The H Hub connects professional, freelance photographers and brands to create high quality content. The H Hub is a creator platform, marketplace and agency.

In 2020, the average consumer looks at more than 11 images before making a purchase decision – which means every brand needs to create fresh content better, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

The H Hub mission is to connect a professional photographer to the brand who needs content. They create content in 1/5th the time for 1/9th the price of traditional agencies and production houses. The platform works very simply – brands (or individuals for that matter) can post a job seeking images or videos.  Photographers and videographers will bid on the job. The brand can pick which creator they think is the best fit and sign a contract. Then assets (images & videos) get delivered. Once approved, the creator gets paid. Everything happens on  The H Hub platform and it is ridiculously easy.



Team Members
James Cole
Founder & CEO
EST - Eastern Standard Time