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October 1, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

Another great call with the Open Assembly Collective talking about upcoming summit sponsored by Deloitte and The Center for the Transformation of Work.

Chat room transcript:
00:12:57 andyat6prog: hi everyone

00:13:08 Mafé Rabino: Hi Everyone!!!

00:13:27 Ritika Arya: Hola!

00:20:41 Alp Sezginsoy: Paul I also want a signed book!

00:22:32 Todd Brous: No enough time!

00:22:50 Alistair Hofert: Not enough time! That was awesome!

00:23:05 Ashley Beaudoin: I got randomly paired up on today’s 1:1 with an old friend, Bobbie Carlton! Welcome to the group 🙂

00:23:24 Bobbie Carlton: awwww, thanks, Ashley!

00:23:25 Steve Rader: Welcome Bobbie!!!!  Glad you could join!!

00:23:34 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey big congrats to @Bryan and the MBO team on the Mind Sumo acquisition – can’t wait to see what you have in store!

00:23:48 andyat6prog: I met an eu based version of Chris … Will get him to join next week

00:23:54 Dyan Finkhousen: Welcome @Bobbie!!

00:24:09 Arthur Ransier: Glad to be back this week! Nice seeing everybody

00:24:49 Balaji Bondili: get them all.

00:25:00 Balaji Bondili: always take

00:25:03 JC Pinheiro: Can you type there?

00:25:05 Balaji Bondili: all alternatives

00:25:05 Steve Rader: Can you put them in the chat

00:25:06 Janice Stevenor Dale: Can you post the choices?

00:25:08 Dyan Finkhousen: +1 to Balaji

00:25:22 Steve Rader: First one

00:25:24 JC Pinheiro: First one

00:25:24 Mafé Rabino: TransformationOf

00:25:32 San Rahi: +1 get them all (maybe not the hyphen)

00:25:32 Chuck Hamilton:

00:25:32 William Saunders: 1st

00:25:34 Ashley Beaudoin: Why can’t we do both ( and and one can redirect to the other?

00:25:35 Alp Sezginsoy:

00:27:03 Steve Rader: Welcome @Alicia Evangelista!!

00:27:20 Steve Rader: Glad you could join!

00:27:34 Dyan Finkhousen: Welcome @Alicia!!

00:28:30 John Healy: you tell em Sparkle Pony!

00:29:16 sheila mahoney: @john lol

00:29:35 Alicia Evangelista: Hi Everyone, happy to be here for the first time!

00:29:48 John Healy: welcome Alicia!

00:29:52 Gavin McClafferty: Great to see you on here Alicia!

00:30:46 Ferdous Alam: Hello everyone; joining in for the first time as well. 

00:31:18 Chris “Link” Duarte: Hi Ferdous! Glad you could come 🙂

00:33:23 Bassanio Peters: Hi everyone. Been a long time since I joined the call and I am excited to see/hear all of these action items and executable details coming together!

00:34:10 Dyan Finkhousen: Really great point @San

00:35:14 Arthur Ransier: Marketing:  I am a fan of Marcus Sheridan’s ‘They Ask, You Answer’ for any organization. For this group, at the center of open talent, the approach may be an imperative. At a high level, he recommends we produce detailed content to answer the main questions any consumer/buyer will have: what does it cost, what are the problems/negatives, what is everybody saying about it, how does it compare to alternatives, and is it the best?

00:35:16 John Healy: Love it @San….at a minimum, we have to recognize that the S/D balance is changing dynamically

00:35:42 Satish Kumar: Hi Everyone, Glad to join this session today for the first time. Looking forward to being part of this awesome team and contribute!

00:35:48 Steve Rader: @JH +1

00:35:59 David Messinger: San, what about the supply side, we definitely get a lot of feedback from demand from this group, but would be good to get a bunch of freelancer opinions too

00:36:42 Chuck Hamilton: Is there an argument that demand side is simply work to be done? Have work and teams of people assemble to get it done. More than one supplier in that model.

00:36:47 sheila mahoney: Hi San- is the intention to queue up the demand side conversations ahead of time, or just have them show up there?  If someone is coordinating this please let me know

00:36:51 Steve Rader: Exactly!! San and I talked about that exact point in the breakout

00:36:55 San Rahi: @David absolutely. We started from the human perspective out (vs the employer perspective in)

00:36:59 Open Assembly: San, will talk Summit after call.

00:37:32 Open Assembly:

00:37:42 Tom Cooke: Looking to do the same at Spacely.  Uber showed ease of model to drive for app at one point and be a passenger for app at another time

00:37:56 Steve Rader: @Tom O… you’ve got a great model for this too

00:38:25 San Rahi: @here we still have last week’s survey open. Would still value your feedback and insights:

00:38:28 San Rahi:

00:38:29 Dyan Finkhousen: Integrated earning and learning

00:39:23 Steve Rader: I Know that Sarah Tang at Freelancer has also been looking at micro-certifications on skills

00:39:46 Chuck Hamilton: Skills are the current currency in the work place. We need to Talent about skills versus roles

00:40:29 Steve Rader: I think this all has some significant ties to the next level of detail that the skills taxonomy has to have to capture the richer “digital exhaust” from experience and training

00:41:44 Open Assembly:

00:42:16 Christopher DeLaurentis: The Open Skills Network is working defining the technical specs for interop on skills.

00:42:39 Eleanor Matthews: The link between skills and pay (whether perm or freelance) is captured at – might be interesting

00:42:43 William Saunders: Hey everyone, 1st time here. Amazing initiative and discussion

00:42:44 Open Assembly:

00:43:08 Steve Rader: Thanks @Eleanor. I hadn’t seen that.

00:43:41 San Rahi: @sheila M Option A we invite attendees to the summit to take part in a specific  / closed conversation that could add value to them

00:43:44 Eleanor Matthews: @Steve – run by John Sculley – super-interesting guy and business

00:43:56 San Rahi: Option B we will ask the community here for introductions

00:43:57 Alistair Hofert: Instead of looking at others, can we create a new way to match talent to demand? For example, brain capabilities instead of prior learning skills and a recommendation engine, based on brain assessment?

00:44:44 Tom Cooke: @Dave – how do you spell that company’s name? I talked with a company this week that had similar support from DOL

00:44:49 Christopher DeLaurentis: EMSI

00:44:52 Todd Brous: @Alistair:  That’s a “disruptive” idea.

00:45:05 Steve Rader: @Alistair I think that there are probably 15 different approaches to matching represented by the platforms on this call…

00:45:09 Chris “Link” Duarte: That’s an interesting idea Alistair.  I wouldn’t say an instead idea…in addition to would give a more rounded view of applicants

00:45:37 David Messinger: @Tom there are others too

00:45:53 Tom Cooke: Thanks Dave!

00:46:00 Alistair Hofert: @Chris – unless you use machine learning to match human capabilities to future tasks, gigs and jobs – no CV required.

00:46:06 John Healy: Sidebar for everyone….please know that the US Department of Labor has a set of proposed changes to the rules around classifying “independent contractor” status… details here –

00:46:18 Open Assembly:

00:46:20 David Messinger: Burningglass software I think does it as well Tom

00:46:39 Janice Stevenor Dale: CA Prop 22 large impact to independent contractors also presents risks

00:46:53 John Healy: CWI – – is collecting data to inform a response from a lobbying perspective….feel free to reach out to them directly, or send things my way

00:47:31 Dyan Finkhousen: Interesting – thanks John

00:47:55 Chris “Link” Duarte: @Alistar, the challenge would be that the language of job skills and the variance in experience varies across regions, rural vs. urban etc.  People are working remotely so I imagine the language of a job in NYC would be very different for people that are located in Colorado for example

00:48:33 Alan Korpady: Thank you everyone.  I’m sorry to break off early. I’ve a hard stop at 11:45.   Best.

00:49:02 Tom Cooke: @John – my understanding go the DOL Labor Law proposal is that it is somewhat dependent on the upcoming election and the belief is that a Trump administration would be more supportive of this change than a Biden administration.  Not trying to be political, just that it sounds like there sound to be some dependency there

00:49:17 Gavin McClafferty: Thanks Dyan! I can’t wait

00:49:17 Balaji Bondili: ummm… you got competition sister with my session to be the best.

00:49:39 Steve Rader: @Balaji… bring it!

00:50:32 Alistair Hofert: That is a wild hat!

00:50:35 Chris “Link” Duarte: Now you look like a local to my region!!

00:50:41 Tom OMalley: Sh*t Howdy!

00:50:55 Dyan Finkhousen: omg rofl @Tom!!

00:51:23 Bobbie Carlton: I need to get a hat!!!

00:51:31 Chuck Hamilton: All note. That I posted the vent URL on my LinkedIn profile and received many replies and it resulted in about seven sign ups. I suggest that everyone post it and get the conversation going.

00:52:34 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey thanks @Chuck for promoting on your LI profile… would be great if everyone did that (I’ll post something up this afternoon!)

00:52:54 John Healy: they’ll have to wear pants too…

00:53:10 Gavin McClafferty: @Balaji – Steve will be intimated if you bring the Jeremy Meaks haircut again!

00:53:19 Janice Stevenor Dale: Marfa inspired!

00:53:22 Alicia Evangelista: I had no idea what I was signing up for.  Can’t wait

00:53:31 Chris “Link” Duarte: That’s a fun idea

00:54:15 San Rahi: Shoecam – need to invent that

00:54:33 Dyan Finkhousen: lol San!!

00:54:35 Chuck Hamilton: I think Get Smart had a shoe Cam

00:54:49 Open Assembly:

00:54:50 John Healy: Shoe Phone Chuck!

00:55:04 Steve Rader: @JH. Nice!

00:55:49 William Saunders: Woohoo Netsurit

00:56:34 Janice Stevenor Dale: book sales/recommendations live

00:56:48 Todd Brous: OVERTIME meetups

00:56:56 Janice Stevenor Dale: mentoring live tap

00:57:20 Balaji Bondili: pigeonhole was the best I used there

00:57:30 William Saunders: Mentimeter is very cool

00:57:38 Steve Rader: So.. like who has the best hat!

00:57:43 Janice Stevenor Dale: constellation of light live starting from the beginning on monday completing at the end of conference…proving the value add of global open talent

00:58:14 Janice Stevenor Dale: women’s group resource center breakout group

00:58:30 Tom Cooke: Unanimous AI questions would be cool.  Dyan and I have been talking about opportunities to try it out

00:58:35 Balaji Bondili: + 1 Janice

00:58:42 Steve Rader: Tom +1

00:58:42 Todd Brous: @sheila +1

00:58:45 Balaji Bondili: I love Unanimous!

00:58:46 Alicia Evangelista: We use for drop in, informal chats.  It looks like a conference room and you can move from “table” to “table”

00:58:46 Dyan Finkhousen: +1 Tom

00:59:43 Janice Stevenor Dale: recommended podcasts  –  listening streams

00:59:59 Steve Rader: @Alicia, sounds cool… I’ll check it out.

01:00:29 Todd Brous: @sheila:  Can I volunteer to help you with that?

01:00:40 Steve Rader: I’d love to hear from some of our first timers … short intro and their impressions

01:01:09 Gavin McClafferty: @John – sounds really interesting!

01:01:15 Dyan Finkhousen: Great heads-up John – thanks so much

01:01:53 sheila mahoney: @todd- def yes!!  will GIT w. John and Brandon after this and if they want to move forward I will rope you in for sure.   thank you!

01:02:05 David Messinger: That’s great John!

01:02:29 Todd Brous: @sheila:  🙂

01:02:46 Ritika Arya: I’m the creative director at indigo/magenta work with Mark Hannant. It’s been a great first session, I’ve been helping in the background on a work stream and on the Summit graphics. But this has been fantastic.

01:03:00 Bassanio Peters: Yes

01:03:04 Dyan Finkhousen: Definitely!

01:03:14 Tom Cooke: I’ve been working with different law firms and vetting ones that are staying up to date with changing labor and employment laws.  Anyone feel free to reach out to me if you need outside counsel

01:04:08 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey welcome @Satish!!

01:04:19 Open Assembly:

01:04:33 Open Assembly:

01:04:41 Steve Rader: Alicia.. Bobbie

01:04:58 Open Assembly:

01:06:12 Open Assembly:

01:06:40 Ed Wong: is that a song? “I left my hat in texas?”

01:07:03 sheila mahoney: @Ed- should be lol!!

01:07:06 Ritika Arya: At our company we use shoes to show our team profiles – so Balaji that idea is already in work!

01:07:28 San Rahi: Best place for them (Londoner)

01:07:36 Bobbie Carlton: My link for anyone who wants to connect:

01:07:48 Balaji Bondili: @ritika – that is disruptive to me. I will spend an hour picking a shoe everyday and change my profile everyday!

01:09:26 Ritika Arya: @balaji you gotta find an accessory that won’t disrupt your day! And maybe changing them is a tell for your mood!

01:09:44 Chris “Link” Duarte: I am newer…I think this is #4 or 5.  These meetings have become my guilty pleasure…my refreshing step outside the box hour.  I look forward to these sessions every week.  Thank you! 

01:10:30 Dyan Finkhousen: @Eleanore – love the backdrop!!

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