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October 22, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

Today’s call touches on the recent acquisitions and mergers, universal I.D., the Center for the Transformation of Work and the upcoming OA Global Summit.

Chat room transcript:

00:13:04 Carin Knoop: it is nice now that we all know each other to be with people we know and we can chill!!
00:13:07 Open Assembly: Round 2!
00:23:09 Carin Knoop: if odd number one person waits so perhaps more flex to have threesome groups
00:24:09 Janice Stevenor Dale: Its fun to see new tech introductions within this group
00:24:19 Fanny Eliaers: If you have a chance, it’s still on:
00:26:16 Gavin McClafferty: @Brandon – Thanks!
00:26:22 Carin Knoop: yes thank you all!
00:27:04 Carin Knoop: was fun , good rhythm but think is was rough week, lots going on, perhaps more ahead planning would have yielded more people
00:27:39 Chris “Link” Duarte: Unfortunately I was unable to attend. Are the recordings available for the presentations? I am so sorry I had to miss it
00:27:44 Chuck Hamilton: World Economic Forum has released future of jobs report 2020, link given below:

Also, there are some good infographics to give you an overview of the report:
00:28:15 Terri Gallagher: Thank you @chuck hamilton
00:28:20 James Wright: The purpose driven work / leader session was a big highlight for me, but I loved the whole second day (I could only make that day sadly)
00:31:49 Rich Copsey: how did we do marketing the event? Did we get a good breadth of attendees?
00:32:10 Michael Grandinetti: You were about to comment on the posting of content when you were interupted
00:32:49 David Swift: How many participants turned up?
00:34:03 Carin Knoop: Janice — totally agree, more interactivity and debate
00:34:26 Alistair Hofert: Terri is spot on – why tame the wild…
00:34:56 Terri Gallagher: Thank you @Allstair…aother it
00:34:56 Marta Rocamora Gonzalez: Seconding that @Terri @Alistair :))
00:35:27 Open Assembly:
00:35:54 Marta Rocamora Gonzalez: Please me !!
00:35:59 Open Assembly:
00:36:47 Ashley Beaudoin: That’s a great question, @ Sheila
00:36:53 Erin McDermott: Thank you Sheila! 😉
00:36:54 Carin Knoop: +1
00:39:53 Chuck Hamilton: Let’s have a cross work stream call soon. Like to present what we have developed and get input.
00:40:34 Tom OMalley: A friend of my family is a recent grad with some great experience in live sporting events space….with much of that career path on hold, she is wanting to find a job in the virtual event space. If anyone has a lead for young passionate smart person, please reach back in a private message. Tnx
00:41:10 Catherine – Open Assembly: Thanks, Sheila!
00:43:45 Janice Stevenor Dale: Corp memberships might be a start with a plan to morph out to corp innovation centers…with intent to prevent large donations controlling the direction ultimately
00:44:54 Stephanie Fels: That’s a good point Janice, thank you
00:46:28 Ashley Beaudoin: @Erik, what is the criteria of an enterprise org. who’d be a fit for your interview(s)?
00:47:07 Carin Knoop: great list, perhaps #3 might be too vague or the words are too broad.
00:47:59 David Swift: Are there any talent platforms serving the construction and engineering industry?
00:48:02 Fanny Eliaers: @chuck WE SHOULD!!!
00:48:26 Gavin McClafferty: @Chuck – Steve Rader has discussed this with me several times.
00:48:27 Marta Rocamora Gonzalez: 100% @Chuck Hamilton
00:48:30 Janice Stevenor Dale: I would make the tech question more specific, such as asking directly if the firm is using AI actively.
00:48:32 Alistair Hofert: @Chuck, this is exactly what we are looking at – this is why we are asking these questions
00:48:35 Chris “Link” Duarte: I am curious, in any of the transition of work, is there anyone here that has a special interest or expertise in rural communities
00:48:41 Barry Matthews: Another question – How important is ownership of talent vs access to talent/
00:48:54 Alistair Hofert: Our provocation prompted your question
00:49:29 Chuck Hamilton: 75 million jobs expected to be displaced due to automation and technological integration in the coming years, worries around unequal opportunity, large-scale unemployment and widening income inequality are rising. The transformation will also create demand for an estimated 133 million new jobs with vast new opportunities for fulfilling people’s potential and aspirations.
00:49:29 Janice Stevenor Dale: We might be able to utilize a few MBA students to collect the calls, and we’d want to track the data captured as well.
00:50:52 Janice Stevenor Dale: It would be good for the CTW to begin leading out of this pandemic with step-up actions recommended to renew economic plans that include remote workers….A, B, C strategies.
00:53:27 Gavin McClafferty: Some useful info from Amazon at the evolution of the workforce:
00:53:55 Janice Stevenor Dale: We should also be thinking collectively as a constellation of worker platforms around the world as many are geographically centered….connect the movement globally early.
00:54:30 Arthur Ransier: Perhaps a counter-view — business leaders often take the path of least resistance to access talent
00:54:47 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Gavin, great resource
00:55:53 James Wright: On the supply side, I think we need to invest thought in to how we ‘grow’ talent, not just pattern match and grade talent. Also how we support and incentivize talent. The model needs to be sustainable, so education and nurturing of talent (young and old) is important
00:57:26 Open Assembly:
00:58:26 Chuck Hamilton: John we love you. Get back healthy and stronger. Best
00:58:36 carin knoop:
00:58:37 sheila mahoney: chuck- 1+
00:59:05 Marta Rocamora Gonzalez: I am just so glad this is my first time participating ! You guys r o c k !!
00:59:14 James Wright: Dear John, Only you could host a global summity whilst suffering with Covid! Help well soon! Best wishes, James
00:59:19 Catherine – Open Assembly: Carin is also looking for words that describe John!
00:59:24 carin knoop: please email thought about john too!
00:59:29 James Wright: *Get
00:59:33 Barry Matthews: Great article on diversity topic
00:59:33 carin knoop: thank you!
00:59:39 Tom OMalley: John …see a doctor and get rid of it

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