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October 21, 2021 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This Center for the Transformation of Work (CTW) community call dives into decentralized autonomous organizations, tokenization and smart contracts and how it could play a huge part of the CTW. We’ll hear from leaders of Open Assembly and the CTW, including Katrina Gamueda-Smith who has been in the crypto space since 2019 and has spent 2021 focused on how Web3 technologies can transform existing business paradigms. Her work in pizzaDAO led her to the NFT space and she has since been partnering with successful NFT projects to invite the broader community to the digital table. In partnering with leaders in the Web3 space, she has developed an affinity for, and commitment to, blockchain technologies, DAO models and tokenomics.

Chat room transcript:

00:04:22 Mafé Rabino: Warm Greetings Everyone!!!
00:07:09 Carin I Knoop: hi fran!!
00:09:59 Avesh Jha: looking forward to connecting with you
00:11:59 Katrina Gamueda-Smith: Great run down @Adam!
00:12:24 Adam Morehead: 29s – thought that was pretty efficient
00:12:24 Carin I Knoop: classic John
00:12:25 Carin I Knoop: OMG
00:13:11 Bernard Pracko: Long time since I’ve been here- glad to see all of your faces-
00:16:17 Chris Link Duarte: Loving all the new people! Thank you for visiting our community 🙂
00:17:43 Carin I Knoop: Welcome everyone
00:18:01 Fran Pestana: Hi all, great to see you, happy to connect over LinkedIn, you can find me here –
00:19:09 Carin I Knoop: grand kids ARE the future of work
00:19:27 Elina Jutelyte: Hello everyone, very happy to join the meeting today. I am running Freelance Business community and I am looking for corporate cases of working with freelancers to be featured during the Freelance Business Month next week. If you’d like to join a panel discussion on 28 October, please let me know
00:19:32 Rhonda Lehman Davenport: Rhonda Lehman Davenport Thank you for having me today.
00:19:53 CTW: Ritika Arya:
Download the handbook:
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00:19:56 Barry Matthews: What an awesome gang, great to see the new faces – welcome
00:20:08 ashley beaudoin: Ritika did a bang-up job on the design of the Playbook! She’s amazing.
00:20:35 Elena Sokolova:
00:20:46 CTW: Ritika Arya:
Download the handbook:
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00:23:08 Chris Link Duarte: John we will bring you into the world of rural and get you a little Honda 2200 generator 🙂 I completed half my graduate program running remote internet from a small generator on the side of the highway
00:23:22 CTW: Agnieszka Porebska:
Future of Work Report:
00:24:39 Steve King: Just downloaded the report. It looks very interesting. Thanks for providing.
00:26:06 CTW: ASHLEY
00:26:16 john winsor: Thanks, Link!!
00:27:17 ashley beaudoin: If you’re interested in joining the Education/Marketing Workstream, please reach out!
00:27:32 Ritika Arya: Ritika Arya:
Download the handbook:
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00:30:08 AGNIESZKA PORĘBSKA: I’m very sorry but today I need to leave earlier because I’m in London at the conference today. We’ll see each other in 2 weeks. All the best!
00:31:10 Balaji Bondili: What happened to the $1.2M after the 300k of pizzas?
00:32:16 CTW: RARE PIZZAS:
00:33:03 Ritika Arya: Signing off everyone, it’s 10 pm here. Look forward to see you at the webinar!
00:33:23 Balaji Bondili: Thank you!
00:33:29 Ritika Arya: Webinar registration:
00:33:40 Todd Brous | distillet: Now I want Pizza…
00:34:19 kannan upadhyaya: May be you are the reason why Indians are the largest owners of crypto
00:35:50 Todd Brous | distillet: What are the risks?
What are the benefits?
00:36:16 Mark Brooks-lewis: How can we all help
00:37:56 J. Mathias Bennett | Leadership, Courage, Vulnerabiity: What training would you recommend as a “DAO 101”?
00:38:26 Chris Link Duarte: The challenges though are that people that want to get in on the token work must have income streams aside from the work they are doing for tokens. The risk to one’s personal/professional sustainability and stability is not specific and the risks are specifically outlined.
00:38:35 Alan Korpady: 1. where was the DAO formed?
00:38:47 Alan Korpady: 2. What about tax and securities issues?
00:39:16 Alan Korpady: 3. How does the white paper mesh with the white paper?
00:39:16 Elina Jutelyte, Freelance Business: How easy it is to take part if you are not in the crypto world?
00:39:19 Matt Neal: Happy to contribute in any way I can:
00:39:20 Chris Link Duarte: It appears that token work seems to be “extra credit” for the entrepreneur
00:39:27 Bernard Pracko: Please put me on your list for DAO education.
00:40:29 Alan Korpady: 4. What kind of tokens were issued?
00:41:31 Alan Korpady: 5. What platform are you on?
00:42:28 Alan Korpady: 6. Is there a smart contract involved?
00:42:51 Chris Link Duarte: The blockchain feels very unstable to the newer entrepreneur; thus, they are less likely to try it or further trust it as being a viable income
00:42:54 Alan Korpady: 7. What do you mean by “tokenomics”?
00:43:12 Arthur Ransier: DocuSign is an interesting example, because the government doesn’t always recognize the validity of their solutions — for example, using their e-notary solution for Form I-9 Worker Verification, USCIS hasn’t gotten there yet
00:43:15 Balaji Bondili: Can I not participate in the crypto but still participate in the community?
00:43:28 John Healy: we can enable a model for sharing of IP!
00:45:05 CTW: Todd Brous:
00:45:13 J. Mathias Bennett | Leadership, Courage, Vulnerabiity: Do you have an idea about how much initial investment would be to get this DAO / the token up and going?
00:45:19 Alan Korpady: I’d recommend SSRN
00:45:29 Andy Tanyatanaboon: What are the biggest challenges to DAO organization in your opinion?
00:45:46 Chris Link Duarte: Here is a helpful longer article/white paper that provides a basic overview of tokenomics:
00:47:14 Balaji Bondili: OOOH, I know who I am in that!
00:47:29 CTW:
00:47:30 J. Mathias Bennett | Leadership, Courage, Vulnerabiity: Here is also a great series of training around crypto / tokens / dentralization:
00:50:34 Balaji Bondili: Yes, that’s a great example. There is a commercial transaction in the Braintrust token, where the token gets better with more commercial transactions. I am trying hard to understand what is the commercial teansaction in the CTW
00:50:40 Todd Brous | distillet: I don’t like Reputation tokens… they have a very slippery slope
00:50:56 Balaji Bondili: If there is no conmmercial transaction, what is the value driver?
00:52:11 Mafé Rabino: Interoperatibility
00:52:51 CTW: Mafé Rabino:
00:54:12 Mafé Rabino: ARC20 Token
00:54:29 Mafé Rabino: ERC20 Token
00:55:09 Chris Link Duarte: Balaji +5
00:55:58 CTW: Balaji Bondili:
00:56:25 Andy Tanyatanaboon: What is the value of the reputation system within Amazon – it has value but it augments the product and the transaction is made based on the value of the reputation
00:59:00 Sheila Mahoney: I volunteer for a CTW DAO workstream, if there is one!!
00:59:11 Sheila Mahoney: fascinating stuff
00:59:28 Todd Brous | distillet: Sorry…. Im lost. Reputation can turn into a potential nightmare
01:00:19 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Standardization of reputation
01:00:56 Chris Link Duarte: There is a great glass half full conversation being presented; however, there needs to be attention given to the fact that there is a huge gap of glass half empty. If CTW has a mission to transform work for a billion people, we have to assume that this 1 billion is a new entrepreneur market. Is coming out the gate to those 1 billion with “come work for tokens” very attractive to them? Think about what that 1 billion is hearing or if they can even understand the language of blockchain?
01:00:57 Todd Brous | distillet: And what happens if a project doesn’t got well? That can destry one’s reputation.
01:01:50 Todd Brous | distillet: Can reputation expire? Think of the old Ebay reputation systems… that was a mess.
01:02:44 Chris Link Duarte: I am all about the innovation…I love the idea of new economies. I just do not want to go down the rabbit hole that blockchain will be the end all be all of the future of work
01:02:45 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Focus should be on the product of open talent vs the only the mechanism of tracking. To what Todd is mentioning poor projects or poor talent will make companies gun-shy on using open talent even with a sophisticated tokenization system
01:02:48 Rhonda Lehman Davenport: Can token value be linked to environmental sustainability for multiple generations into the future? Is there an inherent virtue being promoted or is all value being based solely on incentives toward expansion of success of the DAO only?
01:03:00 Mark Brooks-lewis: Great point Chris
01:03:33 Chris Link Duarte:
01:03:37 J. Mathias Bennett | Leadership, Courage, Vulnerabiity: Alan – I think your mike is ons just FYI
01:03:37 Carin I Knoop:
01:03:37 CTW: Carin-Isabel Knoop:
01:03:39 Catherine McGowin: Thank you, Katrina!
01:03:44 Fiona Pietruski:
01:03:51 Katrina Gamueda-Smith: I agree Chris, that I don’t want “web3 is the future” to be the answer to all of our problems and rather, how can it unlock the future of what we’re trying to do
01:03:56 Andy Tanyatanaboon: <3 all
01:03:59 Mafé Rabino: Thank you Everyone!
01:04:02 Carin I Knoop: take care everyone

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