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March 18, 2021 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s Center for the Transformation of Work community call celebrated the one year anniversary of John Healy’s infamous LinkedIn post asking “ Who are the Rule Breakers? “

John Healy will be welcoming three “rule breakers” to our community call to share their stories and engage in a Q&A with all of you!

Meet the Rule Breakers:

  • Michael Arena…Chief Talent Officer at AWS (GM prior) and author of Adaptive Space….all in on breaking the hierarchy and leveraging the network
  • Kathy Hardy….VP of Kelly Discover, a program designed to enable work for the neuro-diverse community
  • Jay Jamrog….Founder of i4cp…brings a network of CHROs and their excitement and apprehension of alternative talent models

Chat room transcript:

00:16:01 Alistair Hofert: Joe Smith with  RED surfboard…awesome!

00:16:14 CTW:

00:17:47 Carin-Isabel Knoop (HBS): and perhaps what you are passionate about for newcomers so we get to know you all!

00:17:48 Carrie Leonard:

00:17:52 Julie Shannan: Glad to be here!

00:17:59 CTW:

00:18:03 Jim Zordani: Dave Messinger invited me to the group

00:18:26 CTW:

00:18:27 David Alberts: Hi Everybody

00:18:40 Denise Brouder: Hi Folks

00:18:42 Denise Brouder:

00:18:42 Katrin Press – Klapp:

00:18:55 Kalinda Bogue: Hello Everyone,

00:19:01 Kathy Hardy: Kathy Hardy passionate about under-utilized talent channels like those on the Autism Spectrum.

00:19:26 Marion McGovern: Marion McGovern, Advisor, Director, Author  Happy to be here

00:19:37 Mark Hannant: Greetings all from Mumbai.

00:19:40 Ashmita Das: Hi everyone. My second call, glad to be here!

00:19:50 Alistair Hofert: We want to know about the red surfboard behind John W……

00:20:18 CTW: Welcome everyone!

00:20:36 Tom Cooke: Welcome @Kathy Hardy! My co-founder at Spacely also works with Uptimize you may be interested in

00:20:53 Wade: @Kathy: same, Meaningful Work Facilitator, Health Consultant & Pt. Support Specialist

00:22:22 Kathy Hardy: good to know, have read a great deal on Uptimize, and thanks Wade!

00:22:42 Bernard Pracko: Anyone here from Deloitte?

00:22:54 Tom Cooke: We shared the article with our community

00:22:55 Chuck Hamilton: Post the article here. ??

00:23:10 Hannah Young: Hi Everyone, this is my second meeting! Great to be back:

00:23:27 John Healy: here’s the article…

00:24:25 Carin-Isabel Knoop (HBS): and high uncertainty and rapid deployment we can learn from military

00:24:34 Alistair Hofert:

00:24:55 Alistair Hofert: Worth reading.. Jeff is n exponential thinker…

00:26:02 Erin McDermott: Congrats!

00:26:06 Gary Leaderman: New member: Gary Leaderman (Brilliant Minds Open Talent)

Website under construction!

New “not for profit” social enterprise helping neurodiverse talent find freelance IT work using OTPs

00:26:18 Arthur Ransier: Congratulations John! Great news

00:26:25 Lucas Meyers: That’s a win for Harvard Business Press.

00:27:36 CTW: John Healy >>

00:27:38 Elina Jutelyte: Freelance Business Community  is anyone else from Europe here?

00:28:08 David Swift: Yes

00:28:16 David Swift: Switzerland

00:28:21 Elizabeth Altman: Thanks, All for your interest. It’s a pleasure to be here.   Feel free to connect. The SMR/Deloitte article that I mentioned is here:

00:28:29 CTW: Michael Arena >>

00:28:41 Ashley Beaudoin: Michael’s book “Adaptive Space”

00:28:43 Lucas Meyers: Happy to be here and to connect, thank you CTW.

00:28:50 David Swift:

00:29:07 CTW: Kathy Hardy >>

00:29:25 CTW: Jay Jamrog >>

00:33:06 John Healy:  …more about Michael’s research here…

00:33:57 Alistair Hofert: The most calcified is the Vatican, not GM.

00:34:16 Erin McDermott: As a grad of General Motors Institute, I would second the vote of calcification. 😀

00:34:28 Tom Cooke: Curious what processes, structures, tools were in place that created social fabric of those companies that have greater success in disruption

00:34:34 sheila mahoney: +1 Alistair!!

00:34:43 Balaji Bondili: My 4 year old would say the most calcified is her prehistoric T-REX!

00:35:06 Chuck Hamilton: What is GM’s target for all electric lineup?

00:36:02 Marion McGovern: Love the “2 pizza team”

00:36:35 San Rahi: Have to jump early. So good to see everyone – old and new friends.

00:36:46 jülide Sünter: How do Network Organisation align when they have big objectives?

00:36:54 Chris “Link” Duarte: absolutely brilliant

00:37:00 Alistair Hofert: Amazon is designed to be exponential  from the ground up. It requires 11 attributes….found out by Singularity University.

00:40:10 Steve Rader: +1 on taskification

00:41:47 Denise Brouder: Gary Bolles @ Singularity University is doing great work on what Jay is speaking to – worth reading his viewpoints.

00:42:09 Alistair Hofert: @Jay – to help 1 billion people, we need to move away from jobs and gigs to tasks…thats the next 1 billion market

00:42:54 Janice Stevenor Dale: Jobs to tasks to sustainable workflows

00:42:56 Lucas Meyers: Unprompted plug for a book I just finished that this group might really enjoy. “The Ethical Algorithm: The Science of Socially Aware Algorithm Design” by Michael Kearns and Aaron Roth was superb. Incredibly inspiring with  critical concepts for new and evolving companies working with data.

00:44:00 Alistair Hofert: @Jay – there is another market where machines learn from humans….that is a massive market.

00:44:13 CTW: Thanks Lucas!

00:44:26 Tom Cooke: We have enough jobs already.  In aerospace we have 11,000 jobs that are unfilled while there are 10M unemployed Americans.  Hopefully focusing on tasks and work help resolve this inefficiency and unlock greater opportunity where we know it exists

00:45:12 David Messinger: Well said @Tom

00:45:49 Alistair Hofert: @John Healy – we need to understand that technology is a deflationary force…it can help us understand how to transform 1 billion lives…

00:46:17 Denise Brouder: @steveradar — we should add A/I fluency (as opposed to A/I proficiency) to the advocacy workstream to prepare the everyday worker (nurse example) to adapt to this change. I bet this group could help define this new language!

00:46:19 Steve Rader: @Tom Cooke… I think you are really highlighting and education/skills gap more than anything.

00:46:21 James Wright: I think education, gig worker rights, protection and benefits are also big enablers to meeting that ‘OT for the masses, not just the few’ objective

00:46:31 Steve Rader: @Denise +1

00:47:03 Chuck Hamilton: As an XIBMer and Workforce change leader I know that IBM understood the notion of a liquid workforce at least 8 years ago.

00:48:02 Tom Cooke: @Steve agree and I think it gets to what Jay was just saying in deconstructing work and creating a talent supply chain based on the skills required for that work. And then figure out how to create resilient workers who can easily reconfigure based on changing work

00:48:25 Alistair Hofert: When machines learn from humans, that can easily create 1 billion new jobs over the next decade….

00:49:52 Janice Stevenor Dale: providing a solution capturing the heightened conversation with DEI could be an important alliance for CTW

00:50:23 Chris “Link” Duarte: But to add to that, we cant just use AI to learn those about the humans that aren’t connected. we have to reach deep, get into the weeds, and invite those voices to the table to share their experiences

00:50:40 Mark Hannant: Have to head. Great to see you all. Thanks for facilitating @John Healey

00:50:59 Alistair Hofert: A whole new space exists called DAOs – self organising businesses, which are augmented by task workers….we may want to think about that.

00:51:47 Tom Cooke: Focusing on outcome based projects can hopefully get us past traditional sourcing models where intrinsic biases create inefficiencies and barriers to participate in work

00:52:05 Chris DeLaurentis: DAOs are the future and not just currency

00:52:06 Chris “Link” Duarte: also lack of initiative is the embedded cultural impact of being poor and underserved that creates a culture of “not feeling good enough” so “why try”

00:52:31 Denise Brouder: Grit, determination, perseverance — all innately human skills, and valuable FoW skills. This is a big equalizer (don’t need higher level to attain).

00:52:33 Chris “Link” Duarte: self fulfilling prophesy

00:53:16 Julie Shannan: This is awesome @Kathy! One of our advisory board members created a job/skills matching app because of this very issue!

00:53:24 Wade: that’s tru about ASD. Theoretical physics doesn’t get u a job

00:53:49 Chris “Link” Duarte: its impossible to teach determination…its about inspiring the workforce to believe that their lives actually can and will be better if they commit to determination

00:54:19 Kalinda Bogue: There is upstream work that needs to be addressed in re-teaching all kids the concept of work and the value of hard and soft skills vs. the traditional narrative around “getting a job”, “finding a career,” and “a good company.”

00:54:27 Steve Rader: I think that some day we will look back at hiring based on an interview and resume as very ineffective

00:54:31 Mina Bastawros: Quite clear that a properly democratized digital talent portfolio, independent from qualifications, gender, age etc. allowing ALL individuals to have equal opportunities to solve solutions for organisations. Personally experienced in Airbus INSANE solutions from individuals I wouldn’t have staffed if I had looked at their CV

00:54:38 Denise Brouder: agreed @chris!

00:54:46 John Healy: +1 Steve….already there!

00:54:59 Steve Rader: Hiring based on demonstrated skills and digital exhaust will be so much more effective.

00:55:00 Lucas Meyers: Would be curious to look ahead at the countermovement to DAO’s and other decentralized evolutions including currency, employment, etc.  Seeing what the new centralized structures are as dictated by missing components from organic fragmentation.

00:55:02 Barry Matthews: Love this story – awesome example of D&I benefits of open talent related models

00:55:22 Alan Korpady: Kathy, How do you define diversity?

00:55:27 Balaji Bondili: Love this conversation!

00:55:34 Alistair Hofert: CVs are dead – we have already designed systems that assess human mind capability, not their degrees.

00:55:43 Steve Rader: @Mina +1

00:55:57 Steve Rader: @Alistair +1

00:56:11 Mina Bastawros: @Alistair 100%

00:56:45 Steve Rader: I think that there are some amazing people that we’ve excluded for so long… .looking forward to getting them included…

00:57:12 Denise Brouder: “ask forgiveness, not permission”! — that should be a tattoo .. !

00:57:12 Chuck Hamilton: At Riipen we were saying the Resume is dead two years ago. I totally agree!

00:57:12 Kalinda Bogue: @steve +1

00:57:16 Gary Leaderman: great topic – for neurodiverse talent we need to bring the work to the talent, not the other way round – and give them the tools and support to help them thrive

00:57:41 Chris “Link” Duarte: jay can you add me to that email? I would like that research please

00:57:53 Wade: @GaryL: exactly

00:58:21 Chuck Hamilton: Look at what SkillAbi does –

00:59:21 Lucas Meyers: Talking about culture without defining it weaponizes it and calcifies the issues. Culture is not intangible and must be defined clearly.

00:59:24 David Boghossian: @Steve — we need to get Kathy on the Advocacy work stream!

00:59:49 Steve Rader: @David – Absolutely

00:59:54 Todd Brous: @David: +1

00:59:57 Balaji Bondili: Unfortunately, the “tell me about yourself” types of questions explore those cultural intangibles are typical wrong starting points for people on the spectrum.

01:00:00 John Healy: +1 David….connect her directly or through Tim Prohm, Kelly’s representative to OA

01:00:04 Alistair Hofert: @Michal – that is collective intelligence, not just a CV. The person who understands how that works, will do well.

01:00:22 Julie Shannan: Really takes inclusion to another important level!

01:00:26 Chris “Link” Duarte: but isn’t it unfortunate that people on the spectrum have no social networking platform designed just for them? I’ve been looking at this and its nimble

01:00:27 Wade: people need to shift away from fear-based thinking. ASD behaviour is no more settled than others particularity in private

01:01:53 Denise Brouder: @wade — there’s a lot of fear baked into the industrial work mindset — I see that as a big gating factor in FoW progress

01:02:38 Denise Brouder: proximity bias being one (and location inclusion being the solution)

01:02:54 Steve Rader: Yes!  Thank you all!!

01:02:57 Balaji Bondili: Such an awesome conversation today!

01:03:04 Balaji Bondili: Thank you to all the speakers!

01:03:06 David Messinger: Thank you

01:03:07 Alistair Hofert: @Jay – these are good insights – innovators and creators are super rare – I’m not sure that one can clone those sort of minds…

01:03:14 Tom Cooke: Great stuff as always today!

01:03:14 Hannah Young: Thank you everyone!

01:03:18 David Alberts: that was fascinating

01:03:19 Ashley Beaudoin: Thank you so much, great conversation! Thanks John Healy for leading the discussion

01:03:19 Barry Matthews: +1 best chat of the day

01:03:25 James Wright: Thank you !!  Very thought provoking subjects.  Thanks for sharing

01:03:38 Brad Norris: Thanks everyone — enjoyed the speakers’ contributions today.

01:03:41 stephen wellbelove: great conversation – thank you

01:03:44 Wade: @DeniseB: whats FoW..?

01:03:55 Denise Brouder: Future of Work

01:03:55 jülide Sünter: thx to all Speakers- enjoyed it a lot

01:03:57 Steve Rader: Location of the next CTW F2F!

01:04:08 Arthur Ransier: Incredible dialogue today, thank you!

01:04:20 Ty Montague: That was so great. Thank you to the speakers!

01:04:27 Kalinda Bogue: Thank you.  My first time, really inspired.

01:04:29 Lucas Meyers: Surf @ San Pancho > Sayulita (shhhhh!)

01:04:35 David Alberts: thank you so much .. see you next time

01:04:54 Elina Jutelyte: Enjoying these discussions. I learn a lot every time!

01:04:58 Janice Stevenor Dale: Thanks everyone….great thoughts

01:05:14 Chris “Link” Duarte: this has been one of the most brilliant conversations so far in CTW. thank you!

01:05:20 Gary Leaderman: Thanks – really enjoyed my first call – will be back next time

01:05:39 Bryan Peña: Great call today.  Thanks John H!

01:05:56 Chris “Link” Duarte: thank you Michael, Kathy, Jay, John and Elizabeth for all you shared

01:06:07 Todd Brous: Thanks everyone!

01:06:09 Erik Stettler: Awesome convo, thank you!

01:06:13 Ty Montague: Thanks JW

01:06:28 Chris “Link” Duarte: clubhouse- the haters of android 😉

01:06:30 Tom Cooke: PRO Act can be controversial 🙂

01:06:44 Arthur Ransier: controversial? I don’t know Tom

01:06:46 Ty Montague: Take care all

01:06:49 Arthur Ransier: 🙂

01:07:02 Arthur Ransier: cheers folks, I need to jump for a call!

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