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September 2, 2021 @ 12:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

On this call we welcomed KellyOCG President Tammy Browning who discussed the key findings in the 2021 Global Workforce Agility Report. The KellyOCG Global Workforce Agility Report is a valuable and informative piece of research that is broken down by industries and geographies, and reveals how some of the world’s most agile organizations are leading the way. They spoke to 1000 senior executives across 13 countries to find out how their talent strategies are meeting the challenge of a workforce that’s in constant flux.

Chat room transcript:

00:05:26 HGS jha: hello everyone! Avesh from Bangalore
00:14:44 HGS jha: love to connect with you all on linked in,
00:14:46 HGS jha:
00:15:06 Carin-Isabel Knoop (HBS): get in line Bryan 😉
00:17:36 Chuck Hamilton: Just found out about this company based in Canada. Right up the Open Talent alley
00:18:15 John Healy: nice hair style @Jeff Schwartz….rainbow thoughts all around!
00:19:02 CTW: To all new comers, please drop your contact information, company URL, or Linkedin profile here!
00:19:40 Chris Link Duarte: I think you should keep the screen where the rainbow is coming out of the top of your head 🙂
00:19:54 kannan upadhyaya:
00:19:57 JEAN Spencer: Congrats @Jeff on the book — we shared on Porchlight’s bestseller list this month 🙂
00:20:21 CTW: Jeff Schwartz:
00:21:58 CTW: Gloat:
00:22:15 Carin-Isabel Knoop (HBS): perhaps instead of calling it the “great resignation,” we should call it the “great reconfiguration” for Future of Work type fans like us
00:22:31 CTW: +1 Carin!
00:23:16 JEAN Spencer: Also been called the Great Reshuffle
00:23:27 Todd Brous: @Carin: +1! That’s the what we’re going to call the Post Great Resignation era! I love it!!
00:23:50 Carin-Isabel Knoop (HBS): UHU
00:24:47 CTW: Tammy Browning:
00:24:50 Jeffrey Schwartz: Jean, yes. My favorite title for this is the Great Reassessment from an article by Heather Long at Wash Post
00:24:51 Jeffrey Schwartz:
00:39:05 James Dunn: James P. Dunn C: 571.442.7586
00:45:13 Carin-Isabel Knoop (HBS): How do you define well being and resiliency?
00:47:39 CTW: Jurgen Donaldson:
00:50:09 CTW: Chuck Hamilton:
00:50:45 Chris Link Duarte: When we talk about DEI and attracting talent- aren’t we creating a new category of underserved when companies use analytics to attract younger talent? Doesn’t it create a category of difference with people in older age groups? These people are falling short of being found and older professionals are struggling to share their talent
00:52:16 Tom O’Malley: Regarding hourly work: I wonder what the elasticity of immediacy of pay…how much more willing is a person to work if they get paid immediately….many App jobs offer that and people really love getting paid right away. Has anyone done work on that?
00:52:29 kannan upadhyaya: In fact this is an opportunity for senior professionals who find it difficult to relocate.
00:53:32 Carin-Isabel Knoop (HBS): @chris — great point. you are getting to the core of what we mean by equity and whose equity. eager to get your thoughts on this piece we recently published:————————————-
00:54:36 kannan upadhyaya: Little bit of upskilling around their passion can help senior professionals in contributing towards organisations in new environment
00:54:46 Bryan Peña: There is some research on that topic Tom. Surprisingly the immediacy of pay matters across all types of labor. there are some websites that provide opportunity to make money right away.
00:56:26 Carin-Isabel Knoop (HBS): yeah we are getting tired of grumpy teams
00:56:51 Steve Rader: No patience for “Dilbert” corporate culture
00:56:56 CTW:
00:57:18 Chris Link Duarte: Oh definitely @ Carin! Thank you for sharing. I have been doing a lot of work around the issues within the DEI community and the conflict occurring between the older community of experts and new philosophies around deconstruction of old systems and approaches. There is no consistent set of rules and there are harms happening within racial and sexual minority communities. The new DEI is actually harmful in ways. Love this. We should connect again!
00:58:20 Steve Rader: Thanks Tammy! Amazing insights from this study. I’m afraid I have to drop off for another meeting. Thanks all!
00:58:21 CTW: Bryan Pena:
01:00:59 CTW: HOUSEKEEPING: All CTW conversations are now at 12-1pm EST. You can delete the later afternoon call from your calendar.
01:02:05 Chuck Hamilton: 15 Global Challenges for the Next Decades
01:03:37 Todd Brous | distillet: Thank you Tammy! This was AMAZING!!
01:03:42 Chuck Hamilton:
01:03:47 Chris Link Duarte: Opportunity for the creation of unions again but in a digital world?
01:03:52 Jeffrey Schwartz: In our MIT/SMR Deloitte report this past April on Workforce Ecosystems we found that 40% of respondents to our global survey reported they see themselves as a free agent within their organization.
01:03:55 Jeffrey Schwartz:
01:03:58 Mafé Rabino: Thank you Everyone!!!

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