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March 4, 2021 @ 2:00 pm (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Chat room transcript:

00:13:33 Mafé Rabino: Welcome to the CTW Community Brad Norris!!!
00:14:29 CTW:
00:14:30 David Swift: Hi Shiela, how are you doing?
00:14:54 CTW:
00:15:09 Chris “Link” Duarte: Brad is that Dial? Can you put a link in the chat?
00:15:13 CTW:
00:15:34 CTW:
00:15:51 Dyan Finkhousen: Welcome @Nellie!
00:15:56 Brad Norris: Sure!
00:15:59 Nellie Hayat:
00:16:00 Balaji Bondili: Room background points high!
00:16:07 CTW:
00:16:07 Arthur Ransier: Awesome, welcome @Nellie!
00:16:46 Arthur Ransier: A much better treat than that @Vlad! Welcome!
00:17:05 CTW: Vlad is this you?
00:17:43 Dyan Finkhousen: Welcome @Hannah!
00:17:56 Hannah Young: Thank you everyone!
00:18:27 Hannah Young:
00:18:35 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey everyone props to @Tom for the SPACELY launch!!
00:20:22 Erin McDermott: @Dyan YAZZZZ!! Congrats again, @Tom!
00:20:31 sheila mahoney: wooohoo Tom- amazing!
00:20:52 Tom Cooke: Thanks @Dyan and everyone here who’s knowledge and expertise contributed to our mission of connecting the space industry with people who are passionate about space!
00:21:05 CTW: For those of you who are new to the call “The weekly Center of Transformation of Work community call brought to you by Open Assembly. Open Assembly is a global thought leadership and consulting group that works on all aspects of the open talent economy with clients around the globe. We are spearheading the development of a new non-profit organization called the Center for the Transformation of Work, or the CTW, with the goal of transforming work for 1 billion people by 2025.
00:26:50 Balaji Bondili: Not a book for sure!
00:27:33 Erin McDermott: Freelancer’s Guidebook:
00:27:51 Dyan Finkhousen: Love that @Janice… the future of future of workers
00:28:37 Ashley Beaudoin: We could use our group Slack channel for intros/what we’re working on… just an idea!
00:28:49 Chris “Link” Duarte: I have been trying to finish my book for 20 years lol…how can I finish when there is no ending?
00:29:11 Tom Cooke: @Ashley what’s the name of the Slack workspace?
00:29:12 John Healy: love it Jerry…use open talent models to improve outcomes!
00:29:32 Ashley Beaudoin: @Tom 4OpenTalent
00:29:39 Todd Brous: Here’s a link to Ty’s book:
00:31:31 Andy Tanyatanaboon: More Coffee!
00:31:52 Dean Bosche: With all of these discussion about books, which I am incapable of writing, I’m now thinking of making a mini-documentary about the space, something I can do. Has anyone seen similar such videos out there?
00:32:31 Dyan Finkhousen: Great idea @Dean…
00:32:47 Ashley Beaudoin: I don’t want to watch it, it pulls at my heart strings too much!
00:33:09 Balaji Bondili: That better be a virtual background or I am super jealous.
00:33:31 Tom Cooke: @Dean –
00:34:10 CTW: Paul’s podcast:
00:34:48 john winsor:
00:35:20 CTW:
00:36:24 CTW: Jerry Wind:
00:36:58 CTW: John Healy:
00:37:51 Balaji Bondili: isn’t temp staffing mostly W2 or is that not a relevant question?
00:38:31 Chris “Link” Duarte: John, can you put that link in the chat?
00:39:08 Janice Stevenor Dale: entertainment industry as well
00:39:24 John Healy:
00:40:16 CTW: Steve Rader:
00:40:22 Janice Stevenor Dale: there’s recently been with Amazon an union affinity expressed from the African-American communituy
00:41:18 Janice Stevenor Dale: a great deal of fear being expressed in articles on future of work
00:42:10 John Healy: freelancer union and iPSE-US (and UK) are two more groups advocating for independent workers
00:42:36 Tom Cooke: There are cases where people cannot have a traditional full time employee role for reasons of disability, caretaking status, remote geography, etc. Without more pathways we effectively limit them from participating in the workforce at all. If we can address the issue for them, it starts to solve it for many more
00:42:53 Bryan Peña: @Tom Cooke 100%
00:43:13 Erin McDermott: Totally agree @Tom
00:43:16 Dean Bosche: A fun example: Robert Half (massive temp staffing firm): 100% ‘Temp W2s’ All Freelance Platforms Added Together: 99% IC If you talk to a Robert Half talent, who are hired/un-hired multiple times a year, you will learn that the legacy Temp W-2 process clearly is not used to serve the talent.
00:43:44 Janice Stevenor Dale: Biden’s chief economist was pro in a recent podcast with NBC’s Garrett ___ and there was an interview with Biden early in the new admin days in which temp work/remote work was discussed with concern
00:43:55 Balaji Bondili: @Dean – That was my assumption as well
00:43:57 Steve Rader: The low paying jobs that automation will be taking soon is a big reason that freelance platforms MUST take on upskilling
00:46:36 Andy Tanyatanaboon: I was sent this information from a Swiss collogue of mine – I wonder if there is also a cultural aspect and how mature a country is in understanding and adoption of the gig-worker–gig-economy–in-switzerland-/45923052
00:46:40 Steve Rader: @Alan, is there not an entire emerging set of work for lawyers around blockchain smart contracts? (Just seems like there is going to be a lot of work to do there)
00:47:01 John Healy: gotta run…till next time…
00:47:17 Chris “Link” Duarte: I think that in order to connect people to the future of work, we almost need to go back to basics to provide education on how to access the future of work. Even basic collaboration with job centers like Goodwill Career Center to provide the necessary education and empower the orgs that already do this function to participate in the future of work. They are the orgs that connect with both the companies and the workers
00:48:09 Brad Norris: I gotta run a bit early but I really enjoyed my first meeting. I’d love to compare/contrast the Open Talent model to what I saw in the Agile movement at a future meeting.
00:48:17 Brad Norris: Thank you everyone!
00:48:18 Janice Stevenor Dale: Construction in large cities only with new construction remains union.
00:48:46 CTW: Feel free to add you name if you’d like!
00:49:15 CTW: ^^ CTW Call attendee list v1 ^^
00:49:33 Mark Gordon: Crazy idea, although maybe one someone is already addressing: Is anybody helping people navigate all the options they have for free online education and helping match those people who want high skills and would hire the right people? You can take incredible courses from leading universities for free from EdX, and growing numbers of people are realizing they’d love to have people who’ve taken the right courses, even if they haven’t paid for an expensive degree.

Could CTW create a mentoring program, or maybe niche specialty groups, to help people with have certain skills / interests create curriculums of which courses to take and then help pair them with employers?

Picture a CTW community of mentors and people who want to be upskilled…
00:50:02 Ashley Beaudoin: +1 Mark!
00:50:15 Arthur Ransier: Happy to connect about helping folks “level up”
00:50:15 Janice Stevenor Dale: +1 @Mark, upskilling is the future
00:50:17 Balaji Bondili: I feel dumb, I haven’t heard of the proact! We are so disconnected with policy.
00:50:19 Wagner Denuzzo: I like the idea @Mark
00:50:21 Arthur Ransier: I’m working on something
00:51:12 Mark Gordon: @arthur, you’re working on something like what I suggested? Happy to join / discuss with you. Running a startup so can’t lead but would happily join.
00:51:18 sheila mahoney:
00:51:29 Wagner Denuzzo: If there is such force of gravity pulling Unions in…CTW might be more successful building success around it and within environments that are not unionized…while lobbying for change of course.
00:51:30 sheila mahoney: Forbes article on pro act fyi
00:51:36 Balaji Bondili: Thank you Sheila
00:51:48 CTW: Sheila Mahoney-Jewels:
00:52:10 CTW: Bryan Peña:
00:52:16 Dyan Finkhousen: Hi @Mark – we’re working on a stealth startup that will connect the expert to the global economy – providing a personalized meta-market approach to earning, learning and support pathways
00:52:22 Nellie Hayat: The current tax structure is also an obstacle to the movement of Work From Anywhere
00:52:33 Steve Rader: It seems that these frameworks in each country are going to determine which gig workers will be competitive. Those countries clinging to the past will likely not have ver competitive workers
00:52:40 Tom Cooke: We created unions to support workers. Maybe our CTW is a union to support workers who want flexibility as part of their contract for work
00:52:55 Balaji Bondili: ++ Tom
00:52:59 David Swift: Absolutely Steve
00:53:21 Steve Rader: It will be interesting to see which platforms identify as being on the enterprise side and which would be on the worker side…..
00:53:25 Dyan Finkhousen: +++ Tom
00:53:38 Todd Brous: @Tom: +1
00:53:38 sheila mahoney: woah Tom!! [mind-blown]
00:53:56 Chris “Link” Duarte: It is also an assumption that the future of work platforms only connect online work…there needs to be platforms that connect online but for jobs not online…transformation of the old type platforms
00:53:58 Steve Rader: @Tom +1
00:54:05 CTW: Dean Bosche:
00:54:39 Steve Rader: Got to run… great discussion this week!
00:55:17 Nellie Hayat: Needs to hop off too. Thanks for including me. Innovative ideas to spread to the world
00:55:24 Fanny Eliaers: I have to run too, was super happy to see you all!
00:56:19 Balaji Bondili: Dean, please create a 101 video on video on zoom skills!
00:56:30 Andy Tanyatanaboon: especially with no protection from the state or federal level for many states it is “at will” so W2 is more like a gig worker for some
00:56:42 Wagner Denuzzo: I have to go as well, but this is an amazing community.
00:56:56 Karina Rehavia: Balaji +1 Dean’s zoom skills are something else…
00:57:11 Dyan Finkhousen: Have to run folks – great to see you all again!!
00:57:24 CTW:
00:58:07 Dean Bosche: I don’t do 101, go straight to 501!
00:59:08 Balaji Bondili: Thanks Dean!
00:59:09 Dean Bosche: Here’s a 201
00:59:15 Chris DeLaurentis: Lol that’s not my linkedin
00:59:18 Ty Montague: Gotta go all. Great to see you!
00:59:33 Chris DeLaurentis:
00:59:37 Janice Stevenor Dale: Thanks all, good to join you in thought.
00:59:47 Todd Brous: Thanks everyone!!
00:59:48 Hannah Young: Thanks everyone! Great meeting!

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