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November 5, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week:

On today’s call we hear from a variety of folks about the future of work including Oxford’s Dr. Greetje “Gretta” Corporaal on her upcoming event on November 12: The AI and the Digital Transformation of Work and Recruitment.

We also hear from Laura McCleod of 99designs about there latest designer report where they surveyed more than 10,000 designers. It was super interesting and as you can imagine the shift in work life due to Covid dominated the findings and there’s a sense that the shift to remote is providing significant improvements in client communication and flexibility.


Chat room transcript:

00:08:21 Mafé Rabino: Hi Everyone!
00:09:49 Craig Terblanche: Hi all, here for the 1st time from Johannesburg, invited by Alistair Hofert…
00:11:39 Mafé Rabino: Welcome @Craig Terblanche!
00:18:37 Karina Rehavia: Too short!
00:18:46 Alp Sezginsoy: agreed:)
00:18:51 carin knoop: gray is the new sexy
00:19:39 Bobbie Carlton: Speaking of hair, if you don’t recognize me, it’s because I got my first haircut this year
00:20:09 Rich Copsey: we will know by Easter!
00:20:13 Chris “Link” Duarte: I am going to turn my camera off. my connection seems to be struggling
00:21:51 Open Assembly: Gretta’s panel is next Thursday, same day and time of this call.
00:22:13 Chuck Hamilton: Gretta will you send invites to attend?
00:23:48 Craig Terblanche: I like, The Digital Transformation of Work 😉
00:24:55 David Messinger: Thanks John!
00:25:48 Open Assembly: Please note instead of our normal OA community call on Thursday 11/12 we are encouraging you to attend Oxford University’s Said Business School seminar series Leadership in Extraordinary Times. This event takes place at the same time as our weekly calls so I know you can attend. We will be sending out more information about how to attend in the coming days.

On Thursday 11/12 at 17:00-18:00 GMT (12:00-1:00PM EST) Dr. Gretta Corporaal and Prof. Eero Vaara will lead the seminar: The AI and the Digital Transformation of Work and Recruitment. The panel will feature experts and leaders from digital labor market platforms and the broader staffing industry and will discuss how digital transformation, the notion of Open Talent, and Covid are impacting the modern workplace and organization’s work and employment practices. The format will be interactive and engaging and will finish with some key takeaways/practical tips.
00:25:58 Open Assembly:
00:26:37 Gretta Corporaal: @Chuck, as soon as the announcement is online (hopefully tomorrow) will share advertising and joining details with Brandon. for now, keep an eye on the oxford answers site:
00:27:01 Chris Stanton: @John: Do you have an announcement for the Upwork announcement?
00:28:22 john winsor: Here’s the link to the Upwork announcement:
00:28:24 Alistair Hofert: @John – how are we aligning to the WEF reskilling programme?
00:28:29 Open Assembly:
00:28:43 Chris Stanton: ArrowPlus is super interesting. We covered this from the Freelancer perspective in the HBS case:
00:31:01 Open Assembly:
00:31:17 Steve Rader: It would be good to talk about the Prop 22…
00:33:44 john winsor: Agreed.
00:33:51 john winsor: Will you bring it up?
00:33:55 Open Assembly:
00:34:19 Steve Rader: Has anyone studied/analyzed how the various open talent platforms map against the full range of skills (low skill to high skill). I’m still very curious how well distributed the open talent opportunities are across the full population.
00:35:05 Mary Mellino: +1
00:35:09 Todd Brous: @Steve +1
00:35:28 Elina Jutelyte: Great report Laura! And great data also for other freelance sectors
00:35:35 Mary Mellino: and how can one map their skillsets to the platform(s) that best align?
00:36:14 Steve Rader: Remote work has such ties to how well people can work with digital tools. It sounds like there is a real relationship to productivity…
00:36:20 Open Assembly:
00:36:48 Bobbie Carlton: I have to jump – bummed I can’t stay today!
00:36:59 Janice Stevenor Dale: Great report @Laura, thanks for sharing. Wondering about future learning in context of this labor group…are they ready for it?
00:37:09 Gretta Corporaal: @Steve I’m not aware of something being out but important question to answer
00:37:20 Steve Rader: @Mary +1
00:37:32 Craig Terblanche:
00:37:52 Chuck Hamilton: 42% of U.S. workers who did not telecommute previously are doing so now, according to a CNBC All America Survey.
00:38:57 Stephen Lepke: We have seen ArrowPlus continue to grow and both sides of the marketplace continue to mature.
00:39:37 sheila mahoney: Talent as revenue generation, not simply COGS wow!
00:39:45 Craig Terblanche: Anything as a Service is getting traction…
00:39:50 Mark Gordon: Interesting, and not surprising:
00:40:03 Steve Rader: Framing the use of open talent platforms as a replacement for traditional “standing army” contractors seems to be much more palatable than as a replacement for employees.
00:40:22 Steve Rader: @Craig +1
00:40:35 Steve Rader: @Sheila +1
00:40:37 Karina Rehavia: @Steve +1
00:40:38 Stephen Lepke: Many highly complex projects have started going through the platform and it has required more complex skills from our freelance/engineering community.
00:41:06 Rich Copsey: any suggested reading on this concept of vertical integration –> I’d love a case study to see how this might work for a large org
00:41:20 Craig Terblanche: For interest –
00:42:33 Open Assembly:
00:42:48 Open Assembly:
00:42:55 Janice Stevenor Dale: I’ve got to run to a meeting, see you all again! Yes, open procurement is changing in LA – this direction @NBC…
00:46:29 julia geisman: How will the IRS deal with this?
00:46:29 Gavin McClafferty: @Steve – we have similar challenges in the UK with the interpretation of IR35 and gig employment.
00:47:23 Todd Brous: @Steve +1
00:47:28 carin knoop: alternative view: the new plutocrats Uber and Lyft are capturing value for themselves and rolling back centuries of worker rights; winner take all models do prevail?
00:47:58 julia geisman: @Carin +1
00:48:25 Todd Brous: I would question if much of this unsustainable?
00:49:48 Chuck Hamilton: @Steve, One day we will chat about how IBM gave us a pool of money for specific benefits that we directed and planned for our own value. A directed benefits program. It works to transfer that responsibility.
00:50:46 Steve Rader: @Chuck +1
00:50:59 Craig Terblanche: The Dutch courts are passing judgements using AI already.
00:51:15 Mary Mellino: is anyone aware if work has been done to taskify legal services?
00:51:24 Steve Rader: I think this is why our open talent platforms have a real responsibility to help upskill as part of who they are
00:51:29 Katy | 2C Jeremko: @chuck – Just joining the conversation. Who received these benefits?
00:51:36 Stephen Lepke: +1 Steve Rader
00:51:54 Steve Rader: Indentured servitude happens when people don’t have options (and in today’s world upskilliing)
00:52:13 Andy Tanyatanaboon: +1 Steve
00:52:27 Open Assembly:
00:52:49 Steve Rader: @Mary my understanding is that automation has largely eliminated the paralegal position
00:53:26 Todd Brous: Is simply upskilling the solution? ‘benefits” and a salary that pay the bills need to be a priority for workers
00:53:37 Chuck Hamilton: @Katy – Full time and selected contractors
00:53:41 Terri Gallagher: These protections of benefits and equal pay are from an outdated employment construct 200 years old. It does not fit the way we work today and will restrict or eliminate these alternate income streams.
00:53:54 Chuck Hamilton:
00:53:57 Gavin McClafferty: @Todd – upskilling will become a life long requirement.
00:54:22 Katy | 2C Jeremko: @Churck – Thanks for response. Interesting – from what I understand there are legal implications to providing benefits to contractors (According to my lawyer). Would love to connect more with you to hear your experience.
00:54:25 Steve Rader: Question for the community: Do you think workers are exploited more in the traditional model or in the open talent model? And why/how?
00:54:36 Todd Brous: @gavin: I COMPLETELY agree! I’m just wondering if that’s enough..
00:54:44 carin knoop: @steve what categories of worker?
00:54:55 Todd Brous: @Steve: I think the exploitation is HUGE in OI
00:54:55 Steve Rader: @Chuck, you always have amazing resources and links!! Thanks!
00:55:03 Mary Mellino: @Steve – agree. curious about other areas. especially work traditionally done by “partner level” resources at law firms.
00:55:04 Katy | 2C Jeremko: Are we going to talk about Prop 22 today?
00:55:06 Katy | 2C Jeremko: Or have we alreayd
00:55:25 sheila mahoney: we’re talking about it now!
00:55:28 Mark Gordon: I think the new models offer more options, although workers may need more assistance to take advantage of them. Uber and Lyft — different than many. Attorneys.. you can see taskfication having big impacts and hopefully opportunities for people with legal skills, for cample
00:55:37 Steve Rader: @Katy… that is what started this convo
00:55:59 Todd Brous: @Sheila +1
00:56:07 David Messinger: +1
00:56:26 Mafé Rabino: @Sheila +1
00:56:34 Mark Gordon: Uber and Lyft are one type — low-skill services in a different model, and services that will eventually be replaced by self-driving cars. But IT skills, attorneys, other professionals. And what about the masses, people how work in lower wage jobs that aren’t all as cut and dried as driving a car. How do we help advance the interests in workers — great questions.
00:56:46 carin knoop: Yes or EAP type services for gig workers — if not we will pay for the externalities of their burnout, etc.
00:57:09 Chuck Hamilton: 24×7 legal answers in a chat model. On demand service for Canadian law|ga|1|Law%20-%20Canada%20-%20Search|Law&JPKW=law%20to&JPDC=S&JPST=&JPAD=236457240236&JPMT=b&JPNW=g&JPAF=txt&JPCD=20171201&JPRC=1&JCLT=Ask%20A%20Canadian%20Lawyer&JPOP=AES_Law_ETA%203&r=ppc|ga|1|||&JPKW=law%20to&JPDC=S&JPST=&JPAD=236457240236&JPMT=b&JPNW=g&JPAF=txt&JPRC=1&JPCD=&JPOP=&cmpid=2035996460&agid=74594159400&fiid=&tgtid=kwd-5041523523&ntw=g&dvc=c&gclid=CjwKCAiA4o79BRBvEiwAjteoYJNvwsO6jyidok85AXoAsHrPT2p9g4JXq9HPob4E8-hHkyMF1H3XuhoCUKEQAvD_BwE
00:57:14 Gavin McClafferty: @Todd – I think the missing part is who watches and decides what the future will be? Individuals can mobilise to upskill. But it requires vision from organisations to define what these skills might be.
00:58:02 Rebecca Benson: Would not a restructure of the tax code to more of a flat tax alleviate the pressure and anxiety an individual may feel about “budgeting” for one’s own benefits/taxes, particularly for those individuals that also have LLCs, S-Corps, Professional Services structures – where income is pass through to the individual 1040?
00:58:04 Steve Rader: But platforms that start to offer access to benefits and good work opportunities should end up being the one’s that workers join (and those that exploit workers is where they will leave)
00:58:10 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Many organizations have failed their workers in keeping upskilling a priority
00:58:24 Steve Rader: @Andy +1
00:58:56 Open Assembly:
00:59:29 Todd Brous: @Gavin: @Steve: I want to pick your brain. Can I sorry it?
@Andy +1
00:59:40 Gavin McClafferty: @Todd – this might be of interest.
00:59:43 Andy Tanyatanaboon: +1 Alistair, I love the attitude “Its fun” 🙂
00:59:48 Todd Brous: ^sorry^borrow
01:00:05 Gavin McClafferty: @Todd – sure!
01:00:12 Steve Rader: I think it is important to frame this discussion with the fact that “the emerging freelance workforce” is happening …. The questions we have are how do we need to rework our laws and constructs to adapt…
01:00:34 Katy | 2C Jeremko: Have we talked about the “geek” law and how absurd that is?
01:00:42 Steve Rader: @Gavin… I refrence that Amazon study/site a lot
01:01:04 Katy | 2C Jeremko: That if you are classified under this law, you actually don’t apply for overtime rights as a consultant? I think it applies mostly to folks in tech/IT
01:01:06 Andy Tanyatanaboon: +1 Steve, your so right, its almost like internet ecommerce, it is happening and laws were not prepared for it but it will be inevitable just how will we adjust
01:01:07 Gavin McClafferty: @Steve – you were my inspiration for sharing this.
01:01:10 Mark Gordon: What is the geek law?
01:01:24 Todd Brous: @Gavin: Thanks!
01:01:28 Steve Rader: @Todd anytime!
01:01:40 Todd Brous: @Steve <3
01:02:54 Todd Brous: Can I join a working group?
01:03:13 Chuck Hamilton: @ Alistair, IMHO I think we need to understand our skills baseline by vertical. Tools and services exist to not only gather skills, map them and contrast them to peers, but also we can now intelligently predict and shape skills with an AI. Can show you tools.
01:04:00 Gavin McClafferty: @Todd – the Amazon link is pretty useful at showing the evolution of roles. Steve and I have spoken a lot about this.
01:04:31 Todd Brous:
01:04:48 Gavin McClafferty: @Steve – look at Netflix’s approach to drive digital innovation.
01:05:14 Rich Copsey: I’ve handed out 10 copies of the book to our VPs… we are upon an inflection point in our industry for sure
01:05:18 Laura McLeod: Gotta run, and really insightful conversation today – thanks everyone!
01:05:21 Mary Mellino: @Steve – the north star…, networks, AI are transforming business models and op models like it or not (to quote the book)….open talent is one key operating model change or piece of the puzzle that most undergo massive change
01:05:33 Mark Gordon: you cut out there john
01:05:51 Steve Rader: @Mary +1
01:05:51 Gavin McClafferty: @Rich – it’s incredible!
01:05:51 Marta Rocamora Gonzalez: Its getting pretty robotic
01:05:51 Erik Stettler: You might want to try without your video, John
01:06:05 Steve Rader: John… you have caught robot voice… very hard to understand
01:06:14 sheila mahoney: techMOWlowgee
01:06:15 Katy | 2C Jeremko: @Steve Lol
01:06:18 carin knoop: AI-John
01:06:24 Katy | 2C Jeremko: Oh noes!
01:06:44 Mafé Rabino: yes
01:06:50 Alp Sezginsoy: Have to run, great conversation today. Thanks everyone
01:07:08 Karina Rehavia: Thanks everybody
01:07:27 Steve Rader: Awesome!!!
01:07:38 sheila mahoney: amazing meeting as usual thank you!!!
01:07:42 Marta Rocamora Gonzalez: Thank you!!! Love you all
01:07:44 Mark Gordon: thanks all!
01:07:52 Katy | 2C Jeremko: Cheers
01:07:54 Rebecca Benson: Thank you!

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