Yorkshire Water is a regulated UK water and sewerage company. We contribute positively to the county of Yorkshire, reliably delivering essential public services. We provide high quality drinking water and take away and treat the region’s wastewater, playing a key role in the region’s health, wellbeing and prosperity

We do this by…

-Collecting, treating and supplying around 1.3bn liters of water every day

-Investing over £1m every day to maintain and enhance Yorkshire’s network of water pipes, pumps and treatment works

-Managing 28,000 hectares of land to protect water quality & enable recreational opportunities

-Managing £1bn of water bills every year and providing customer service when it’s needed

-Collecting, treating, and safely returning to the environment 1bn liters of water every day

-Recycling nutrients and generating energy from leftover human waste

-All delivered by around 3,500 employees using a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles and increasingly complex technology, delivering for today and planning for the long-term

See our latest 5 year plan by visiting: https://www.yorkshirewater.com/ourbusinessplan

Team Members
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Transformation Partner
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