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September 3, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

On this Thursday’s conversation we recap Mike Tushman’s amazing presentation from last week as well as update you on the latest progress for the new organization.

Chat room transcript:

00:11:09 Todd Brous: Hey everyone!
Lots of HBAP in the house!
00:11:32 Liliam Ferreira: Your recommendation makes effect
00:11:46 andyat6prog: hey, trying to do fuse and oa together today …
00:12:38 Ryan Tubbs: hi everyone…first time caller here! 🙂
00:12:54 carin knoop: new zip code — small wins! 😉
00:14:14 andyat6prog: nice drums Ryan
00:21:45 andyat6prog: great to chat @catherine. you can turn the Xbox wifi off in school hours 👍👍
00:22:05 carin knoop: Please welcome Bernard Pracko a newcomer who also lived in Slovakia! Our web expands…
00:22:15 Dyan Finkhousen: Very cool @Chris – the virtual business card!
00:22:31 Dyan Finkhousen: Welcome @Bernard!!
00:22:33 Catherine McGowin: Welcome Bernard!
00:22:59 Chris “Link” Duarte: Rural areas!!!
00:23:42 John Healy: @Chris….we’re collaborating with Raj Choudhury from HBS with some data on the topic…
00:24:53 Chris “Link” Duarte: Remote work was all I could do before the pandemic unless I wanted to be a farmer lol
00:25:51 Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab: Love this research! We should get John O’Duinn on this call, he worked with Vermont on their remote work incentive program. Also, I anticipate a leap in further distribution of where remote workers live post-COVID, as you’ll have entire families which can work remotely. Much of the data thus far is impacted by the reality that a remote worker’s spouse has a colocated role in a given city.
00:26:40 Todd Brous: High speed internet…
00:26:41 Steve Rader: I’m curious if this trend will drive a more aggressive addressing of some of the connectivity issues in rural areas
00:26:46 Bernard Pracko: Good to touch base with all of you, especially with you John in my old home town.
00:27:23 Dyan Finkhousen: Good point @Steve – you’re seeing this first hand in Houston
00:27:56 Chris “Link” Duarte: I believe it will @Steve. Nobody believed me in the local sectors but I spent an average of 3 hours a day driving to go to meetings. People are catching on that they can get much more done by working remotely
00:28:10 Dyan Finkhousen: Do you think Houston connectivity initiative could be a blueprint that could be helpful to the more distributed rural areas?
00:28:13 Steve Rader: @Chris +1
00:28:27 Open Assembly: #WFH is now #WFA
00:28:42 Ryan Gill: agreed
00:28:45 Dyan Finkhousen: is now also just #W
00:29:06 Ryan Gill: our NYC team never want to go back – same with Vancouver.. team is pumped to WFA
00:29:07 Steve Rader: @Dyan yes.. and I know Microsoft has a rural connectivity project using UHF and unused television spectrum to bridge the gap
00:29:14 Paul Estes: I can not wait to move to Canada and be next-door neighbors with Ryan Gill 🙂
00:29:37 Ryan Gill: everyone is welcome in 🇨🇦
00:30:08 Liliam Ferreira: 80s
00:30:16 Ashley Beaudoin: So RETRO! Love it
00:30:17 Ryan Tubbs: takes me back
00:30:17 Jeff Doi: nice!
00:30:24 Rich Copsey: OMG! feels like 3:30 after school!!!
00:30:25 Ryan Tubbs: Saturday morning cartoons!!
00:30:33 sheila mahoney: classic
00:30:38 John Healy: As long as we keep the cartoons and don’t go CGI!
00:30:40 Ryan Gill: hahah..
00:30:46 Ryan Gill: perfect.. needed this today
00:30:47 Arturo Natella: We mckinseyed the heck out of this.
00:31:02 Ryan Gill: Cliff Winsor
00:31:13 San Rahi: $2B of CGI and the cartoons still look better
00:31:30 Ryan Tubbs: when you are ready for a modern, hip hop remake of the original, I’m your huckleberry
00:31:41 john winsor:
00:31:44 Mafé Rabino: Wow!
00:31:49 Laura McLeod: Love this. Kitsch is cool!
00:33:39 sheila mahoney: if we are the Tranformers who are the Decepticons?
00:34:14 Chuck Hamilton: Our slack channel is open to others who may be interested
00:35:05 Jazz: Just call me Jazz
00:35:33 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey @Chuck thanks! – can you share the channel?
00:36:05 Ryan Gill:
00:36:13 Dyan Finkhousen: Thx!
00:36:46 Steve Rader: @Paul/Jazz… that’s an amazing transition!
00:39:26 Jazz: Anyone who is interested in learning from a rocket scientist and learn more about Steve should check out this interview –
00:41:15 Steve Rader: @Paul/Jazz. That was a blast! Thanks for having me on.
00:42:09 Gavin McClafferty: @Erik – very interesting! 100% agree – if you can articulate the problem then you can start to find insights.
00:42:15 carin knoop: love the problem statement — 1) talent untapped and 2) loss to society and businesses (along the lines of racial wealth gap convo in the US)
00:42:48 Ryan Gill: fall in love with problems. big mind shift .. but core
00:42:49 Dyan Finkhousen: +1 @Gavin and @Carin… Love this structure @Erik and team.
00:42:52 Ryan Tubbs: we think a lot about “eliminating waste” in knowledge work as a goal
00:43:22 Steve Rader: @Erik love it!
00:43:32 Ryan Tubbs: humans are obsessed with eliminating waste in manufacturing (Lean), but not enough attention paid to waste in knowledge worok
00:43:41 Chuck Hamilton: Will we also adopt a business canvas model approach later?
00:43:42 Steve Rader: @Ryan +1
00:43:53 Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab: Well said, Ryan
00:44:12 Mary Mellino: @erik – are you posting these slides?
00:44:51 Dyan Finkhousen: Interesting @Ryan… eliminating thought work @scrap is important and underserved… as you solve for that – how do you also ensure that you optimize / leave room for the creative process?
00:44:58 Alistair Hofert: If we name the problem, all streams will have 1 vision to fix this problem
00:45:55 Ryan Gill: i think Erik is gone
00:46:08 Erik Stettler: I got dropped for a moment but I’m back
00:46:13 Ryan Tubbs: @dyan, that’s the center of the thesis actually…that is…get humans out of the behavior of being human routers and into the behavior of “thinking for a living”
00:46:33 Chuck Hamilton: News: MURAL has closed a $118 million Series B funding round. We are ahead of our time 🙂
00:46:41 Ryan Tubbs: instead of spending 15 minutes doing 15 things…spend 15 minutes simply thinking about one
00:46:55 Dyan Finkhousen: Love it @Ryan… couldn’t agree more
00:46:59 Ryan Tubbs: maximizing the amount of time spent doing things that only humans can do…think
00:47:16 Steve Rader: Lots of new folks on the call today!
00:47:18 Dyan Finkhousen: @Ryan – elevation of the human experience 🙂
00:47:32 Ryan Gill: 🙂
00:47:35 Ryan Gill: ❤️
00:47:56 Ryan Tubbs: i’m new too…Alan is braver than I 🙂
00:47:58 Ryan Gill: oh other ryan
00:48:05 Ryan Gill: haha.. yes. .that was great
00:48:35 Dyan Finkhousen: Lol – both Ryans 🙂
00:49:00 carin knoop: we should call our company Ryans & Co
00:49:16 Elina Jutelyte: Digital event pro is here ))
00:51:19 Ashley Beaudoin: Is there a theme or overarching topic for the summit?
00:51:42 Steve Rader: Will the work streams have sessions during the event?
00:52:13 Mafé Rabino: Run The World
00:53:11 San Rahi: @Mafé +1 RTW is a solid option
00:53:26 Chuck Hamilton: Live music breaks? I see musicians in this crowd 🙂
00:53:30 Steve Rader: Do we get to do a bunch of mini-breakouts like we have on this call? 🙂
00:53:36 Chris “Link” Duarte: I would love to be involved in the creating workplace culture piece
00:53:44 Elina Jutelyte: Happy to help with the event, please connect
00:55:02 Open Assembly: Thanks Chris and Elina!
00:55:23 andyat6prog: clients will want to consider internal persuasion to get others onboard and also how to transition from closed to open talent
00:55:44 Chris “Link” Duarte: I am a subject matter expert on cultural competency and specifically related to anything LGBTQ. My email is Thank you. I would love to help anywhere I can
00:55:56 Ryan Gill: Any sponsors or speakers you want from The Gathering let me know
00:55:58 Laura McLeod: +1 Steve for the mini-breakouts, that would be great!
00:56:05 Ryan Gill: i’ll do whatever i can to help gang.
00:56:33 Open Assembly: Ryan #thumbsup
00:56:36 Chuck Hamilton: I’d like to help on the Finding the right partners front
00:56:38 Ryan Tubbs: the cross-pollination of those 3 will be compelling
00:56:47 John Healy: @Catherine…happy to help on finding the right partners…
00:56:48 Ryan Tubbs: E.g. a culture of partnerships
00:56:59 Ryan Tubbs: infusing the spirit of open innovation
00:57:06 Catherine McGowin: Three key areas: Creating the Right Culture; Creating the Right Organization; Finding the Right Partners
00:57:25 Catherine McGowin: @John Healy – thank you!
00:57:41 Ashley Beaudoin: I’d love to help on the back end with logistics if needed! Also, it’d be cool to see how we could use a design sprint exercise in the panel breakouts to solve challenges within each of those/some of those topics
00:57:45 Gavin McClafferty: @open assembly – I can’t wait for this 🙂
00:57:51 Open Assembly:
00:58:04 carin knoop: LIke that 70s show!
00:58:11 Mafé Rabino: Inner Sanctum
00:58:30 Ryan Gill: gonna be awesome.
00:58:31 Catherine McGowin: @Ashley B – thank you!
00:58:39 Arthur Ransier: Exciting!
00:59:34 Tom Cooke: Seems like someone on here should have a matching algorithm available 😉
00:59:52 Dyan Finkhousen: Ha – you think @Tom?! 😉
01:00:09 Steve Rader: @Tom +1
01:00:44 Steve Rader: Midnight sessions
01:00:57 Steve Rader: Late night with the aussies
01:00:59 Catherine McGowin: @Janice – that’s a great idea – we’d love to create an experience or artifact that demonstrates our connection w/no bias toward place
01:01:24 Ryan Gill: @steve
01:01:24 Ryan Gill: yes
01:01:25 carin knoop: Lets send out a survey with basic but also fun questions to the email list and help pair people up in a different way
01:01:36 Dyan Finkhousen: Agree @Sheila – great point
01:01:42 Steve Rader: @Carin +1
01:01:48 Ryan Gill: imagine late night with the Aussies as the name of that part of the summit.
01:01:49 Arthur Ransier: +1 Sheila, discussing when not to use Open Talent models. Or an example of where the intersect. Dos & Don’ts
01:01:56 Arthur Ransier: they*
01:02:01 Gavin McClafferty: @Sheila – some very interesting companies are moving from open to closed innovation at this time.
01:02:23 Chris Stanton: @Shelia +1…
01:02:46 Steve Rader: It would be interesting to dive into several of the recent “innovation program” shutdowns that have happened recently (Stena, Subsea7, etc.). @Gavin?
01:02:54 Chris “Link” Duarte: I think another piece that should be considered is the lack of internet speed for some to attend remotely. Maybe consider speed tests for the attendees
01:03:02 Mafé Rabino: I like the your idea Sheila
01:03:02 Gavin McClafferty: @Steve – 100%!
01:03:21 JC Pinheiro: Could you share that case study?
01:03:38 Steve Rader: We could have a panel of the case studies – John, Jeff, Balaji
01:03:41 Mark Hannant: As part of our education/certification work stream we’re gathering use cases and customer journeys – including where it doesn’t work. Anyone with suggestions please reach out
01:03:41 carin knoop: @Sheila totally on point — part of untapped talent challenge is market education
01:03:47 Todd Brous: We studied the Havas case study! 
@John, you are a legend! You are a hero!
01:04:07 carin knoop: we could use breakouts with mini case study discussions!
01:04:10 Steve Rader: @John is a legend on so many levels!
01:04:10 Ashley Beaudoin: @Bryan – and maybe we do that as a design sprint in the panel break outs
01:04:22 Todd Brous: @Steve, so are YOU!
01:04:24 Steve Rader: #worldrecordforrunningupmtkilamajaro
01:04:31 Liliam Ferreira: @Bryan – define the problem very well, first of all
01:04:36 Ryan Gill: SGN case study
01:04:42 Ryan Gill: and get John Krisinski to join
01:04:45 Ryan Gill: as a keynote
01:05:03 Steve Rader: @Ryan +1
01:05:19 Gavin McClafferty: @Ryan – that would be incredible!!
01:05:56 andyat6prog: when clients are invited we need to give them ‘their job title should attend because…’
01:06:27 Janice Stevenor Dale: Bisnow connection for attracting attendees
01:06:43 Jazz: +1 Ryan, that would be an amazing story to share
01:07:05 Open Assembly: Ryan Gill … for rizzle?!
01:07:26 carin knoop: yes to Ryan T
01:08:00 Tom O’Malley: Can’t find “Havas Change Faster” case study for sale….Link is broken on HBS
01:08:41 Steve Rader: Great call everyone!
01:09:56 Alp Sezginsoy:
01:10:33 Rich Copsey: thx all!
01:10:43 Alistair Hofert: tasks will replace work and jobs. Agree
01:10:58 Mafé Rabino: Work Task Planning
01:11:19 carin knoop: GigOps! cool
01:11:22 Bernard Pracko: Thanks everyone, will bring myself up to understanding of OA for next time.
01:11:47 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey thanks everyone!
01:11:47 Erik Stettler: Have to jump on another call, thank you everyone! Great discussion.
01:11:50 Ryan Tubbs: thanks all for the warm welcome
01:12:14 Ryan Tubbs: looking to get engaged on one or more work groups
01:12:21 Open Assembly:
01:12:24 Tom O’Malley: Gig Ops platform
01:12:24 Jazz: ping me when they are live and I will put them in the newsletter!!
01:12:31 Mafé Rabino: I love this


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