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October 8, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

Today we recap the OA Global Summit and get the latest update on the Center for the Transformation of Work work streams.

Chat room transcript:

00:06:42 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey hey everyone!!

00:07:05 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey @Jon Fredrickson – great to see ya!

00:07:30 Open Assembly: Wyatt – I saw Tahoe is doing marketing to get tech to move there.

00:07:48 Carin Knoop: OA Talent Show!

00:07:49 Wyatt Nordstrom: Yeah, especially where I am – Incline Village, NV

00:07:51 Dyan Finkhousen: Welcome to all our new folks!!

00:08:21 Steve Rader: Getting pumped up about next week!!

00:13:54 Ashley Beaudoin: Hey guys, sorry having trouble with my audio

00:17:34 Dyan Finkhousen: Best Background of the Week award goes to @Andy Tanyatanaboon!  Good showing!!

00:17:59 Andy Tanyatanaboon: 😉 thanks Dyan! great to be seen!

00:18:08 Dyan Finkhousen: 🙂

00:18:20 Open Assembly:

00:19:21 Steve Rader: GrabCAD and Stratasys (3D Printers) formed a similar setup a while back.

00:19:47 Dyan Finkhousen: Right on @Steve… and Google & Kaggle

00:20:00 Steve Rader: @Dyan +1

00:20:18 kelly trzesniak: I missed the names of the acquisitions

00:20:32 David Messinger: Cimpress/vista print bought 99Designs

00:20:40 Open Assembly: MBO Partners + Mindsumo

00:20:42 Gavin McClafferty: @Kelly – MBO Partners acquired MindSumo

00:21:33 Dyan Finkhousen: And our good friends at Topcoder are a highly valued part of the Wipro family

00:21:48 Gavin McClafferty: @Bryan – incredible move!

00:21:59 Carin Knoop: very cool on the segment expansion for MBO!

00:22:07 Stephanie Fels: Congrats Bryan!!

00:22:16 Open Assembly: Innocentive + Wazoku

00:22:20 Laura McLeod: Congrats @Bryan!

00:23:18 Open Assembly:

00:23:26 Terri Gallagher: Execution and integration will be key with these tech purchases; it’s a noisy market.  Especially if orgs attached to older paradigms. 

00:23:37 Laura McLeod: There’s a really nice write up about our Cimpress acquisition here, and some nice background from our CEO Pat, if interesting –

00:23:55 Dyan Finkhousen: Thanks Laura!

00:24:28 Steve Rader: @Terri +1

00:24:54 Open Assembly:

00:26:20 Balaji: thanks and congratulations Laura!

00:27:19 Wyatt Nordstrom: There was a company we used for ID verification years ago called Trufina. Their angle was to create a single validated credential the user could use on any platform. We really liked them, and the idea was great, but they went out of business 5 or 6 years ago.

00:27:52 Bryan Peña: portable credentials have been a goal of the industry for years

00:27:57 Bryan Peña: Now is the time

00:28:22 Steve Rader: @Wyatt… I’m sure a critical-mass has to happen with this kind of thing and timing will be everything.

00:28:25 Dyan Finkhousen: +1 Bryan

00:28:36 Steve Rader: +1 Bryan

00:28:43 Bryan Peña: @David Messenger  this is great!

00:28:57 Wyatt Nordstrom: Interestingly, Trufina thought they’d get traction with the dating sites, but actually got told by someone at one of the major ones that they knew a substantial portion of their profiles were fake and didn’t want to rock the boat.

00:28:58 Gavin McClafferty: @Dave – this will be a game changer

00:29:19 Stephanie Fels: Here is the McKinsey article David referenced:

00:29:21 Arthur Ransier: Many of our clients expect new background checks for every new assignment (or with a gap of 30-60 days, etc.) How would this be addressed if the credentials were centralized?

00:29:28 Dyan Finkhousen: So stoked about this @Dave & TC team – agree with @Gavin… gamechanger

00:29:51 Terri Gallagher: Preach! @steve Rader

00:30:03 Christopher DeLaurentis: The checks would be applied to a worker’s digital wallet and signed by the platform doing the check. That would then be portable and sharable by the worker to others

00:30:37 Bryan Peña: @Arthur Ransier the value of the credential would be established by the organizations ability to believe in the permanence of the check

00:30:46 Gavin McClafferty: @Dave – imagine if this was unified and integrated into LinkedIn and Coursera or EdX? It would be mindblowing.

00:31:00 Stephen Lepke: I think a universal ID is very important.  I do think there are a lot of benefits to this concept, but a lot of platforms have disincentive in order to keep their talent on their platforms.

00:31:08 Bryan Peña: all it takes is one to accept the standard

00:31:12 John Healy:

00:31:15 Mary Mellino: Re the digital id, it would be interesting to review how strategy aligns with George Gilder’s thinking in his book, Life After Google.  He is predicting the fall of big data owned by companies and the rise of the  “cryptocosm” and its blockchain architecture, which allows everyone to exert individual control of data and security online.

00:31:37 Christopher DeLaurentis:

00:32:10 Terri Gallagher: agreed @bryan Pena..that’s our motto…then the dominoes fall

00:32:46 Tom OMalley: Was that a chicken?

00:32:55 Stephanie Fels: hahaha

00:32:59 Christopher DeLaurentis: yes. Too many chickens here

00:33:00 William Price: Yes, a chicken just zoombombed us

00:33:00 Dyan Finkhousen: omg lol

00:33:21 Alan Korpady: Sorry everyone, I have to drop off.  See you next week.  Thanks.

00:34:09 John Healy: speed to productivity….speed through onboarding…compliance

00:34:20 Steve Rader: Trusted agents that secure the data are key

00:34:21 andyat6prog: Why would the existing credit check / ID check companies ‘allow’ a platform to take away their revenue stream of doing regular repeated checks… ?

00:34:44 William Price: Put control of data in the workers hands and alleviate platform concerns about GDPR, etc.

00:34:58 John Healy: +1 @Steve…and the CTW could verify many of those trusted agents

00:35:12 Wyatt Nordstrom: @Andy – EXACTLY

00:35:19 Steve Rader: @John H absolutely

00:35:41 Wyatt Nordstrom: they ring the cash register every time a verification takes place. they definitely don’t want to move to one-and-done

00:35:50 Tom Cooke: Maybe the existing background check companies can add a continuous evaluation model to their on demand background check model that would be worth a subscription price to the platfroms

00:35:59 Luke Guest: @andyat6prog I think the government won’t like this idea for their DBS revenue.

00:36:00 William Price: @Andy – data gets stale regardless of who controls it. The need for regular checks doesn’t go away, it just gets a new destination for that data to go.

00:36:10 Dyan Finkhousen: +1 @Tom

00:36:35 Balaji: + 1 Wyatt.

00:36:38 Rich Copsey: has been providing proof of identity for US veterans and first responders for a while now.  Bigger challenge is the international perspective

00:36:42 Balaji: compliance is a money maker.

00:36:58 Dyan Finkhousen: Truth @Balaji

00:37:05 Balaji: decentralization cannibalizes current revenue models.

00:37:14 Alistair Hofert: +1 Steve – standards will slow down innovation, growth and an exponential mindset

00:37:44 Tom Cooke: +1 @ Steve!

00:38:03 Gavin McClafferty: @Steve – any company that refers to ownership of people as assets have missed the key moments of 2020. 

00:38:18 Steve Rader: @Gavin so true!

00:38:29 Michael Morris: The other piece is that the demand side has an option to validate proof of work…Think NASA validating work completed on a project.  That is a big value for companies that participate and a rising tide value prop.

00:38:30 Tom OMalley: personally, Id like to quantify the ID problem… I don’t appreciate as much as I hear others talk about…my view is that you are known by the work you do and the passion you display…maybe there are certain types of work where ID matters, but I have not seen it .

00:38:44 Wyatt Nordstrom: @Gavin +1

00:39:01 Steve Rader: @Mike +1

00:39:49 William Price: What if you could tie your work history (with verification) and show that passion as part of your ID? It would be like a passport stamp saying “I worked here and did this”. That stamp comes from the platform.

00:39:49 Steve Rader: @Tom… I agree that this ID construct should absolutely capture the rich digital exhaust that WILL be our resume of the future

00:39:50 Rika Tsitsinia: I am new to the group so I might be off here but I wonder what additional perks would engineers for example  have as a stake in a new company they help to build?  Options and such are different or impossible at the global world

00:39:54 Tom Cooke: @Mike – agree – include that validated work in a portable, digital portfolio and that’s much better than a paper resume

00:39:56 David Messinger: Tom, issues are with say you are a developer and you want to get work from company X on platform A but you have mostly done work on platforms B, C and D.  Company X doesn’t see your experience except maybe linked in data, and in linked recommendations, imho aren’t worthwhile

00:40:17 David Messinger: so if they could see all their experience speeds them getting work

00:40:29 Gavin McClafferty: @Tom – one issue is that it is difficult to define an individuals accomplishments and track record. The concept of an ID could help alleviate this.

00:40:57 Steve Rader: @John… if we have time, I’d love to hear from some of the first timers

00:41:02 Tom Cooke: Exactly Dave and Gavin! Spacely would be very interested in helping figure this out with you. We’ve been working on digital portfolio ideas

00:41:31 Dyan Finkhousen: +1 Steve

00:43:57 Dyan Finkhousen: Great work @Mary and team!

00:44:17 Dyan Finkhousen: Welcome @Evan@

00:44:23 Tom OMalley: Tnxs @David @Steve and @Gavin

00:44:53 Open Assembly: Thank you CTW work stream leaders!

00:45:31 Evan Armstrong:

00:47:22 Evan Armstrong:

00:47:28 Open Assembly:

00:48:29 Stephanie Fels: @Evan – I’m working on a policy tracking workstream for OA, would love to connect with you

00:48:43 Mark Hannant: What time on 12th @Brandon?

00:49:44 andyat6prog: Will the dude with the relaxing voice be there?

00:50:00 Ashley Beaudoin: +1 @Andy 🙂

00:50:05 Balaji: + 1 Andy 

00:50:20 John Healy: +1 Andy….need that zoom yoga

00:51:09 David Swift: Yeah , we want Douglas

00:51:24 Gavin McClafferty: @Andy – check out John Fitch’s book “Time Off” a masterpiece!

00:51:26 Kierra Johnson:

00:52:02 Mary Mellino: Kierra/Catherine – perhaps this low fidelity mural I put together on market triggers could be additional content we gather….

00:52:04 Mary Mellino:

00:55:01 andyat6prog: Thanks Gavin

00:56:24 Open Assembly: You do not want to miss this virtual summit next week which is hosted by my colleagues at Open Assembly. Every week this group has the most engaging conversations about the future of work and the open economy. I know this summit will be incredibly valuable. For more details click here:

00:56:33 Open Assembly: I can’t wait for the Open Assembly Summit next week. The best and brightest thinkers in the future of work and open talent space will be there to discuss and debate the future of work and the open economy. For more details click here:

00:56:42 Open Assembly: It’s time to get on the train or be left at the station. If you are not taking steps now to embrace a new way of doing work then very soon you will struggling to keep pace. If you want to be inspired and educated by some of the best and brightest thinkers in the open economy, I highly encourage you to attend the Open Assembly Summit next week. It will be well worth your time.

00:56:59 Andy Tanyatanaboon: hah love the V.Ice reference!

00:57:11 Open Assembly:

00:57:37 Cindy Songne: done

00:57:40 Gavin McClafferty: @open assembly: looking forward to some wild hair fades and 1980’s hip hop next week!

00:57:48 Mary Mellino: did earlier today!

00:57:51 Ashley Beaudoin: Don’t forget the hashtag #OAsummit2020 !

00:57:56 Eleanor Matthews: DONE!

00:57:57 Mary Mellino: thanks for the verbiage Brandon!

00:58:03 Steve Rader: For those of us in the federal government who might be in danger of “endorsing” here…. Maybe I’ll just “Like” everyone else posts.

00:58:06 Todd Brous: Also… add hashtags!

00:58:16 Janice: done

00:58:22 Open Assembly: #OAsummit2020

00:58:45 John Healy: done

00:58:54 Ashley Beaudoin: done

00:58:56 Rich Copsey: dunzo

00:58:58 Todd Brous: done

00:59:04 Open Assembly: OASummit20

00:59:42 Tom Cooke: Done

00:59:45 Stephen Lepke: Done!

00:59:53 Alan Korpady: Done.

01:00:11 Eleanor Matthews: The gauntlet went down @balaji

01:00:13 andyat6prog: Quick maths Balaji

01:00:40 Wyatt Nordstrom: Done

01:00:47 Michael Morris: done x2

01:00:55 Ritika Arya: Done!

01:00:58 Mary Mellino: @Brandon – should we be explaining more about what OA is?

01:01:00 Dyan Finkhousen: Done!

01:01:03 David Swift: Got to go and prepare dinner for my son. Thanks

01:01:11 Steve Rader: COWBOY HATS!!!

01:01:13 Gavin McClafferty: It’s going to be incredible!

01:01:20 Dyan Finkhousen: And fancy shoes!!

01:01:31 Mary Mellino: @David – thanks for picking up the invisible labor of cooking for the kiddos 🙂 

01:01:34 Janice: Do you have special breakouts for C-suite? for HR leaders? I would encourage it.

01:01:37 Ritika Arya: Shoes that match your mood!

01:01:47 Balaji: Done. 

01:01:53 Carin Knoop: shoes on zoom would be epic @ritika

01:01:54 Arthur Ransier: done

01:02:11 Ritika Arya: @carin let’s do it!

01:02:13 Carin Knoop: haven’t seen real shoes in 6 months!

01:02:23 Bryan Peña: done and doner

01:02:28 Steve Rader: Is next week’s Thursday meeting still on?

01:02:34 Steve Rader: @Brandon?

01:02:41 John Healy: do we have a place for all of the transformer names?

01:03:16 Dyan Finkhousen: can I crowdsource my transformer name?  suggestions?

01:03:17 Steve Rader: @Carin +1 on no shoes for 6 mo

01:03:23 Gavin McClafferty: @seaspray great idea!

01:03:27 Janice: @John H Sunstreaker claimed

01:03:41 andyat6prog: There is an event running through October for Europeans

01:03:56 Carin Knoop: the rest of us are pouting

01:04:01 Carin Knoop: but that’s ok… 😉

01:04:01 Dyan Finkhousen: House = 25  @Balaji

01:04:03 Steve Rader: Wisdom of the crowd question

01:04:08 andyat6prog:

01:04:08 Dyan Finkhousen: Over / over

01:04:12 Catherine: Link to sign Manifesto:

01:04:14 Ashley Beaudoin: +1 Dyan on crowdsourcing your transformer name

01:04:35 Ashley Beaudoin: I say our manifesto signatures are our transformer names…

01:04:37 Dyan Finkhousen: New workstream @Ashley!

01:04:42 marcello magalhaes: Nice hat, John!

01:05:14 Steve Rader: Got to run!  Love this group!  See you next wek

01:05:15 Steve Rader: week

01:06:04 Andy Tanyatanaboon: 7:00 PM EST

01:06:12 Chuck Hamilton: Committee leads welcome all participants to the 4OpenTalent Slack space. If you want in there, contact Chuck and he will add you.

01:06:14 Mary Mellino: @John Healy – i.e. Seaspray….love you are embracing this!



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