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May 20, 2021 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Today we hear about the first session of the Open Talent Professional Certification Program (OTPCP), the Networked Organization, <a href=””>The Brackets Club</a> and the Impact Initiative from <a href=””>HeroX</a>.

<strong>Chat Room Transcript:</strong>

00:07:13 mark Hannant: Get a Royal Enfield – former British brand now Indian success story and exported now
00:07:18 Alistair Hofert: @John – check out BmW GS 1200
00:08:56 Chris “Link” Duarte: Great job Mafe….with all your free time 😉
00:14:21 Carin-Isabel Knoop (HBS): oops am in the wrong meeting — hi! this is carin. as john would say, love work you all are doing. see you soon.
00:18:46 Mafé Rabino: Welcome @Jessie Ford and @Adam Morehead!!!!
00:18:48 Adam Morehead: Where can I get an old school V&amp;S hat?
00:18:59 Mafé Rabino: Welcome @Dash Desai!!!
00:19:23 Mafé Rabino: Welcome @Linda Holliday!!!
00:19:24 CTW: Hi all! Feel free to drop your contact information in the chat! We share this with the community.
00:19:52 Adam Morehead: Balaji – its been too long
00:20:44 Elina Jutelyte: Great to join this call again! Elina – running the Freelance Business Community and would be delighted to connect with as many
00:20:45 Chris “Link” Duarte: Dessie, could you share a link to the platform? Id love to check it out
00:20:46 Mafé Rabino: Welcome @Dessie Maliaka!!! Swiss knife.
00:21:02 Jessie Ford: Feel free to connect!
00:21:19 Linda Holliday: Whats the format?
00:21:20 Bernard Pracko: Helloooooo-
00:21:23 Arthur Ransier: Welcome everybody! Nice to see so many new faces joining the community 🙂
00:21:28 Alistair Hofert: @Dessie knows the pain and excitement of building a startup…
00:21:36 Chris “Link” Duarte: Hi Arthur! Great to see you!
00:21:50 San Rahi: @JW don’t listen to the Moto advice above. KTMs are epic. Or join me with a Tiger if you want to enjoy the tarmac too.
00:21:56 Arthur Ransier: Cheers buddy! Nice to see you too
00:22:03 Dessie Maliaka: Glad to be here! Love to connect
00:22:12 Steve Rader: Hey Elina! It is great to see you back!
00:22:21 Linda Holliday: Linda Holliday
00:22:25 Chris “Link” Duarte: 🙂 I have another Literacy connection for you too.
00:22:32 Dessie Maliaka:
00:22:42 Carrie Leonard: Hi everyone
00:23:12 Alistair Hofert: @San – Somebody told me that KTM is like Tupperware…teasing, for fun.
00:23:38 Chris “Link” Duarte: Hey everybody. If you are interested in rural communities “disruption” hit me up.
00:23:44 Arthur Ransier: Awesome, I always love another connection — that also serves as a great reminder to follow up with the folks at UWCM to keep things going. Thank you!
00:25:11 Matt Neal: Greetings all! Feel free to connect.
00:25:40 San Rahi: @AH fisticuffs! (I’m not a KTM rider but they are peerless off-road)
00:26:26 Alistair Hofert: @San – I thought the answer would be fire….it always happens…
00:26:54 Ashley Beaudoin: +1 @Bryan! 🙂
00:29:51 Balaji Bondili: Hey Jeff!
00:30:59 CTW: Jeff Schwartz/Deloitte:
00:31:22 mark Hannant: Though interestingly MacDonalds (franchise model) in India has become highly localised
00:31:40 CTW: Balaji Bondil/Deloitte:
00:31:57 Alistair Hofert: @San – any thoughts you have?
00:32:09 CTW: Bryan Pena/Defiant Solutions:
00:32:59 San Rahi: We find one of the roadblocks to transformation is actually this culture of exclusivity
00:33:28 CTW: Jeff Davis:
00:33:49 Alistair Hofert: Can we listen to San;s thought’s here please…
00:35:02 Adam Morehead: Adam Morehead:
00:36:08 CTW: San Rahi:
00:36:13 Steve Rader: Yes.. there are so many dynamics to this… one of the internal methods we used to get over San’s exclusivity issue was our internal innovation platform which invited the workforce into the process.
00:36:27 Alistair Hofert: San’s thinking seems right – can we use this to democratize access to services across earth?
00:36:47 Arthur Ransier: I love that Steve. I’ve seen internal innovation work really well, particularly when incentivized
00:37:27 Balaji Bondili: I want our world to move to a world of self service, user driven discovery, choice and execution wth the vendors and clients working to facilitate that scale at the user/ manager level.
00:37:55 CTW: Linda Holiday:
00:38:08 Balaji Bondili: service centers reduce friction, but often maintain friction as they want to sustain their existence.
00:38:25 Adam Morehead: Started a new pool of talent at Topcoder – Design Review Board – anyone can join, learn to critique and create a design discussion (within a community called Topcoder). I mentally was restricted by thinking it had to be college educated designers providing feedback. What I have learned is passionate freelancers in this space (self-taught) bring a level of energy that cannot be matched
00:38:31 Steve Rader: We actually use different brands depending on who we are working with: NASA@WORK internal brand for employees, NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) for the public/crowds, and Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI) for other organization (mainly in gov) that are trying to implement an open innovation/talent capability.
00:39:07 Steve Rader: @Adam, that is really cool
00:39:19 John Healy: Nice approach @Adam….will be interesting to hear how it evolves!
00:40:11 San Rahi: @Balaji yes! Self-efficacy (health, employment, finances, education) thoughts that is also terrifying to many entrenched stakeholders
00:42:51 CTW:
00:43:19 CTW:
00:44:11 Balaji Bondili: This looks awesome!
00:44:50 Dash Desai: Yep, echo that @Balaji. Waiting to get hold of the document
00:44:54 John Healy: So good to see some structure forming around this!
00:45:52 mark Hannant: @John the glossary will add to that structure with some common language
00:47:23 Karina Rehavia: Incredible initiative @Jessie, congratulations to you and the Top Coder team.
00:49:06 Steve Rader: I love it when a platform facilitates connection and community with and among its members. I think that connecting people around a passion while considering more than just the work, is going to be important for crowd platforms going forward.
00:51:20 Balaji Bondili: Community as a term means a support system. This is exactly that.
00:51:52 Steve Rader: We’ve had lots of discussions on OA/CTW about how this new world of freelance workers are going to replace the community they got from traditional workplaces… it seems that things like this do part of that.
00:52:26 Steven Forth: That was inspiring, thank you.
00:52:29 Matt Neal: Amazing!
00:54:13 Steven Forth: I was once upon a time a freelance translator and that community needs this as well.
00:54:24 San Rahi: @ Balaji – that’s how DGA does it
00:54:25 Elina Jutelyte: @jessie would love to connect with you to discuss how our community can contribute
00:55:29 CTW:
00:56:52 Matthew Jensen: Hey everyone. I’m Matt and I focus on providing digital resources for success as a freelancer at Fiverr. I’d love to connect:
00:57:23 John Winsor: Thanks, Matt.
00:59:37 Balaji Bondili: Matt, Welcome to the community.
00:59:57 San Rahi: @Dessie would love to connect you with our For Tomorrow Org team
01:00:20 Steve Rader: After seeing what was going on with volunteering for projects on Omdena, it really opened my eyes to the possibilities of this kind of thing.
01:00:25 Jessie Ford: Love it, Dessie!
01:02:15 Steve Rader: And so many people are looking for a place where they can plug in and make a difference
01:02:35 Matt Neal: so much optimism for the future and the pandemic in a way to make more people think about what they really want from their life. So inspiring!
01:03:02 Balaji Bondili: NO MORE VIRTUAL
01:03:08 Linda Holliday: Time flew!
01:03:12 Steven Forth: I need some in person contact!
01:03:13 Steve Rader: I would be willing.. not sure if NASA would allow it yet
01:03:25 Bryan Peña: Great cal as usual!
01:03:40 Steven Forth: Thank you all.
01:03:41 Elina Jutelyte: Thanks so much for this again mega interesting session!

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