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November 19, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

This week we hear from Dr. Gretta Corporaal of the Oxford University Said Business School following here Future of Recruitment seminar. We also learn more about Topcoder’s Topcoder Open event and how they celebrate their community. And, we wrap it up with discussion about the Center for the Transformation of Work – and a special story from Open Assembly Founder John Winsor.

Chat room transcript:

00:09:30 Todd Brous: Steve Rader is in the house!!!
00:10:03 nicole yershon: Hi, I’m Nicole a randomer x hi everyone
00:10:38 Open Assembly: Welcome Nicole!
00:10:54 Alistair: We want a selfie of you surfing John!
00:20:30 Dyan Finkhousen: @Karina – great to meet you – welcome and congrats!
00:20:43 Steve Rader: Hey Todd!!
00:21:07 Terri Gallagher: Agreed, breakout rooms have sixth sense for who we need to talk to; every time.
00:21:18 Dyan Finkhousen: @Karina – @Bryan Pena MBO is who you need to connect with per @Tom’s reco!
00:21:22 Steve Rader: So glad to see that Dyan and Karina got to chat!! To amazing people!! Can’t wait to hear what comes out of that discussion!
00:21:28 Ashley Beaudoin: I’ve indoctrinated Nicole into the group – I was lucky enough to have her in my breakout!
00:21:38 Open Assembly:
00:21:46 Dyan Finkhousen: <3 @Steve 🙂
00:21:54 David Swift: Welcome to the Borg Nicole
00:22:04 Open Assembly:
00:22:28 Steve Rader: Jesse is doing some amazing stuff at Commonwealth!
00:22:42 Open Assembly: +1 Steve
00:22:49 Steve Rader: @Clinton, last I talked to Jesse, he was about to work with you guys!
00:23:36 Clinton Bonner: Indeed @Steve, Jesse and team are amazing.
00:23:37 Steve Rader: Great panel!!
00:23:47 Gavin McClafferty: @Steve +1
00:23:56 Christine Jenkins: @Steve +1
00:24:59 David Swift: Is that a Dutch masterpiece in the background Gretta?
00:26:18 Open Assembly: Gretta’s panel recording is here:
00:28:27 David Swift: Companies provide training to their own workforce. Do any train their contingent workers?
00:28:28 Steve Rader: I’m loving the zoom upgrade that now fits everyone on one page!
00:29:07 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Agreed @Steve! its very nice to see everyone
00:29:30 Steve Rader: I love the Texas callout!! 🙂
00:30:33 Todd Brous: @Steve: have you played with the filters and “digital makeup”?
00:30:38 Steve Rader: @Mike Morris, you should talk about your awards event you just have (and share that awesome video).
00:32:06 Clinton Bonner: I have it at the ready if folks want to see the vid 🙂
00:32:21 Bryan Peña: I’d love to see it
00:32:25 Gavin McClafferty: @Clinton – please share this 🙂
00:32:26 Barry Matthews: Yes please!
00:32:29 Alex Wente: Paul also highlighted the rise of “portfolio careers” becoming the norm. Workers will go ‘all in’ on one passion. Everyone will be a brand, so have a unique point of view and opportunities will come to you
00:32:30 Mina Bastawros: can we see the video please?
00:33:13 Andy Tanyatanaboon: +1 Steve! for sure this is the time!
00:33:26 Andy Tanyatanaboon: hahah
00:33:30 nicole yershon: An amazing ‘super connector’ group… everyone connecting the wonderful dots around the world
00:33:40 Janice Stevenor Dale: bringing on problems without financial benefit is rare, but in fact will lead to business opportunity
00:35:26 Dyan Finkhousen: <3 <3 <3
00:35:51 Steve Rader: Although since it shows me with a beard, I’m considering doing the beard again… so poll…. Beard or no beard…??
00:35:56 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Stevee!!
00:36:03 Gavin McClafferty: @Clinton – incredible!!!!!
00:36:08 Todd Brous: @Steve’s famous…
00:36:09 Chris “Link” Duarte: NICE!
00:36:09 Chuck Hamilton: Nice work
00:36:14 Mina Bastawros: love it!
00:36:18 Dyan Finkhousen: #Nobeard 🙂
00:36:18 San Rahi: Beard +1
00:36:19 Tom Cooke: @Steve – I’d be interested to hear more about OPM. Seems they could learn a lot from USPTO on how to get through their backlog of cases by using freelance talent. Great HBR article this month on success that USPTO had in distributing their workforce
00:36:26 Open Assembly: Great work Topcoder.
00:36:30 Balaji: Love the “Beyond work from home”
00:36:37 sheila mahoney: amazing!!
00:36:48 Balaji: Loved it @mike Morris and @Clinton!
00:36:51 Andy Tanyatanaboon: dog fooding! love it
00:37:06 nicole yershon: Wonderful, new ways of working
00:37:34 Tom Cooke: Spacely used the same VoiceOver platform and used 99designs for our logo and brand guide. Live what we preach!
00:37:43 Steve Rader: @Tom, sure! Let’s chat
00:38:28 Clinton Bonner: Here’s the vid for anyone who wants to watch/share … it’s now approved and we’re flipping it to public tomorrow, so early bird special 🙂
00:39:12 Open Assembly:
00:39:38 Andy Tanyatanaboon: what was the name of the voiceover platform used again?
00:39:41 Steve Rader: The collection of crowd platforms that we have represented in OA/on this call are amazing!!!!
00:40:04 Tom Cooke: voice123
00:40:08 Steve Rader: Clinton=Uprisor
00:40:31 Chris “Link” Duarte: Same Steve- several pages of notes and lists, websites etc. Amazing!
00:40:42 Clinton Bonner: As long as 1 of the 5 vaccines gets out there we’ll be doing it in 2021!!!
00:41:05 Craig Terblanche: Perhaps align with Xprize
00:41:06 Clinton Bonner: Thank you @Balaji that’s great to hear.
00:41:15 Tom Cooke: +1 Balaji
00:41:24 San Rahi: Collaborate the Compete
00:41:34 San Rahi: *then
00:41:53 Clinton Bonner: Voice123 correct @tom thank you. Her name is Melissa Bagwell and she was one of a ton of great VO talent. So good and pro. Loved the experience.
00:41:55 Steve Rader: @San +1
00:43:06 Open Assembly:
00:43:23 Sharon McIntyre: Yup. They are “grey swans” not “black swans”
00:43:46 sheila mahoney: @sharon +1 loll
00:43:49 Clinton Bonner: +1 Erik … we’ve been talking about Enterprise Resiliency where making sure you’re digital, scaleable, and have a flex workforce component is an important leg to the stool.
00:44:07 Chuck Hamilton: Resiliency is the new corporate target
00:44:28 Andy Tanyatanaboon: I am getting some jumpy audio with Erik
00:44:42 Christine Jenkins: Me too
00:44:49 Sharon McIntyre:
00:45:07 Alistair: +1 Erik – staff on demand to transform business during radical change will allow transformation at the edge, that will become the new core.
00:46:28 Andy Tanyatanaboon: For being outside John’s voice quality is amazing
00:46:48 Erik Stettler: Sorry for the connection! It’s been a bit spotty recently due to a construction project near my building.
00:47:19 Clinton Bonner: That’s OK Erik, the points were still clear.
00:48:28 Open Assembly:
00:49:34 Open Assembly:
00:49:34 Gavin McClafferty: @john – Topcoder are the best people to speak to blockchain.
00:49:45 Mina Bastawros:
00:50:38 Alan Korpady: “Smart” contracts?
00:50:38 Gavin McClafferty: @John – Animal Ventures in SF are also worth a look. John Fitch has previously done some work with them.
00:51:20 Tom Cooke: Dyan introduced me to Maya Vujinovic who is extremely impressive on blockchain
00:51:24 Stephanie Fels:,the%20people%20who%20developed%20them.
00:51:35 Stephanie Fels:
00:51:57 Stephanie Fels: Here is how Rise applies them:
00:54:29 Steve Rader: Marguerite deCourcelle is doing some amazing work in blockchain in the gaming industry (she did a great pitch at the last NASA Cross-Industry Innovation Summit)
00:55:02 Steve Rader:
00:55:24 Matt Neal: Agree – evolve the OA Podcast or increase the engagement and topics of the podcast
00:55:28 Chris “Link” Duarte: I agree on the podcast. Someone in a meeting yesterday called it, “hosting a salon”
00:55:37 Janice Stevenor Dale: or a collection or repository of podcasts
00:55:49 San Rahi: Jeffersonian Dinner format?
00:56:34 Steve Rader: @San +1
00:56:54 Steve Rader: Is that different from a Hamiltonian Dinner?
00:56:54 Alistair: +1 San – 1 topic
00:57:10 Terry Sydoryk: Thanks all … Have drop 10min early today. To all the US folks on the call, Have a great and happy Thanksgiving next week! Stay healthy!
00:57:34 Steve Rader: Or Burns Night format
00:58:11 San Rahi: @SteveR I think one is sung in D minor and the other in B Sharp
00:58:35 Craig Terblanche: Anyone started using
00:59:01 Alistair: @Ashley and @John – how do we introduce network effects and an early flywheel effect into our community?
00:59:14 Mafé Rabino: Do we have an exclusive OA LinkedIn Group?
00:59:43 San Rahi: @Mafe agree we should start credentialing that way
00:59:43 Steve Rader: @Alistair +1
01:00:07 Open Assembly:
01:00:25 Ashley Beaudoin: +1 @Alistair yes! We should chat
01:00:58 Steve Rader: Seeing more of these OI/OT brokers to help enterprises navigate the landscape…
01:01:16 Janice Stevenor Dale: Perhaps the identification or mapping of the Open talent communities should be created by the World Economic Forum…its a finite resource, a global workforce affecting the economy in the most positive ways.
01:01:19 Open Assembly:
01:01:52 Open Assembly: Barry’s better half >>
01:01:59 San Rahi: Have to drop. Good to see everyone. Thank you for the refill of positive energy.
01:02:30 Chuck Hamilton: $5 MILLION Prize Purse
XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling is a $5 million dollar, 30-month competition to quickly reskill under-resourced workers for the digital revolution.
01:03:46 Steve Rader: Orchestrated micro-manufacturing is the future….
01:03:56 Steve Rader: Just throwing that out there
01:04:33 Gavin McClafferty: @John – Clinton and I dropped a new podcast today.
01:04:36 Gretta Corporaal:
01:05:22 Janice Stevenor Dale: OA could develop a community calendar for 2021, would assist us all in developing our goals for collaboration and idea sharing, further experimentation.
01:06:23 Alistair: Yes!. Cape Town, South Africa
01:07:38 Chuck Hamilton: Open Talent Network for Innovation Leaders. Entrepreneur In Residence skills network using a skills centric profile tool. Canadian Innovation network.
01:07:43 Steve Rader: +1000000000
01:07:50 Andy Tanyatanaboon: <3
01:07:55 stephen wellbelove: lovely story John
01:07:56 Mina Bastawros: thanks for making us part of this community
01:07:56 Christine Jenkins: ✌🏼
01:07:57 Alex Wente: Amazing, John. Thanks for sharing that. Keep smiling!
01:07:58 Michael Morris: Awesome story, great way to end!
01:07:59 David Swift: Great story John
01:08:04 Ashley Beaudoin: Loved your story, John thanks for having the courage to share!
01:08:04 Stephanie Fels: Thank you for the beautiful story and message to close this meeting John
01:08:05 Craig Terblanche: Awesome John!
01:08:13 Chuck Hamilton: Stay safe, wear mask , Eat lots
01:08:16 Barry Matthews: So cool John – thanks for sharing
01:08:18 nicole yershon: Really enjoyed this, thank you everyone and big virtual hug to @John x
01:08:19 Erik Stettler: Thank you so much for sharing that, John. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
01:08:21 Mafé Rabino: It is about PEOPLE \
01:08:32 Clinton Bonner: Thx John and team!
01:08:34 carin knoop: all the best!!!

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