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June 6, 2019 @ 12:00 pm (MST)

Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome (5)
  • LISH update from Jin Paik (5)
  • Guest Speaker: Balaji Bondili, Deloitte Pixel (30)
    • Topic: Deloitte’s journey to making “Open” a mainstream approach.
      • Balaji Bondili will talk about his journey at Deloitte conceptualizing and creating Deloitte Pixel. Deloitte is announcing a significant deal with a freelancing marketplace that would make Deloitte the largest user of marketplace freelancing. Making such a large relationship successful would need significant process changes, mindset change, change in metrics among others. Balaji will talk through some of the early thinking of those changes.
    • Q&A (5)
  • Content update (10)
  • Parting thought (5)
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