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May 13, 2021 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Chat room transcript:

00:09:50 Open Assembly: CXC are new OA Collective members! Thank you!
00:16:19 Open Assembly: Hi Hannah!
00:18:56 Open Assembly:
00:21:06 Open Assembly: HeroX Impact Initiative:
00:24:51 Gina Sparrow | HeroX: I’d love to work on that!
00:28:03 Steve Rader: That graphic was really helpful!
00:29:50 Steve Rader: I really liked that simple tool for finding platforms that LISH did:
00:30:20 Steve Rader: It is still pretty basic, but having a way to both expose the broad list along with a tool to narrow would be super helpful.
00:30:21 John Healy: +1 @steve…great resource!
00:31:36 Steve Rader: I just looked through the cohort package and there is lot of really great stuff there. I’m really looking forward to it!
00:32:57 Open Assembly: SEI:
00:34:22 Open Assembly: Jerry Wind:
00:38:20 Steve Rader: I wonder if we need to differentiate more “traditional” freelancing vs. new platform-based human cloud
00:38:59 Open Assembly: Barry Matthews:
00:39:16 Open Assembly: and:
00:40:00 David Messinger: Barry, believe it or not I think it is 10x better than it was I would imagine a year ago but definitely 5 years ago
00:40:25 Open Assembly: Connor Heaney:
00:40:28 Steve Rader: @Mess…say more
00:40:37 Open Assembly: New podcast from Connor and CXC:
00:41:47 Steve Rader: We almost need to encourage “procurement innovation” labs where the procurement folks are the one’s seeking out new models.
00:42:05 Steve Rader: We are working on a pilot to do that
00:42:37 Open Assembly: Dave Messinger:
00:42:58 conorlavelle:
00:43:53 Open Assembly: Steve Rader:
00:46:19 Gina Sparrow | HeroX: Sounds like a great prize challenge! 😉 wink wink $25,000 for the person or team who can solve the “Standardization of Documents Challenge” … “Ease the Procurement Pain Challenge” … etc.
00:46:48 +1 Gina!
00:47:05 Open Assembly: @Gina – interesting!
00:50:49 Steve Rader: @Jerry.. definitely an area to keep up with… harder to get large scale adoption.. but a good thing to push
00:51:01 Balaji’s Phone: +1 Gina – we can join that challenge!
00:52:14 Simon Hill: I actually think Open Innovation can be the gateway to address this, not just through the challenge (good idea Gina), but actually through the approach. We already kinda solve this and already have the documentation and process upstream for the company.
00:52:31 Steve Rader: There is a digital transformation component here.. seems that many procurement orgs are the last one’s being included in those efforts…
00:52:45 Steve Rader: @simon +1
00:52:59 Open Assembly:
00:53:25 David Messinger: procurement is usually last line of defense so need to win over security and other areas as well
00:54:02 John Healy: 100% Jerry!
00:54:51 Steve Rader: It all comes down to reducing friction while building trust
00:55:29 Steve Rader: @Mess +1
00:57:01 Open Assembly: Erik Stettler:
00:57:01 +1 Erik – re persona of the procurement person, and their jobs to be done (protect the franchise)
00:59:08 Steve Rader: I think it comes down to what is the “best” (cheapest, most trustworthy, best quality” way to apply talent to an orgs need…. Given the pace of change that has changed the game on how that all works
00:59:30 John Healy: @Eric…add the speed to productivity on top of the $$ saved based on the time delay ….
00:59:51 Erik Stettler: @John yes opportunity cost in that respect was a key part of it.
01:00:14 Erik Stettler: Especially in the context of changing opportunities/risks since they need to be able to react more quickly.
01:00:15 Open Assembly: Dean Bosche:
01:00:46 Gina Sparrow | HeroX: I think a roundtable conversation around the other side of the equation – the talent side – would also be valuable.
01:01:34 John Healy: agree @Gina….focus now has been on increasing demand, but the supply side’s perspective is critical!
01:02:36 Open Assembly: Where’s Paul Hlivko?!
01:03:07 Steve Rader: This is an area where I can tell there are significant differences between government and commercial.
01:04:18 Steve Rader: I have to run. Great meeting,… as always! Lots of ideas to mull over….
01:04:59 Gina Sparrow | HeroX: Thank you – great first experience with the collective for me!!
01:05:12 Simon Hill: ciao

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