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May 6, 2021 @ 2:00 pm (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This Center for the Transformation of Work community call features Seth Levine and Elizabeth MacBride to discuss themes of their new book: The New Builders: Face to Face with the TRUE  Future of Business.

Chat Room:

00:04:24 Elizabeth Altman: Hi All
00:04:53 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey all!
00:11:33 Seth Levine: John – You’re going to have to finish that story!
00:11:34 Andy Tanyatanaboon: yo .. how goes it
00:12:20 Lucas Meyers: Heads down in Sayulita. The struggle is real.
00:12:26 CTW:
00:13:46 CTW: Emily – Who’s your dad?
00:14:20 Lucas Meyers:
00:14:28 Emily Harman: My dad is Joe Harman – mentioned around page 185 about revitalizing Staunton, VA
00:15:43 Steve Rader: Will the real Jeffrey Bojar stand up?
00:15:52 Seth Levine: There’s also a great picture of Joe in our photo insert!
00:17:05 CTW:
00:19:17 CTW: SETH’S SITE:
00:26:05 Tom O’Malley: What is the metric that is declining….how is it measured?
00:27:19 Steve Rader: So does the move of workers to freelance or open talent platforms (which is a form of entrepreneurship) may be offsetting this?
00:28:16 Andy Tanyatanaboon: If the landscape of entrepreneurship now and into the future being more likely to be people of color. Will this change alone adjust VC’s to start investing in more diverse founders or will it continue to bias towards the shrinking pool of those who look like them (i.e white male)? Diversity within the VC space is a whole different conversation
00:28:41 CTW: Head of Deloitte Pixel | Future of Work | Crowdsourcing, Gig Economy & Agile Freelancing Expert:
00:30:13 Andy Tanyatanaboon: speaking about developed nations and startup slow down.. look also at this interesting view of birth rate in developed countries
00:32:42 Steve Rader: Is there any analysis of freelancers that use other freelancers (as pseudo employees)? Seems like there is more of that going on as well.
00:32:53 Janice Stevenor Dale: It may simply be indicating a pause before great change….and we have at the same time the idea now, that we create businesses that have no intention of hiring full time employees…
00:32:56 Denise Brouder:,new%20and%20innovative%20like%20Uber.&text=Zebra%20companies%20can%20improve%20their,resources%20within%20their%20local%20market.
00:33:11 Arthur Ransier: +1 Steve — subcontracting is huge in construction particularly
00:33:25 Denise Brouder: Unicorn vs. Zebra is an interesting compare.
00:33:56 Seth Levine: Yes Denise. We talk about them as Unicorn vs. Camel.
00:34:02 Seth Levine: But Zebra works.
00:34:09 CTW: Steve Rader: Deputy Director for the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation at NASA:
00:36:23 Emily Harman: I love discussions like this! Great to see everyone here. Connect with me on LI if interested:
00:37:20 Jim Dunn, D Partners: Did you study cross border labor arbitrage? i.e. megatrends
00:37:25 Steve Rader: I wonder if the US is having more of an issue here since our safety net (medical, unemployment) isn’t at the same level as many other developed countries.
00:37:26 Bradford Norris: This is fascinating. What do you attribute these trends to and do you recommend countermeasures in the book?
00:38:07 Ty Montague: +1 steve
00:38:14 CTW: Jamie Elliot:
00:39:17 Steve Rader: I argue that the US freelance workforce is significantly disadvantaged due to lack of benefits combined with a high cost of living.
00:39:31 Todd Brous: @Steve: +1
00:39:38 Steve Rader: benefits=social safety net
00:39:47 Christopher DeLaurentis: +1 steve
00:39:52 Denise Brouder: @Steve: +1!
00:39:53 LifeSciHub LLC LLC: @steve ++1!
00:41:36 Steve Rader: Exclusively company-centric employment thinking is what needs to change.
00:41:57 Balaji Bondili: Totally agreed Steve.
00:42:51 Jamie Elliott: Sorry to drop an off-topic message in here, but we meet only so often. I’ve been leading challenge competitions for a few years now. We’ve constructed a platform (Best in Crowd ) to host challenge competitions (subjective and data science) and we’re looking for a federal partner that could help us with an Authority to Operate (ATO). We have everything in place with regard to NIST standards. Any resources and guidance is welcome. –
00:43:02 Denise Brouder: Can passion and freedom be found in a W2 relationship?
00:44:15 Andy Tanyatanaboon: I wonder if the revenue/net profit measurement per employee has grown to John’s point over time for small business that may indicate more efficient and technology powered businesses at the more smaller agile companies (also size of w2 may be misleading as they may be utilizing gig workers) 🙂
00:44:32 Jim Dunn, D Partners: Jim Dunn
00:45:18 Todd Brous: @Denise: I think so. I would think that Passion and Freedom are often used in exchange for a lower salary (ie the worker’s Willingness to Sell is lower in exchange for “fun projects” or flexibility)
00:45:32 Jamie Elliott: or maybe men should just do more…
00:45:34 Jim Dunn, D Partners: Jim. Dunn
00:45:34 Terry Sydoryk: Great conversation .. apologies I have to drop due to conflict. Enoy!
00:45:34 Janice Stevenor Dale: Just like during covid, solve for education, solve for women, then we businesses thrive
00:46:15 Balaji Bondili: The podcast that I referred and reflected on how much I take on at home:
00:46:35 Dyan Finkhousen: Thanks @Balaji
00:47:57 Denise Brouder: #thefutureisfemale
00:48:51 Balaji Bondili: My wife calls, her 2 year break to raise our child her first start up. She half thought of creating an LLC and charge time against it and take a tax deduction!
00:49:05 Jeff Schwartz: Seth and Elizabeth, thank you for a great conversation and congrats on the book. Colleagues, thanks. I need to drop to lead a meeting on the hour.
00:49:58 LifeSciHub LLC LLC: VC is important, sure but it’s grossly inefficient. They invest in 10-20 portfolio companies knowing most will fail. Basically throwing paint on the wall looking for the unicorn.
00:50:28 Balaji Bondili: my daughter does the same and “calls” it a Unicorn.
00:50:35 Balaji Bondili: she is 4.
00:50:35 Stephanie Fels: @Balaji – thumbs up! France actually subsidizes childcare because it’s in the interest of the collective society to provide a strong support system for the next generation
00:50:56 Balaji Bondili: @Stephanie _ YES!
00:51:24 Jamie Elliott: What if men were more “empowered” to do more at home and didn’t feel obligated to be the dominant professional in the family? Might that help tip the balance?
00:51:55 CTW: Denise Brouder:
Workplace Futurist I Founder I Speaker:
00:51:57 Balaji Bondili: Do men “need” to be empowered? Just wash the dishes guys!
00:52:20 Arthur Ransier: For both of our kids, me taking 2-3 months off from work wasn’t a feasible option
00:52:21 Jamie Elliott: I’m really good at the dishes, and the laundry, and wrestling…
00:52:36 Arthur Ransier: To the contrary, my wife’s time off was paid
00:52:36 LifeSciHub LLC LLC: @Balaji- interesting question. Who’s to say it’s not a business? If she worked somewhere outside the home some it would be paid for. traditional economics considers domestic labor a free natural resource
00:53:03 Andy Tanyatanaboon: I think the US has a different issue of race and bias for investment compared to Japan. While we in the US also have a slowing birthrate compared to other developed nations like Japan the rate at which white male demographics is shrinking at a much faster rate but the ratio at which investment towards this shrinking demographics has not changed. Perhaps this is another dynamic as to why registered entrepreneurial are shrinking..
00:53:10 Stephanie Fels: Yes it’s about putting an economic value on caretaking jobs/work
00:53:41 Jamie Elliott: @stephanie and @LifeSciHun, agreed
00:53:43 Arthur Ransier: Andy source? All of the data I’ve seen shows the US as an abnormally high birthrate in comparison to other developed nations
00:53:45 Jamie Elliott: Hub*
00:53:52 Arthur Ransier: has*
00:54:28 Bryan Peña: I’m interested by the reduced willingness to fail as a trend
00:54:31 Andy Tanyatanaboon: We have a shrinking birthrate (but your right we have higher rate compared to others) I did share a resource above but let me see if I can get some more
00:55:15 Denise Brouder: @bryan +1
00:55:17 Bryan Peña: I imagine it is response the ever decreasing trust in our institutions
00:55:31 Steve Rader: Bryan +1
00:56:27 Balaji Bondili: Govt should invest in an insurance company that enterpreneurs pay into to support failure.
00:56:29 Andy Tanyatanaboon:
00:56:45 Steve Rader: @Balaji. Interesting concept!
00:57:12 Andy Tanyatanaboon:
00:57:18 CTW: Bryan Peña:
Workforce Solutions Strategist*Strategic Advisor:
00:57:53 Balaji Bondili: There should be a risk pool that everybody pays into to manage the downside of failure, I have always been surprised as to why that exists. We should take bankruptcy cost to the economy and convert that into a paid risk pool.
00:58:19 Balaji Bondili: *doesn’t exist
00:58:24 Arthur Ransier: Thanks @Andy
00:58:52 Emily Harman: Love the risk pool idea @Balaji!
00:59:59 Bradford Norris: The consequences of helicopter parenting.
01:00:19 Clare Jacky: This was an excellent discussion. I have to drop off but grateful for the conversation.
01:00:26 Janice Stevenor Dale: Gotta run, great convo.
01:00:37 Andy Tanyatanaboon: lol.. but they do have “hardcore mode” on video games now too 😉 no save button
01:00:43 Balaji Bondili: Me too guys! As usual SUPER FUN CALL! WINSOR DOES IT AGAIN.
01:00:52 Steve Rader: Interesting… as a side observation… one of the reasons that I’ve seen people participating in open innovation challenges has been that they provide a “no consequence” opportunity to fail.
01:00:52 Julie Shannan: Great graphic of entrepreneurial mindsets×11.pdf
01:01:28 Dyan Finkhousen: Great stuff folks, thanks again, catch ya next time!
01:01:28 Denise Brouder: great piece @Julie!
01:01:31 Sheila Mahoney: huh, seen from another angle, could the “decrease” of the white male power base be a factor in declining entrepreneurship? Maybe they feel less supported? Maybe they are less willing to take risks because the world isn’t as forgiving for their failure, as it was in, say, 1958
01:01:33 Lucas Meyers: Thanks CTW
01:01:43 Steve Rader: Great call! Thanks everyone! Wish I could stick around!
01:02:13 Seth Levine: Thanks Everyone!
01:02:27 Seth Levine: Please pick up a copy of the book and tell your friends!!!).
01:02:28 Julie Shannan: So great! Thank you!
01:02:35 Sheila Mahoney: so interesting, thank you!
01:02:39 Stephanie Fels: Fascinating discussion, thank you
01:02:39 Jill Kyte: Great topic and discussion. Thanks
01:02:42 Emily Harman: Great discussion! Thank you.
01:02:44 Bryan Peña: Great stuff thanks!
01:02:54 Jim Dunn, D Partners: Thank you.. Great discussion.
01:03:26 Julie Shannan: can’t wait to read it!
01:03:39 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Great session!

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