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May 28, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week Steve Rader, Deputy Director for the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation at NASA, led a discussion on platform collaboration and how we take the friction out of the process.

Chat Transcript:

00:19:26 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey good afternoon everyone!!
00:19:56 Fanny Eliaers: Hi everyone!
00:19:59 Gavin McClafferty: Hello!
00:21:22 mr future of work: 😂😂😂
00:21:25 mr future of work: truuuue
00:21:36 mark barden: does anyone want to go back to “normal”?
00:21:40 Munni Trivedi: I’ve got stuck at home syndrome!
00:22:23 Shilpa Shah: Does anyone know what the new normal will actually be? We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the new future and ‘build back better’
00:22:57 Munni Trivedi: There is no ‘normal’
00:33:57 Tom Cooke: Clinton – good that Stacie and I will get to hear from you
00:35:12 Gavin McClafferty: @Shilpa @Bryan – check out “Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community” by Robert Putnam. Incredible read from 2000.
00:36:10 Open Assembly:
00:36:52 Open Assembly: Clinton was referencing:
00:36:56 Andy Barnes: @erik and @Paul nice to meet you both
00:37:30 Dyan Finkhousen: So impressed with the ability of the @Topcoder team to partner well with enterprise clients – evolving their business model and service offering to help reduce the friction for enterprise clients…
00:37:53 Open Assembly:
00:37:56 Dean Bosche: SIDE NOTE: If you want to up your WFH game and look as amazing as Steve, take a look at my article here:
00:38:18 Carin-Isabel Knoop: @gavin Putnam alerted us to the fact that Americans were not making enough time for family and community and short-changing the social ties and connections that define community. since then we have techno but even though people are more “connected” than ever before, we had a loneliness epidemic before pandemic so lots to think about here…
00:38:44 Dyan Finkhousen: @Balaji wins for awesome Zoom backdrops!
00:38:49 Clinton Bonner: Apologies to David, my convo last week was with David Papp –
00:39:14 Gavin McClafferty: @Carin – 100% agree. This has been on the cards for a long time.
00:39:25 Paul Estes: This is a great book if you want to understand how we became so isolated –
00:39:39 Dyan Finkhousen: Fresh perspective on FOW policy opportunities:
00:41:46 Open Assembly:
00:41:55 Open Assembly:
00:42:36 Open Assembly:
00:42:42 Tom O’Malley: Got Gig?
00:43:48 John Healy: Well said @Simon….the variances in models creates a barrier to adoption for many enterprises….alignment and co-creation is a genuine opportunity
00:43:57 Tom Cooke: How do we pass leads at speed? If we’re in a contract and find we need help from another platform quickly, what infrastructure can we put in place to help?
00:44:29 mark barden: should there be some kind of trade org, even an informal alliance, with one master narrative for the collaborative future of work?
00:44:57 Balaji: Mr. Rader is giving John a run for his money!
00:44:59 Andy Barnes: I’m not sure we can pass leads platform to platform … privacy one concern… also I don’t necessarily know what work is happening on my platform (ergo the users own it… we are just SaaS tool to enable)
00:45:25 Dyan Finkhousen: @Mark definitely
00:45:40 Open Assembly:
00:45:49 Chuck Hamilton: See :Rethink Work, Finding and Keeping the right talent by Eric Termuende
00:46:03 Andy Barnes: @tom cooke – plenty of leads get passed within freelancer slack groups.
00:46:17 Clinton Bonner: Jeff has that good Norman Rockwell Americana going …
00:46:18 Simon Hill: I’m fully open to this way of working. I’m also very up for more integrated ways of working
00:46:20 mark barden: because we need a counter narrative to the Noah Harari one that we’re all doomed by robots/AI
00:47:21 Bryan Peña: The answer is in standardization and establishing acknowledged best practices. maybe a unifying statement of principles.
00:47:27 Bryan Peña:
00:47:45 Simon Hill: great idea
00:48:06 Open Assembly:
00:48:36 Andy Barnes: @everyone Linkedin is probably the biggest player in the market (it certainly has the biggest database) …. They won’t let platforms integrate too much (understandably)
00:49:14 Munni Trivedi: I think there needs to be a balance of some in person and some form at at home. It’s become accepted and not scary
00:50:05 Jeff Cinadr: Here is the recent study from Upwork’s Chief Economist on the Future of Remote Work post-COVID
00:50:14 Chuck Hamilton: I’m offering to start a SLACK space for this group. Who should I work with?
00:50:51 Tom O’Malley: Seems some are more complementary to others than others…OA could help play that role to do some match making with likely partners…rather than a random breakout…maybe push a survey of “what services do you think yours are complementary to” and pulling those results together.
00:51:07 David Boghossian: Totally — operating standards @Bryan…@dyan and I have been speaking about exactly this as a role for this group.
00:51:18 Open Assembly: @chuck >>
00:51:24 Ashley Beaudoin: The World Economic Forum has something like this, “Charter of principles
for good platform work”
00:51:45 John Healy: Would love to see this group take on the aspect of standards…
00:52:04 Chuck Hamilton: This event just open today from Singularity U . Digital Summit: The Changing Jobs, Careers, and Workforce of the Future
00:52:08 Dyan Finkhousen: @Bryan – brilliant, couldn’t agree more. Universal standard lexicon will reduce the learning curve for the demand side
00:52:35 John Healy: broader than lexicon Dyan…
00:52:44 Dyan Finkhousen: Go @Balaji – I’ll follow
00:53:22 Bryan Peña:
00:53:33 Mary Mellino: @PaulEstes – your book is a great starting point for common language around the what/how of gig resource sourcing
00:55:21 David Boghossian: @dyan — data clearinghouse for the industry? Great idea
00:57:17 Paul Estes: Thank you @mary. The work we are doing at is targeted to HR and Procurement persona’s who are trying to understand how to approach this space. We have an broad ecosystem report coming our, a open innovation playbook (for enterprise), and a new version of the Human Cloud report.
00:58:42 Tom Cooke: Maybe we should look to industry supply chains to see how they get other critical pieces on demand and address access to talent in a similar way
00:59:01 John Healy: Balaji….your now getting into a decision tree that is informed by macro level supply and demand market conditions…the lack of standards in defining worker capabilities is at the core of this gap
01:00:01 Dyan Finkhousen: @David – absolutely
01:00:11 Open Assembly:
01:00:57 Bryan Peña: in our research we see only 30% of independent professionals acquire work through a platform. Word of mouth remains the top way that independents find work, but nearly one in three independents say that social media and online talent marketplaces are in their top three methods.
01:00:59 Bryan Peña:
01:01:14 Simon Hill: The rigidity of global procurement systems in global orgs will make this a very long road. How do we work together with procurement and HR per @SteveRadar points on an level playing field? There are procurement folk on this call, what’s their take?
01:02:22 Carin-Isabel Knoop: @paul love the idea of the HUMAN CLOUD! very cool
01:02:49 Dyan Finkhousen: @Simon great point.. we should all try to ‘recruit’ HR and Supply Chain professionals to join these calls
01:03:28 James O’Flynn: @gavin – great additions – especially around constraints and capacity
01:03:29 Tom Cooke: Agree Paul and Carin – I love the idea of Talent as a Service from the Human Cloud
01:03:30 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey @Jeff – so great to have you on the call!
01:03:56 Open Assembly: Wyatt Nordstrom >> Maven >>
01:04:50 Open Assembly:
01:05:05 Open Assembly:
01:05:53 Dyan Finkhousen: Would it be useful to leverage a couple of our calls to have a ‘working design session’ with enterprise operators (HR, Sourcing, Operations) to explore what steps could be taken to remove friction from the enterprise process?
01:05:55 David Swift: Procurement still has to get the business to use the alternative channels.
01:06:34 Simon Hill: where’s the horse and where is the cart in the procurement discussion? prob varies by company?
01:06:53 Jeff Cinadr: @Simon Hill – In my experience, the level of procurement/HR complexity (governance processes, rigidity, compliance rules, etc) differs greatly with the size of the company. A worldwide 100,000 person Fortune 100 company is very different than a 1,000 or even 10,000 person company. The communication strategy has to be equally as different to resonate effectively.
01:08:45 Clinton Bonner: I have to leave early today. Thanks for leading a great session @Steve
01:09:43 Open Assembly:
01:10:19 Dyan Finkhousen: HR and Procurement are enabling functions within the enterprise – the business operators are the heart of organizational performance
01:10:59 Carin-Isabel Knoop: is this convo a bit premature to have HR and Supply Chain professionals join these calls? for the moment they are dealing with excess talent, but in a next step there will be a flexible talent acquisition freak out
01:11:23 Open Assembly:
01:12:30 Open Assembly:
01:13:50 Mary Mellino: making gig workers accessible at the task vs. job role level is key
01:14:26 Dyan Finkhousen: Work system-level air traffic control
01:16:03 wayne withrow: there are two separate issues. Selling the benefits of an open innovation process to the business is number one. but separate and necessary is removing the friction in filling the business need thru open innovaton. Procurement has an established process for hiring, or for bringing in a consultant but is it too hard to meet the need with an open community?
01:16:30 Jeff Cinadr: The key is thinking of ways to simplify the process for the end customer in order to grow adoption but without increasing costs or decreasing speed.
01:17:05 Dean Bosche: We should do a 2.0 version of this chat next call.
01:17:07 John Healy: human centric design….lets think about the people uing these solutions!
01:17:13 Balaji: Steve! great job moderating!
01:17:27 Dyan Finkhousen: Well done @Steve
01:17:37 Simon Hill: Glad this topic resonated….well done Steve
01:18:08 Carin-Isabel Knoop: steve you look amazing even without dean’s help! and guys stop with the agist comments. some of us are old and proud and wise!
01:18:11 David Swift: Big corporates are not set up for working with start ups/small companies and usually will drown them in legalese and bureaucracy.
01:18:16 Andy Barnes: If anyone is up for a shared/group demo session I’m also to see how this could perhaps result in a gateway for end clients to select the optimum supplier for the task
01:18:41 Open Assembly: Thank you Simon!
01:18:49 Dyan Finkhousen: Thanks everyone!
01:19:08 Paul Estes: Great job steve!
01:19:10 Munni Trivedi: Thanks for another great session. Lots to think about.

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