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October 7, 2021 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Most of you know Jon Younger as a Forbes contributor writing about the freelance revolution. He is also an author of several books like “Agile Talent”, taught at the University of Michigan and the Indian School of Business, and is a social psychologist by background. Jon’s has been a helpful and important voice in these early years of the open talent movement. His Agile Talent Collaborative collaborated with the University of Toronto and 77 freelance platforms around the world on a global survey of freelancer’s experience. Jon joined us for this call to present key findings from The Global Survey on Freelancing during our Center for the Transformation of Work community call.

Chat room transcript:

00:05:21 Dyan Finkhousen: Hi Everyone!
00:05:43 Catherine McGowin: Hi Dyan and all!
00:06:29 Dyan Finkhousen: Any first-timers joining us today?
00:06:57 Alan Valicenti: Yeap, Alan here from Workana
00:07:08 Dyan Finkhousen: Excellent – welcome Alan!
00:07:33 Jonathan Younger: I’m here
00:11:22 mark brooks-lewis:
00:11:34 Mark Hannant: Hi everyone. Good to see a big turnout!
00:12:07 Chris Link Duarte: Those are never long enough!!!
00:12:42 Chris Link Duarte: It’s like the Future of Work Box of Chocolates- ya never know what you’re going to get but it’s always good!
00:12:44 AGNIESZKA PORĘBSKA: Ohhh, I was alone in my meeting room again 😉
00:13:02 Dyan Finkhousen: Props to @Alan Korpady for best backdrop!
00:14:00 sheila mahoney: +1++ Dyan!! lolll
00:14:06 Dyan Finkhousen: Super insightful survey questions – looking forward to the analysis
00:14:06 CTW: Elizabeth J. Altman :
00:15:22 CTW: David Alberts:
00:15:39 Elizabeth Altman: Thanks, All! And, thanks very much for taking the survey if you received the email! I will go find out if I can drop the survey link in the chat.
00:16:04 CTW: Heidi Lacey :
00:17:09 Denise Brouder: @elizabeth — I did see your email but didn’t complete the survey, please do share it again – thx.
00:17:31 CTW: Please drop your Linkedin profile or company URL here!
00:18:07 Siddharth Birla:
00:18:09 Dash Desai:
00:18:17 Osarumen Osama:
00:18:18 Dash Desai: Https://smalloutside.con
00:18:19 CTW:
00:18:43 Simon Hill:
00:19:09 Dash Desai: … got it right this time!
00:19:23 James Dunn:
00:19:59 Chris Link Duarte: Hi everyone. Here from Arizona, U.S. and I chair the CTW Advocacy Group. We look at things like culture, DEI, fair wages, and inclusive policies in the future of work. If you are interested to learn more, drop me a line and let’s connect. Our group meets a couple times a month
00:20:13 James Dunn:
00:20:48 Dash Desai: 👏🏽
00:22:52 Carrie Leonard:
00:23:32 Alan Valicenti: Https://
00:24:25 Erik Stettler:
00:24:38 Todd Brous:
00:28:39 Marcello Magalhaes:
00:29:33 Pernille Simmelkiaer:
00:31:07 CTW: Jon Younger podcast:
00:31:16 J. Mathias Bennett | Leading with Courageous Vulnerability:
00:31:52 Chris Link Duarte: Alan’s legal and structural knowledge is outstanding! If you haven’t spoken with him, you’re missing out 🙂
00:34:19 Elizabeth Altman: Hi All: Just FYI, here is link to the SMR survey that I mentioned earlier. When you have a moment (after this call), please take it to contribute to our research. Thanks!
00:34:53 John Healy: looking forward to the results @Elizabeth…
00:34:54 Marcello Magalhaes: Mr. Younger is the kid of charisma and empathy🙏🏽!!
00:42:25 CTW: Grab a copy of Jon Youngers report here:
00:43:34 David Alberts: We have just been commissioned to help tackle systemic racism in US and are looking to build a diverse team of people around the problem .. can any of you recommend black strategists and creative thinkers who have been there done that (those over 50 are more than welcome)
00:44:19 Steve Rader: @David… I’d say you can go to several open talent platforms with those requirements and they can find you a good set of candidates.
00:44:24 Carrie Leonard: David Alberts, I have ideas for you. Let’s talk!
00:45:00 David Alberts:
00:50:04 Steve Rader: This.IS. AMAZING!!!
00:50:06 Chris Link Duarte: This era marks the extreme need to understand freelancer culture and the needs of the worker in the future of work
00:50:09 Todd Brous: This is AWESOME!
00:50:10 Dyan Finkhousen: This is Brilliant Jon!
00:50:14 Julie Shannan: This is so fascinating!
00:50:20 Chris Link Duarte: Jon you are brilliant!
00:50:39 John Healy: dig into the detail….great report @Jon!
00:50:57 Chuck Hamilton: It’s interesting that Freelance and Crowd communities are inherently diverse ––a critical component of Innovation. How do we best tap this diversity to accelerate opportunity and problem solving globally?
00:51:14 Steve Rader: @Chuck +1
00:51:26 Chris Link Duarte: Absolutely Chuck!
00:51:50 Steve Rader: packs=micro ecosystem
00:52:21 Mafé Rabino: @Steve👍
00:52:28 John Healy: speaks to the importance of consisten language amongst the freelance community!
00:53:04 Steve Rader: Platforms can help this using the community curation (getting them to help/train each other)
00:53:07 Chuck Hamilton: The Pack also helps grow the skills of each member of the team. Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner. Built in mentoring right?
00:54:32 Simon Hill: If you think there is any potential for our Open Innovation community to support you @David Alberts, id happily run a research challenge for you on the topic. Feel free to connect and we can see if we can support in any way.
00:54:42 Chris Link Duarte: I think 7 also applies to accessibility issues among clients. If freelancers are only using 2 platforms to source work- we need to listen to the reasons they aren’t using more. Do they know how to effectively work as a freelancer, manage back office, and flow?
00:55:23 Dyan Finkhousen: Companies need to be much more intentional about their workforce design, and can be quite surgical about the fixed vs flex layer. This conversation needs to hit the board layer, and the investment analyst layer.
00:55:28 Barry Matthews: This is such amazing advice
00:56:00 Chris Link Duarte: getting leaders to see ideas as innovation; not criticism
00:56:30 Steve Rader: @Dyan +1
00:56:57 John Healy: “Acquire” and “retain” should create equal concerns to different color badges…!
00:57:47 Steve Rader: @John Healy…totally agree… can we just change the mindset that organizations need to “own” workers!
00:57:50 Janice Stevenor Dale: +1 @JohnHealy
00:58:04 Chris Link Duarte: +1 Steve
00:58:09 Janice Stevenor Dale: Mindset shift = cultural change
00:58:23 Dyan Finkhousen: +1 @Janice
00:58:30 Mark Hannant: Yes Dyan, intentionality!
00:58:31 Catherine McGowin: +1 Janice – It takes courage to have an open mindset. Thankful for so many courageous leaders on this call.
00:58:47 Mafé Rabino: +1@Janice
00:59:08 Todd Brous: Fair Pay is an interesting challenge. Global Competition in the workforce drives $ down.
00:59:16 mark brooks-lewis: A great many of those items sit under the “ownership” of the CHRO / CPO. It would be great to bring them into the fold, to equip them to help their respective Board colleagues benefit from open-talent models. They are key gate-keepers, control hiring policies, but few understand what we’re doing… anyone agree?
00:59:30 Steve Rader: We are trying to change 100+ year model…. There might be some resistance!
01:00:05 Arthur Ransier: Can you address #9 — adding new services? I’m curious about the depth of some of the partnerships / added services being offered by platforms to freelancers. You mentioned future-proofing education and coaching services — how involved are those?
01:00:24 Mark Hannant: Or Todd, if you look at it from the other end – it’s boosting wages in some parts of the world.
01:00:38 Dyan Finkhousen: @Steve completely agree… We’re fundamentally chipping away at the paradigm created in the assembly line era… we need to help organizations unpack and rewrite assumptions for the digital era.
01:00:59 Denise Brouder: Is the intrinsic motivation a price arbitrage as much as a purpose arbitrage? I wonder ..
01:01:12 James Dunn: Great session. Thank you. I have to move on but question is what sectors are early adopters?
01:01:15 David Alberts: We’ve found the codification of the problem definition process/the brief is allowing the customised thinking that freelancers bring to shine
01:01:20 Bryan Pena: absolutely fantastic stuff Jon as usual.
01:01:24 Janice Stevenor Dale: Platforms don’t well support all professional areas, and consistency of task assignments is not a reality in the world of work. Orgs aren’t machines.
01:01:30 Todd Brous: @Mark: CORRECT! 
However… one does not win elections or avoid govt regulations without a proper balance.
01:01:53 Steve Rader: I think that it may be important to note that we aren’t actually “selling” a new paradigm.. but rather trying to help organizations move to a new paradigm (that WILL be the future… whether they adapt or not).
01:02:02 Arthur Ransier: Amazing presentation, thank you Jon!!
01:02:08 Matt Dowling: Awesome job, Jon Younger. What a bloody legend!
01:02:08 Dyan Finkhousen: Agree Steve
01:02:12 Mark Hannant: Great session Jon. Thanks so much!
01:02:15 Steve Rader: Amazing Jon!!!!
01:02:15 Dyan Finkhousen: JON AMAZING!
01:02:21 Todd Brous: Thanks Jon!
01:02:22 mark brooks-lewis: thanks Jon! 🙂
01:02:22 Siddharth Birla: Thank you for organizing this, team! Great talk Jon! I work with the Enterprise team at and am opening to connecting with all of you. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn – 🙂
01:02:26 Dash Desai: Awesome Jon… how energising and full of optimism
01:02:31 Steve Rader: How can one page contain so much value!?!?!
01:02:31 Steve King: Great study Jon!
01:02:35 Pernille Simmelkiaer: Thank you so much!
01:02:36 Heidi Lacey: Thank you Jon! Such a great study.
01:02:43 Gary Leaderman: Great stuff Jon – loved the podcast too
01:02:52 stephen wellbelove: Thanks Jon, amazing content and perspectives / advice
01:02:59 Tom Cooke: Jon – love your energy and enthusiasm!! Need it for this great transformation of work!
01:03:04 David Alberts: Jon you are the ultimate been there done that person .. lets speak soon
01:03:13 Mafé Rabino: Thank you Jon Younger!!!
01:03:17 Dyan Finkhousen: Have to run – great to see you all!
01:03:31 Ivan Smagin: Thank you Jon!
01:03:46 Denise Brouder: that’s just what we focus on in Advocacy!
01:03:54 Janice Stevenor Dale: Thanks OA!
01:03:56 Steve Rader: It is the only model that works with the pace of change that we have before us.
01:04:05 Todd Brous: @Steve: +1
01:04:10 Arthur Ransier: If anybody wants to talk about supply, I’d love to get feedback from members of this community on the workforce development program I’m building to build a pipeline for open innovation!
01:04:18 Mafé Rabino: YES!!!!

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