Communo is a curated network of creative entrepreneurs and marketing agencies that connects through a sharing economy platform. It helps marketing services firms in this volatile landscape by curating a shared economy of jobs or clients, talent, and business resources.

Communo believes the way agencies find and engage with talent needs to change. For the good of the work and the good of their businesses. They believe that fully employed doesn’t always mean fully engaged. And that there are true rewards in working for the many rather than working for the one. They believe that bigger teams don’t mean bigger ideas or a bigger bottom line. And that agencies shouldn’t staff for “Just in case” but rather “just in time.” They believe it’s not about finding full time talent. It’s about finding full value. Because, when you’ve got the right person for the job, things just go better. Every time.

Team Members
Ryan Gill
CEO & Co-founder
MST - Mountain Standard Time