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June 3, 2021 @ 2:00 pm (MST)

Meeting Agenda

A conversation about the Open Talent Professional Certification Program, the Networked Organization Playbook and diversity and inclusion

Chat Room Transcript: 

00:02:14 Mafé Rabino: Hi Everyone!
00:02:17 Rich Copsey: we can hear you Brandon and we can hear each other
00:02:49 carin knoop: brandon are you sure that you logged off the other zoom call?
00:03:16 Chuck Hamilton: Logg our and come back in
00:14:18 Nellie Hayat: Hello everyone, I am leading Workplace Transformation. You can find me here:
00:15:21 Dash Desai: Dash Desai – Founder –
00:15:22 carin knoop: Another French accent on the call – YEAH!!!!
00:15:28 Bill Truettner: Bill Truettner, Spigit crowdsourcing services for Planview.
00:15:46 carin knoop: Welcome Dash. Very interesting business and spirit you shared in our break out.
00:16:54 Jean-Yves Lagarde:
00:16:59 Todd Boyd: Happy to connect
00:16:59 Catherine McGowin: Hi Bill! Great to have Spigit/Planview back in the mix!
00:18:00 Jeffrey Bojar:
00:18:59 Catherine McGowin:
00:19:35 Erin McDermott: is June 8th online and code ODDENG15 gets you 15% if you want to grab a paid ticket
00:19:36 Jon Fredrickson: Jon Fredrickson here, it’s been awhile…I’m with Wazoku/InnoCentive. I’ve been with InnoCentive for 14 years as the CIO, Wazoku acquired us in June last year
00:19:42 Catherine McGowin:
00:20:15 Jon Fredrickson: Good luck Chuck on the challenge you responded to!
00:20:45 Jean Spencer:
00:21:10 Chuck Hamilton:
00:21:27 Catherine McGowin: CXC Global Podcast:
00:22:45 Chuck Hamilton: Future Of Work Course Ideas video here
00:23:31 Jeffrey Bojar: Thank you, Dale!
00:23:55 Catherine McGowin:
00:24:42 Rich Copsey: Let me know if we are looking for another organization to pilot this, please!
00:25:03 Catherine McGowin: Thank you, Rich!
00:29:58 Jon Fredrickson: The ability and experience to anonymize client sensitive or personal data is critical and proven to be possible.
00:30:47 Catherine McGowin:
00:31:39 Ashley Beaudoin: It is Jon, and we’ve explored this in some detail during the second training session. In some cases though, even synthetic or masked data is still not enough to adopt open talent approaches that are compliant.
00:35:44 Jean Spencer: Shoot, have to drop. Thanks all
00:41:06 CTW:
00:41:15 CTW:
00:42:30 Ashley Beaudoin: What exactly do you mean by “Exposing their DEI” ? How are you encouraging them to do that?
00:42:53 Catherine McGowin:
00:43:09 Jon Fredrickson: My connection is horrible now…may get dropped.
00:43:43 Chris “Link” Duarte: can you put the home page for users in the chat?
00:43:48 Ashley Beaudoin: Thank you Tom!
00:44:57 Chuck Hamilton: @ Tom, how many platforms do you have in there? Is there a list?
00:45:02 Erin McDermott: Great point, Mafe.
00:46:44 CTW: Tom has about 400 platforms w/in this.
00:46:47 Chuck Hamilton: Look at what Catalyte is doing with marginalized workers and selected roles. Finding hidden talent
00:48:46 Todd Brous: @Rick +1
00:49:02 Chuck Hamilton: Skills should always win, no?
00:49:43 CTW:
00:50:58 Ashley Beaudoin: Tom, maybe consider neurodiverse as part of your next iteration 😉 (Hat tip to EY, etc.)
00:54:44 Carrie Leonard: Tom, a thought as you think about your premise that DEI has to be inherent to Work 4.0: DEI should have been inherent in Work 1.0. So it’s a matter of companies (most!0
00:55:06 Catherine McGowin: I know from interviewing platforms for a research project a while back that quite a few platforms don’t even collect much info on their communities.
00:55:10 Carrie Leonard: …(most) having lots of work to do. The messaging is tough for me.
00:57:43 Todd Brous: @Jeff: +1

However focussing on the “winners” tends to ignore the wider ecosystem.
00:57:43 Catherine McGowin:
00:57:51 CTW:
00:58:16 Ashley Beaudoin: Thanks Brandon!
00:58:22 Carrie Leonard: Thanks Brandon!
00:58:24 Chris “Link” Duarte: Thank you CTW!
00:58:24 carin knoop: see you soon – thanks Brandon!
00:58:27 Todd Brous: Thanks everyone!
00:58:28 Mafé Rabino: Thank you Everyone!

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