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March 3, 2022 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This Center for the Transformation of Work community call looks at the rise of the freelance economy in Latin America. Expert in Residence, Jon Younger, has brought together an amazing group of people and platforms that are well-versed in this space.

Chat room transcript:

00:04:16 Chris Link Duarte: What kind of pants does Mario wear
00:04:27 Chris Link Duarte: denim, denim, denim
00:04:44 Carin-Isabel Knoop: hey hey
00:04:46 Jeffrey Moss: What do you call a deer with no eyes?
00:05:23 Chris Link Duarte: Ill bite! What do you call them?
00:05:25 Carin-Isabel Knoop: a doctor
00:05:31 Jeffrey Moss: No idear
00:05:36 Carin-Isabel Knoop: arg
00:05:38 Chris Link Duarte: lol
00:05:39 John Healy: love the background Chuck!
00:05:40 Jeffrey Moss: And with no legs?
00:05:55 Chris Link Duarte: ?
00:06:03 Jeffrey Moss: Still no idear.
00:06:08 Carin-Isabel Knoop: i want to be with jeffrey!
00:10:59 Mike Minett: Sorry folks – terrible WiFi my side. Look forward to connecting next time. Cheers Mike😔
00:12:12 Carin-Isabel Knoop: oh no i catapulted myself out of my group!!!
00:12:56 Chris Link Duarte: Always great breakouts!
00:13:19 Jeffrey Moss: … and no genitals?
00:13:31 Jeffrey Moss: Still no F___ing idear!
00:13:35 Chris Link Duarte: It’s good to see everyone!
00:13:41 Chris Link Duarte: lol @Jeff
00:14:05 Jonathan Younger: Nice to see friends and new friends.
00:14:20 Arthur Ransier: Welcome Kirolos!
00:15:05 CTW: Hi all newcomers! We’re so happy you’re here. Please feel free to put your LinkedIn links in the chat if you would like.
00:15:12 Arthur Ransier: Welcome Larissa!
00:15:59 Arthur Ransier: Welcome, Ezequiel!
00:16:05 Carin-Isabel Knoop: check out research paper by @Kirolos the research paper discusses “The Factors Influencing the Decision to Participate in Freelancing Platforms”
00:16:49 Pablo López: Pablo López from WOKI (
00:16:49 Chris Link Duarte:
00:16:59 Erik Stettler: Nice! Thanks Carin!
00:17:02 Brandon Dwight: Please drop your company and Linkedin URL in the chat!
00:17:09 Larissa Purim: Larissa from Alstra. Would love to connect 😀
00:17:29 Pablo López:
00:17:29 Ramiro Gonzalez Forcada: Can’t find where to raise my hand, so if it’s ok please let me know when to introduce myself
00:17:49 Chris Link Duarte: Pablo and Luis, can you put your company link in the chat?
00:17:54 Carrie Leonard:
00:18:30 Natalia Russo: Natalia from Seeds
00:18:40 Luis Mata: / /
00:18:56 Juan Francisco Mejía: Hi every body, thanks you for the invitation my colegue Pablo talk about WOKI.
00:18:57 Pablo López: there you have Chris
00:19:12 Luis Mata:
00:20:01 Jeffrey Moss: Ash can always plug as it’s always great content!
00:20:04 Sujith Kattathara Bhaskaran: Hi folks, My name is Sujith, and this is just my second CWT meeting, and I am still learning my way around. I am the Founder of a Cloud-based Outsourcing platform called You can locate me at:
00:20:05 CTW: Here’s where you can find the Networked Organization Playbook that Ashley just mentioned:
00:20:16 Mike Minett: Hi folks – a newbie – Mike from Portabl:
Shout if we can ever help you and yours in any way!
00:20:38 Carin-Isabel Knoop: hello Mike and Sujith!
00:20:42 Ramiro Gonzalez Forcada: Here is our contact information:
Thank you for having us!
00:20:56 CTW: Thanks Ashley Beaudoin:
00:20:58 Brandon Dwight:
00:21:01 ashley beaudoin: March 10th conversation on thought leadership with John Winsor, teammagenta and me:
00:21:09 Brandon Dwight: OpenAssembly30
00:21:36 ashley beaudoin: Haha thanks Jeffrey!
00:21:44 Chris Link Duarte: Hi I am Link. I chair the CTW Advocacy Workstream and I am the CEO of Linking Dreams; A Human Capital Firm
00:22:20 Brandon Dwight: Remote Ukraine:
00:22:52 ashley beaudoin: +1 Barry
00:23:06 Balaji Bondili: Good to see you Iman!
00:23:21 Anne Rush: Remote Ukraine – What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing this.
00:23:40 CTW: Iman Fadaei:
00:24:12 Chris Link Duarte:
00:24:31 Carin-Isabel Knoop: like to course :
00:24:41 Arthur Ransier:
00:24:54 John Healy: Kudos for taking action and enabling this so quickly!
00:25:19 Erik Stettler: Wonderful idea. I’ve been thinking that someone should build the reverse as well – a platform for connecting global freelancers with pro bono opportunities to help Ukrainian companies with their work on regrowth and recovery. Also perhaps with any companies that are not necessarily from there but are doing important work there.
00:26:01 Oneka J. Cornelius: Igor, thank YOU for being here.
00:26:16 CTW: Ezequiel Apelbaum:
00:26:36 Iman Fadaei:
00:26:40 Iman Fadaei: Thanks everyone!!
00:27:06 Jeffrey Moss: And some of us are just old
00:27:16 Carin-Isabel Knoop: hehe
00:28:32 Brandon Dwight: This is recorded so we have it all!
00:29:27 Luis Mata: Igor let’s talk on Linkedin.
00:29:51 CTW: To all: Instructions to raise your hand, hover over the bottom of your Zoom Window, and there is a “Reactions+” button – When you click this button there is an option to “Raise Your Hand”
00:30:13 Alan Korpady: Three Questions regarding issues in LATAM: (1) Informality, labor regulation, and labor markets; (2) Indigenous Peoples; and (3) “NiNis” – Youth that are not in school and not working.
00:31:18 Rich Wilson: Hi Igor, I ll connect on Linked In now. We have just kicked off a campaign to pay freelancers to complete projects for our clients. We can easily ensure these are matched to Ukrainian talent
00:31:51 Jeffrey Moss: Hamentashen for all!!!
00:31:54 Carin-Isabel Knoop: if you want to learn more about karina’s success formula – >
00:31:57 Andrea Freire: I am so happy to see many of Latam people
00:32:09 Kirolos George: Kirolos from Egypt 🙂
00:32:12 Ed Lee: Hi all, wanted to share my profile. I’m a procurement/global sourcing professional working to introduce innovative third party providers to large enterprises.
00:32:12 Andrea Freire: I am Andrea Freire and I company in Ecuador
00:32:38 Andrea Freire: and a sports company focused on eEducation and training.
00:35:28 Rocio Brusseau: Hi everyone, we have also people connected to Overflow in Latin America, specifically Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.
00:36:49 Kirolos George:
00:37:02 Andrea Freire:
00:37:05 Kirolos George: Looking forward to connect with you 🙂
00:37:54 Kirolos George: I would love to share with you my MBA research paper which act as the
baptism for me in the platforms economy field, the research paper
discusses “The Factors Influencing the Decision to Participate in
Freelancing Platforms”

00:38:04 Oneka J. Cornelius:
00:38:10 Kirolos George: Looking forward to listen back your feedback an recommendation 😊

00:38:33 Rocio Brusseau:
00:39:38 Chris Link Duarte: Does forcada have a site?
00:41:26 CTW: Ramiro Gonzalez Forcada:
00:41:53 CTW: Luis Mata:
00:42:32 CTW: Natalia Russo:
00:43:02 CTW: Karina Rehavia:
00:43:50 Chris Link Duarte:
00:44:36 Natalia Russo:
00:45:10 Chris Link Duarte:
00:45:35 CTW: Larissa Purim:
00:48:42 CTW: Andrea Freire:
00:48:55 Chris Link Duarte: For those interested in the Advocacy side of the future of work; elevating open talent voices, our CTW Advocacy Community Call is on Tues March 15th at 12pm EST. Here is the link to register
00:50:54 Fran Pestana: Apologies I need to step out early – in the UK it’s time to collect the kids from after school club! Thank you, it’s been so great to hear all the good work you’re all doing in this space!
00:51:15 CTW: Rocio Brusseau:
00:51:17 Andrea Freire: Thanks for the opportunity to share about my company in Ecuador. My email is and I am happy to connect.
00:51:45 ashley beaudoin: Very cool, Rocio
00:54:15 Alan Korpady: Any details on the social agenda?
00:56:21 Kirolos George: Yes please
00:57:05 Rocio Brusseau: Barry, could you socialize the blueprint with everyone in the panel?
00:57:16 Oliver Leon: Hi everyone! I am a founder of a quality-orientated marketing freelance platform. Although we are based in Central Europe (Slovakia) I am happy to connect. I also have Latin American heritage.
00:57:21 Brandon Dwight: Posting again: Harvard Online Open Innovation class: >>> OpenAssembly30 to get 30% off
00:57:34 Kirolos George: Could you socialize the blueprint with everyone in the panel?
00:57:44 Chris Link Duarte: @Oliver, can you share a link to your platform
00:58:49 Oliver Leon:
00:58:55 Oliver Leon: Absolutely
00:59:16 Oliver Leon:
00:59:16 Luis Mata: Thanks a lot Barry
00:59:30 Oneka J. Cornelius: Totally agree, Ezekiel…and I’m working with executives that I coach and consult with on the importance of DEIB in the talent space.
01:00:18 ashley beaudoin: +1 John
01:00:48 Luis Mata: +1 John
01:00:55 Andrea Freire: Muchas gracias! This was a great session!
01:01:09 Brandon Dwight: We can stay on past top of the hour for those that want to stay on.
01:01:15 Chris Link Duarte: no pressure
01:01:23 Luis Mata: sure
01:01:26 Andrea Freire: I must go, but I look forward to connect and get more involved!
01:01:58 Chris Link Duarte: This meeting is the staple in the Future of Work arena
01:02:41 Natalia Russo: So great to meet all of you guys. Its great to build a community, the future is global and collaborative!!
01:02:55 Jonathan Younger: Rich swears he’s from Latam 😀
01:03:57 Luis Mata: I think the success in this movement is about showing it is possible, showing that both the client and the freelancer can benefit from it.
01:04:19 Karina Rehavia: +1 Luis
01:04:43 John Carlo Alarcon: Hi everyone, I’m JC from, a remote developer hiring platform. Most of the developers we help get hired are from Latin America 😄 Hoping to connect with everyone in this wonderful community
01:04:46 John Carlo Alarcon:
01:04:46 ashley beaudoin: Really love that this group is giving more exposure to open talent experts and opportunities outside of the U.S. It’s so cool, and one of the reasons I love this group!
01:04:51 Luis Mata: There are a lot of opportunities, this is a market of 650 millions of people, a market that is mostly not developed countries, so there are tons of things to do.
01:05:36 Luis Mata: If we learn what our competitors are doing we can work together and offer a better experience for our clients, this client will be happy and share with others their experience by working with freelancers through our platforms and that will help in time to improve the social trust that we need to make this movement of freedom and opportunities stronger.
01:05:41 Brandon Dwight: #freelancerevolution = freelance revolution & freelancer evolution
01:05:41 Ezequiel Apelbaum – Workana: Lets do it
01:05:48 Karina Alejandra_Fiverr: Lets do it!
01:05:54 Karina Alejandra_Fiverr: Somewhere in Latin America!
01:05:55 Karina Rehavia: I’m in!
01:05:58 Ramiro Gonzalez Forcada: We’re in!
01:06:08 Ed Lee: Loving the energy here!
01:06:10 Luis Mata: Wonderful!!
01:06:22 Larissa Purim: Lets do it!
01:06:37 Rocio Brusseau: Let us know how we can help to organize that summit/event on September.
01:06:44 Karina Alejandra_Fiverr: ^^^
01:06:55 Brandon Dwight: Reminder >>
01:07:02 Karina Alejandra_Fiverr: Thank you everyone!
01:07:09 Karina Rehavia: Thanks everybody!
01:07:15 Karina Alejandra_Fiverr:

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