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May 21, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

What initiatives would you want to do, that need others in the ecosystem to participate, to solve a long identified issue in driving adoption of open talent? Who would you like to collaborate with?

Chat Room Transcript:

10:10:42 From Tom Cooke : Breakout Room 1 with a pro skateboarder and a pirate – doesn’t get better than that!
10:11:04 From Gavin McClafferty : @Tom and @Mark – lots of fun!
10:11:46 From Chuck Hamilton :
10:13:18 From Paul Estes : I have a project where I need help John
10:14:11 From Steve Rader : I’d love to see some initiative around how to make sure that this movement into open talent and life long learning extends to everyone at every socio-economic level..
10:14:42 From Open Assembly : Chris Stanton:
10:15:04 From Gavin McClafferty : This is worth a look for COVID-19 initiatives:
10:15:39 From Jeff Davis : @Steve R – imbedded in that project is closing the digital divide
10:16:12 From Steve Rader : @Jeff D – totally agree
10:16:31 From Gavin McClafferty : @Steve @Jeff – Facebook started to touch on this with their Libra crypto project.
10:16:51 From Steve Rader : I really think there is an opportunity to redesign the R&D process with open innovation
10:17:07 From Dean Bosche : John, on your upcoming journey video everything. Rent a few GoPros at with magnets and suction mounts, extra memory, batteries, etc. Interview yourself regularly. If a story emerges out of the journey you will have the materials to create a meaningful documentary short.
10:17:35 From john winsor : Great idea, Dean.
10:17:39 From Dyan Finkhousen : Awesome suggestion @Dean!
10:17:39 From Gavin McClafferty : @Steve – if you add in a rapid due diligence process showing what exists and connect to a value map you would have something incredible.
10:17:45 From Steve Rader : Warren Berger’s “More Beautiful Question” book has some great words on how many of the gatekeepers in the R&D world actually prevent innovation.
10:18:15 From Chuck Hamilton : Recruiting platforms and services tend to work in units of FullTime ( occasionally Part-time) because the cost of service makes value that way. Don’t we need to bring the recruiting technology teams toward open talent?
10:18:44 From Steve Rader : @Gavin – Yes!
10:19:13 From Gavin McClafferty : @Steve – this would show where the wheel has already been invented.
10:19:13 From Balaji Bondili : I would love to get some academic might on the evolving notion of a full time employee and why companies love them and whether we should replicate the characteristics of employment (consistency, quality, loyalty) or disrupt the notion of employment.
10:19:37 From Open Assembly : Bryan Pena / MBO:
10:20:04 From Steve Rader : @Balaji – great point! I love the idea of boiling down the characteristics and focusing on functional capabilities…
10:20:26 From Gavin McClafferty : @Balaji – this is worth a look. Not so much from an academic perspective but from the notion of the firm:
10:20:47 From Paul Estes to Open Assembly (Privately) : I have funding to do an open source book on how to implement these programs in the enterprise. Would love to propose it for this group
10:20:52 From Dyan Finkhousen : Who has suggestions for how to best reduce the operational inefficiency caused by working across multiple talent platforms? How can large enterprise build multi-platform operations ‘into the operational flow’ at scale?
10:21:13 From Balaji Bondili : I am constantly fighting the dichotomy between, “oh these are like your staff” to make it easier for them to adopt. Which is dangerous for the long term view of the model.
10:21:29 From Steve Rader : A question I’ve been wondering is “do you have to be an entrepreneur in order to be a successful freelancer?” Or are there platforms/spaces where the non-entrepreneur can still prosper?
10:21:44 From Open Assembly :
10:22:08 From Andy Barnes : @dyan I did see a business that was trying to be an umbrella for selecting the best talent from other platforms
10:22:26 From mark barden : a friend of mine started this and they are desperate for smart people to contribute to build more comprehensive trusted detain c19 around the world. maybe take a look later:
10:22:27 From Balaji Bondili : @dyan KellyOCG and Fulcrum are trying.
10:23:17 From Dyan Finkhousen : Hey @Andy and @Balaji thanks – yes, Fulcrum and KellyOCG are rockstars in this space.. lot of room to grow here
10:23:34 From Chris Stanton : Bill Kerr and I wrote a case about Catalant where @Steven Duque is featured!
10:23:37 From Open Assembly :
10:24:37 From Steve Rader : I’m really starting to gravitate towards describing these new open talent platforms as simply the new extension to the traditional company HR and management structures/functions.
10:24:44 From Andy Barnes : @dyan doesn’t adding another layer add to the cost? I guess all platforms are scalable so it’s a ‘race’ to get the volume of suppliers to join yours first?
10:25:04 From Tom Cooke : Reading Reimagining Work by Rob Biederman at Catalant three years ago is what started my journey to be here today
10:26:06 From Marcello Magalhaes to Open Assembly (Privately) : @Steve Rader, great question. I believe there are people who have talent and Knowledge for specific tasks and not necessarily are “business entrepreneurs”. I love the the concept of “Knowledge Brokerage” – people whose specific expertise is connect those with a tacit knowledge to projects and opportunities where it is needed (entrepreneurs). In my opinion there is room for these 2 profile (owners of a tacit Knowledge and knowledge brokers) to work in a balanced ecosystem
10:26:08 From Steve Rader : Thanks Tom!
10:26:15 From Tom Cooke : @Andy – I like the idea of curating talent from across the talent cloud that may have different expert platforms that we can build new teams and organizations from
10:27:09 From Dyan Finkhousen : @Andy it absolutely does… there’s also a cost to building demand-side processes to draw resources and solutions from multiple marketplaces, and that cost is impeding adoption. If the cost of an additional ‘integration layer’ is less than the inefficiency currently caused by onboarding and managing multiple marketplaces – it could be helpful for adoption and scaling.
10:27:19 From Andy Barnes : @tom so maybe a client gets a membership card which allows them to shop ‘everywhere’?
10:27:31 From Tom O’Malley : Its a great time to f something up….people are open for mistakes more than ever.
10:28:04 From Tom Cooke : @Andy – yes, I think it goes bak to a couple calls ago where there was talk about a digital identity supported possibly by blockchain technology
10:28:09 From Open Assembly :
10:28:22 From Andy Barnes : @dyan good point like smartphone chargers it would be easier if they all fit all devices …
10:28:30 From Gavin McClafferty : @Sheila – one of the biggest issues I think that most organisations ignore is, what is the cost of your organisation standing still?
10:28:56 From Open Assembly : Mark Barden:
10:29:16 From Open Assembly :
10:29:24 From Steve Rader : @Paul Estes.. I think you have a LOT to add to this particular discussion with your experience at MS
10:29:26 From Gavin McClafferty : @Mark – I agree. Most organisations are not built for agility. They still embrace the hierarchies of the past.
10:29:36 From Dyan Finkhousen : @Andy exactly – a universal (operational) adapter for enterprise ops
10:30:41 From Chuck Hamilton : A great tool for accelerating the innovation thinking is a light way is Thought Exchange
10:32:14 From Marcello Magalhaes : @Steve Rader, great question. I believe there are people who have talent and Knowledge for specific tasks and not necessarily are “business entrepreneurs”. I love the the concept of “Knowledge Brokerage” – people whose specific expertise is connect those with a tacit knowledge to projects and opportunities where it is needed (entrepreneurs). In my opinion there is room for these 2 profile (owners of a tacit Knowledge and knowledge brokers) to work in a well-rounded ecosystem
10:32:37 From Open Assembly :
10:32:46 From Tom Cooke : @Gavin – recently got told about Zappos’ work on holacracy to try to flatten the organization to create speed. Interesting take from HBR article on the project
10:32:47 From Steve Rader : @Marcello… I like that concept
10:33:18 From Gavin McClafferty : @Tom – Amazon and Netflix are masters at this also.
10:33:33 From Marcello Magalhaes : Cool academic article about the role of designers as Knowledge Brokers inside and outside the organization’s realm.
10:33:34 From Dyan Finkhousen : @Steve completely agree… the collision of ecosystems, platforms and operations should be the new operating engine for enterprise at scale…
10:34:58 From Open Assembly :
10:35:00 From Steve Rader : @Dyan.. yes!!
10:35:38 From Steve Rader : It seems that “freelancer onboarding” might become a new HR function????
10:36:02 From Dyan Finkhousen : Should we also be leaning into the message that smart design of the new talent stack with a healthy layer of flexible talent (i.e. marketplaces) is a strong path to organizational resilience in volatile / fast paced markets?
10:36:02 From David Boghossian : The on boarding costs are a critical barrier. I think we should be working on the APIs into organizations and problems to make crowd word seamless
10:36:17 From Chuck Hamilton : The motivations of internal crowd and external crowd are different.
10:36:29 From Steve Rader : Again.. we need to also breakdown the concept that all freelance labor are one and done…. Freelancers can still become networked into your ecosystem as repeat experts.
10:36:37 From mark barden : yes @chuck have seen that
10:36:41 From Dyan Finkhousen : @Steve – definitely! Maybe we should all comit to recruiting one HR ‘buddy’ to attend the next call!
10:36:54 From Steve Rader : @Dyan – Great Idea!!
10:36:58 From Dyan Finkhousen : Love that – Liquid Workforce!
10:36:59 From Gavin McClafferty : @Eugene – the only advantage I could see that an internal employee could offer is on their perspectives of the organisation and it’s ways of working / culture.
10:37:13 From Arthur Natella : Building on what Steve Rader said about inclusivity, it would be good to explore how to create a space for individuals to leverage their work/skills to promote talented individuals that may not have formal training/education to reduce barriers entry. This could be a way to build more diversity in the talent pipeline.
10:37:14 From Open Assembly :
10:37:39 From mark barden : is that the primary role of internal talent – to match, navigate onboard using critical soft skills
10:37:41 From Jon Fredrickson : Motivators internal and external are indeed different…but they are more similar than most people imagine from our work
10:37:41 From Steve Rader : @Arthur – nice add!
10:37:48 From Andy Barnes : Businesses have simple set ups for hiring consultants from the big 4 … I don’t think bringing in freelancers via a platform should be any more difficult than traditional onboarding . However because we run digitalp platforms we can make it better than ‘heritage’ consultancy models
10:38:05 From mark barden : @jon is that “purpose” in your mind?
10:38:33 From Arthur Natella : Yes! I would.
10:38:37 From NICOLE HELMER : I woudl.
10:38:57 From Eugene Ivanov : @Gavin, cutting all the imaginable corners: external crowds are better at product development; internal crowds are better at cost savings, process optimization, etc.
10:39:05 From Paul Estes : Agree chuck. I have been working on a narrative and posting to various CEO’s
10:39:13 From Gavin McClafferty : @Eugene – 100% agree.
10:39:13 From Chuck Hamilton : I’m in and think we could accelerate innovation models in Health Care
10:39:29 From Arthur Natella : We should think about how to increase social capital, reduce the cost of training/credentialing, increase mentoring, and so on.
10:39:33 From Dyan Finkhousen : Working with a client right now to build a global employee training program – one module focused on the impact to diversity and inclusion of a more advanced ‘remote work’ policy (ahem… @Paul!)… please send any reference material you think would be helpful!
10:40:10 From Jon Fredrickson : @mark there are many dimensions to motivations and purpose is one for sure
10:40:13 From mark barden : @jerry – can “education on the job” count for something?
10:40:32 From Paul Estes : There is an opportunity for companies like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, Amazon the ability to embrace true diversity and inclusion, rethink the building of vanity campuses for full-time employees, redirect the money spent on free food for well-paid tech workers, and many other strategies that were put in place prior to this moment in time. Jamie Dimon, Ray Dalio, Mark Cuban, and many others continue to sound the alarm about the growing inequity in the US. Now is the time where tech can truly lead by ensuring that everyone has access to work based on their expertise not location. Many amazing people are not willing or able to move to expensive cities where companies have their headquarters. As Gandhi famously said “be the change you want to see in the world” Satya Nadella Kathleen Hogan
10:40:39 From mark barden : introduce new metrics beyond the resume to measure that?
10:40:55 From Open Assembly :
10:41:05 From Steve Rader : @Paul – great add!!
10:41:29 From mark barden : @john – what was the name of the book?
10:41:37 From Dyan Finkhousen : Great point @Paul –
10:42:11 From Chuck Hamilton : The Third Wave of Virtual Work –
10:42:24 From Paul Estes : It is critical to be a vocal advocate and ensure that companies are help accountable to live the values they talk about in their sales and PR motions
10:42:34 From Open Assembly :
10:42:56 From David Boghossian : Working with a client to teach underutilized workers to skill up and tap into platforms like top coder etc.
10:43:46 From Chuck Hamilton : Ai for life long learning see Beenova for 21st century skills
10:43:47 From Dyan Finkhousen : Holy smokes – Jin’s stats last week were *mind blowing*
10:43:55 From mark barden : huge point @paul re accountability. getting a little jaded on the corporate BS!
sorry jon that was for all
10:44:02 From Jeff Davis : @Steve R – I’m interested in the education discussion (STEM and entrepreneurship – nonprofits)
10:46:04 From Open Assembly to Jerry Wind (Privately) : Can you share the URL of what you just spoke about?
10:47:44 From Steve Rader : Amazing conversations in the chat this week! Thanks for everyone diving in and sharing!!
10:47:49 From Tom Cooke : I feel like we depend on the organizations for answers as workers as opposed to our own intellectual capital. We have that feeling that surely the large organization, or government, has the answers so there’s no need for me to continue to learn since that’s harder than relying on others for answers. How do we expose everyone’s value and contribution through collaboration so they feel empowered and required to participate fully
10:47:50 From Marcello Magalhaes : @chuck good point, and AI, sets a new role and skills for teachers – prom “professors” of a rigid knowledge, to coaches that help pupils to research and learn (with the help of AI, and all the interactive media language available, and still to be produced
10:48:04 From Open Assembly :
10:49:53 From Steve Rader : One approach that I find interesting in getting orgs to start using open talent while infusing new knowledge into the org is to actively “let” employees start to do a bit of side-gig freelance work… along side encouraging them to use freelance labor.
10:50:16 From Dyan Finkhousen : Brilliant @Paul – ‘Captive Employment’ is spot-on!
10:50:26 From Tom O’Malley : Talent acquisition vs. talent access
10:50:27 From Arthur Natella : Great point re: captive agreement
10:50:40 From Arthur Natella : *employment
10:51:35 From Sheila Mahoney : @Paul love the definition of “captive”! what do you call non-captive? Is there a term for THAT?
10:52:23 From Robert Jackson : The book “Range” highlights that people with a diversity of experience can solve problems better relative to a “captive” employee that can have skill erosion.
10:52:24 From Paul Estes : Free!
10:52:39 From mark barden : @paul – where was the Weiner interaction? would like to see that exchange
10:52:40 From David Messinger : maybe happy worker 😉
10:52:40 From Paul Estes : I refused to let a corporation own my thoughts (they call that IP)
10:52:45 From David Boghossian : I’d like to see this group do a crowd sourced document on re-designing the freelance market to make it actually work from skill sets and platforms to back-office support to saftynet and work liquidity. @john
10:53:06 From Dyan Finkhousen : @David great suggestion
10:53:24 From Open Assembly :
10:53:32 From David Boghossian : @dyan. Thanks!
10:53:43 From Paul Estes : Here is the post –
10:55:06 From Dyan Finkhousen : Love the post @Paul – thanks for sharing
10:55:24 From mark barden : “we are the stories we tell ourselves”… so we need better, more compelling stories out in the public domain
10:55:36 From mark barden : collective mythology! boom
10:56:17 From Jon Fredrickson : The equation I follow for success: Freedom+Purpose+Personal Responsibility = Success
10:57:05 From Tom Cooke : Great point Bryan! Like I said earlier today, it was a personal story like one you mentioned that got me excited about these opportunities
10:57:15 From Open Assembly :
10:57:23 From Steve Rader : “Portfolio Careers”. Love it!! @Dyan you are awesome!!
10:57:38 From Clinton Bonner : On this topic all are welcome to use this documentary to showcase talent taking a different path forward to a better life –
10:58:12 From Dyan Finkhousen : <3
11:00:32 From Open Assembly to Gavin McClafferty (Privately) : We may not get to you. Sorry!
11:00:39 From Steve Rader : @Clinton LOVE “The Passion Economy”
11:00:40 From Paul Estes : I encourage each of us to think of having an activist mindset as we work to educate companies on the need to change
11:00:42 From Gavin McClafferty to Open Assembly (Privately) : no worries
11:00:46 From Dyan Finkhousen : @Clinton that documentary is so well done – beautiful work
11:00:54 From Bassanio Peters : @paul activist mindset is key.
11:01:18 From Stacie Joosten : Passionate about activist mindset! Agree @paul
11:01:31 From Dyan Finkhousen : Second that!
11:01:32 From mark barden : awesomeness!
11:01:35 From Sheila Mahoney : bummer, the call is over! Time to get back to real work, which is also awesome so all good! Have a great week ya’ll!
11:01:36 From Catherine McGowin : Agree @Paul!
11:01:41 From Steven Duque : Awesome – thx for having me!

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