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September 24, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

We hear updates from LISH, the Open Assembly working groups and more!

Chat room transcript:

00:08:29 Mafé Rabino: Warm Greetings Everyone!!!
00:08:46 Balaji Bondili: clearly no lessons learnt from
00:08:55 Steve Rader: Right!?
00:08:56 Balaji Bondili: from being chased by grizzlies
00:09:09 Steve Rader: It was great!
00:09:13 Orrin Klopper: It was awesome
00:09:20 Mark Hannant: Great. Thanks for the invite
00:09:25 Minal Kanungo: great session
00:09:34 sheila mahoney: @John as a person I am significantly cooler now that I know someone who has actually been chased by a grizzly bear. Very cool, thank you!
00:09:34 stacie Joosten: So great!
00:09:50 Dyan Finkhousen: +1 @sheila!!
00:11:46 sheila mahoney: Hi Terri Gallagher!! Awesome to see you here!
00:20:48 Chris “Link” Duarte: SO nice to meet you Terri! Great conversation!
00:21:35 Steve Rader: @Todd Brous, thanks for a great conversation! Looking forward to talking more!
00:21:43 Gavin McClafferty: Did anyone listen to Paul Estes and Erik Stettler last week? Absolutely incredible discussion.
00:21:50 Open Assembly:
00:22:00 John Healy: +1 Gavin
00:22:13 Becky Tsadik: Thanks OA!
00:22:48 Open Assembly:
00:23:09 Open Assembly:
00:23:15 Steve Rader: I always have a blast talking with Gretta!!
00:24:39 Gretta Corporaal: aw thanks Steve!
00:25:17 Chuck Hamilton: Cool book
00:25:41 Todd Brous: @Steve: Yes!!! I want to continue our conversation! I need more “Steve Time”…
00:26:21 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Jin, we’d love to connect on the AI front
00:26:26 Balaji Bondili: @jin – me!
00:26:35 Open Assembly:
00:26:43 Chuck Hamilton: Also see
00:27:31 Gretta Corporaal: For new people joining today, here’s a slide deck of our OA study:
00:28:15 Dyan Finkhousen: @Jin you’re killin it!! Love your updates!!
00:28:53 Laura McLeod: Wow yes great update Jin!
00:29:25 Dyan Finkhousen: Wow – that’s a huge talent score!
00:30:37 Steve Rader: I got to do a chat with Paul at the SIA event.. .went well.
00:30:52 Steve Rader: @Paul Estes always does such a great job
00:31:26 Jin Paik: Thanks, everyone! Hit me up on LinkedIn or send me a note re the AI survey:
00:32:59 Chuck Hamilton: See … Hot new job title in a pandemic: ‘Head of remote work’
00:33:54 Dyan Finkhousen: … Elevating the Human Experience… Just sayin’…
00:34:31 Steve Rader: Ironic isn’t it!
00:35:07 Jin Paik: Rock star, Steve!
00:35:33 Todd Brous: @Paul: I completely agree with that sentiment. “Steve Rader Time” is highly valuable.
00:35:53 Mafé Rabino: @Paul Estes and @Steve Rader, Is there a recording of the interview you are able to share?
00:37:07 Steve Rader: I’ve been transitioning to “this will change you contracting model” more than “this will change your employment model” since it is less threatening…
00:37:18 JC Pinheiro: @Paul do you have links to those stats/info on that increase in contractor spend?
00:37:44 Steve Rader: People seem to freak out when you suggest the 40 hour full time employment model may be at risk
00:38:06 Eleanor Matthews: @Steve good reframe 🙂
00:38:13 Chuck Hamilton: Is it a fallacy that corporate knowledge stays within the organization within the minds of full time employees?
00:38:58 Alan Korpady: Two questions: (1) is anyone looking at generational inclusion and (2) is anyone looking at organization of independent contractors?
00:39:42 Chris “Link” Duarte: It’s striking though to see the difference between the corporate world and the non-profit world through this transition…specifically rural. I have attended some really terrible meetings that they spend 20 minutes explaining how to use zoom controls…rural is severely behind the curve
00:40:22 Steve Rader: @Chuck… I think that the advantage of corp knowledge (which I do think is real) and knowledge of emerging/relevant skills/expertise will need to be balanced.
00:40:32 John Healy: solid report from JP Morgan analysts backing up Erik’s position….significant decline in demand on many of the platforms…
00:40:57 Gavin McClafferty: @Steve – you have a great slide on Amazon and their shift in roles / capabilities. If you imagine that many of the capabilities required in the COVID-19 world will not be readily available as employees. Access to capabilities may well destabilise traditional organisations.
00:41:10 Steve Rader: @Chris several of us have been talking about how some of this remote/open talent may start opening up rural opportunities.
00:41:24 Mafé Rabino: Yes! Mindset shift!
00:41:29 Steve Rader: @Gavin +
00:41:32 Steve Rader: 1
00:41:43 Chuck Hamilton: @Alan, we are creating dynamic groups of fractional advisors to help drive innovation within our accelerator communities. Hubs of skilled independent workers
00:42:28 Terri Gallagher: It’s Multi Talent supply now, from multiple sources, outside traditional perm and tech is the delivery system.
00:42:37 John Healy: Direct Sourcing = private talent community
00:42:42 Chris “Link” Duarte: I would love to participate in that conversation Steve. I think I can help. It appears that rural is just behind technologically but I would argue that the tough job is shifting the cultural aspects.
00:43:31 Erik Stettler: @Teri exactly. The various sources establishing a dynamic balance where each offers its own best strengths.
00:43:32 Steve Rader: @Chris +1
00:44:16 Janice Stevenor Dale: how will private talent communities be created, given that platforms exist that deliver that resource?
00:44:50 John Healy:, coupled with the 50 national federations that are their members (ASA in the US, REC in the UK, RCSA in AU, etc) are the onles actively lobbying for healthy labor markets
00:45:23 Chris “Link” Duarte: I think that most don’t think they can afford the tech transition. They are unaware of the free opportunities or they wear multiple hats and do not think they have the time to learn new methods
00:45:27 Steve Rader: Factors like, does your platform work with a smartphone vs a high speed internet connection and computer
00:46:05 Steve Rader: These are factors for folks on the lower end of the economic scale and rural areas
00:46:31 Chris “Link” Duarte: I agree @Steve. not only the connection ability but speed and download ability- ability to function on a cloud
00:47:35 Steve Rader: What should an org fix first… digital transformation (to allow for using AI) … or talent access model? Seems to me that both are important (since the talent needed for the digital transformation is not likely to already exist in an org).
00:47:47 John Healy: +1 Balaji….HR believe that there is disproportionate value in being an employee vs. a contractor…and in many areas, they are right
00:47:53 Chris “Link” Duarte: I think opposition comes from the managers because they are the bologna in the leadership/staff sandwich
00:47:53 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Balaji, your point underscores the essential human culture that will dictate the speed of change
00:48:30 Erik Stettler: If anyone here has not read Crossing the Chasm, I highly recommend it. It’s hugely relevant to where marketplaces are right now – great initial growth but now facing the leap to larger-scale adoption within those organizations that are not necessarily looking to be at the forefront of the future of work.
00:48:32 Orrin Klopper: + 1 Balaji and great question Steve R. I think it depends on the business and their strategy and challenges / opportunities
00:48:55 Liliam Ferreira: So, can we invest in a hard tech solutions or in a inclusive and less infrastructure so solutions?
00:48:59 Balaji Bondili: Steve – the company will
00:49:13 Paul Hlivko: @Balaji, agree. There isn’t a burning platform and the value prop is incremental ‘in theory’, while many of us don’t see it that way. The effort and value tradeoff of marketplace isn’t extreme enough yet for the change to occur at scale. It might not get there anytime soon.
00:50:27 Balaji Bondili: focus on where are greatest value – right now gig economy driven transformation isn’t communicating the value. and, I think we need to work harder! I am all in but want to ward away from Silicon Valley style hand waving that the market is shifting before it actually is which leads to complacency.
00:50:32 sheila mahoney: It’s also SO much easier to quantify risk avoidance than value gained.
00:51:16 Shoba Purushothaman: Hello everyone! Great to be here & look forward to getting to know the group.
00:52:24 Dyan Finkhousen: So true @Balaji… right path, great progress, much work to do… like, a LOT
00:53:07 Open Assembly: Thanks, Mark and Shoba – welcome, Shoba!
00:53:48 Dyan Finkhousen: Excellent targeting plan @Mary & team
00:54:06 Terri Gallagher: So great to find the wolfpack for workforce futurists.
00:54:07 Steve Rader: @Mary… I love the idea of compelling stories for what works
00:54:21 Liliam Ferreira: _1
00:54:31 Steve Rader: Welcome @Terri! We are your tribe!
00:55:26 Open Assembly: Welcome Shoba from
00:57:03 Steve Rader: @Tom O’Malley: I’m sure your ears have been burning! I keep talking about what you are doing because I really love the model!
00:57:48 Carin-Isabel Knoop: happy to help with caselets and content!
00:58:23 Chuck Hamilton: We have suggested a OA team workshop to share all approaches from workgroups. Three hour event extending this call.
01:03:00 Open Assembly:
01:03:18 Open Assembly: OASummit50
01:03:29 Steve Rader: @John Healy – looking forward to our working together at the Summit!
01:03:41 Gavin McClafferty: This is going to be incredible!
01:04:39 Janice Stevenor Dale: sea change is beyond HR
01:04:42 Chris “Link” Duarte: Is there a marketing poster or something that speaks of the mission so that we can advertise?
01:04:47 Gavin McClafferty: +1 John
01:04:57 Todd Brous: (Umm… free tickets…?)
01:05:05 Laura McLeod: Here’s our survey for the biz stream model: we would love your input:
01:05:10 Orrin Klopper: Thanks so much everyone for another great session. I need to run
01:05:14 Chris “Link” Duarte: +1 Todd lol
01:05:26 Steve Rader: Thanks everyone! Got to run! Thanks!
01:05:36 Todd Brous: L8r Steve!!
01:05:51 Gretta Corporaal: Thanks everyone, looking fw to the summit!
01:06:23 Chris “Link” Duarte: Great topics today! Thank you!
01:06:39 Chris “Link” Duarte: I look forward to these every week!
01:07:08 Laura McLeod: Great call today – amazing group 🙂 Thanks everyone!
01:07:22 stacie Joosten: Thanks all!
01:07:39 Alp Sezginsoy: Thanks everyone!
01:07:40 Erik Stettler: Thanks all!
01:07:43 Dyan Finkhousen: Thanks everyone!!
01:07:48 Balaji Bondili: thanks all!



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