs match up with the talent. In this regard, we know that the COE is a platform of platforms. There are more than 1,000 on-demand and crowdsourcing platforms out there. We’ll help you make sense of it all.

Climbing rope
Session Four

Build an Internal Talent Marketplace

There’s no better time than now to re-think how internal marketplaces work. Internal open talent enables sharing of resources across divisions and silos, eliminating the problem of competition for talent and putting in place the mechanisms to allow different parts of the organization to access the right internal people with the right skills at the right time to meet their particular need..

We know people are leaving jobs because work is not satisfying and leaders need to think about trying something new, or they are going to lose more workers. People want to work on new and exciting things and an internal marketplace is a means for them to do so. In large companies, that talent you need may still be in the organization but just not visible or accessible to you. We’ll teach you how to remove that barrier and hence to retain talent.

Climbing mountain
Session Five

Build an External Talent Cloud

Many people want to jump right in and start building an external talent cloud when they start to adopt open systems and tools. This is the phase where the juiciest, most fulfilling learning can take place and the most exciting results can occur. But organizations that jump ahead to the Build Phase without due diligence spent in the Assess, Learn and Experiment Phases, often have trouble gaining traction because they didn’t spend the time to nurture and evolve their internal culture to accept this new way of working or because they didn’t effectively establish the business or technology systems needed to succeed.

Goals for the Build Phase are to expand the repertoire of platforms the organization is working with, to begin building the infrastructure and systems that will host the new program, and to tend to the culture with a targeted communication program. The Build Phase has more routine capabilities along with risky innovative activities. Most organizations at this point have the clout and momentum to exploit the low-level task writ large while exploring the boundaries of open talent and crowdsourcing principles.

Session Six

Build an Open Innovation Capability

Crowdsourcing is the granddaddy of open talent tools. Though many people use the terms open talent and crowdsourcing interchangeably, there are clear differences. While freelancing is about hiring people’s capabilities on a contingent basis, crowdsourcing is about tapping into the wisdom of the crowd to solve specific problems.

Open innovation challenges give a mechanism for inviting experts in a broad range of fields to present their solutions to a given challenge or problem in order to win a prize or reward. In this session we will dive into how to present challenges and only pay for solutions that make sense to you or the ones that you value.

Top of summit
Session Seven

Scale and Transform Your Networked Organization

You’ve reached the summit for the first time. Now what?

With your new knowledge and skill, and the ability to tap into a global network of experts there is nothing out of reach. The sky’s the limit. We’ll show you everything that’s possible.

Are you ready to transform work?

Changes are made by those who show up. Those who understand the value of learning knowledge sharing and networking. We are limiting this event to 100 attendees. We want quality not quantity. If you are ready to learn, share your experiences, and believe you can make a lasting impact on your organization, then come and climb with us.

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