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June 18, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

As a group of allies who believe in the virtues of open talent and innovation models we want to help increase their adoption. We believe that we can make more significant progress together than apart. Ho:w should we come together to organize the open talent marketplace, overcome our most critical challenges and reduce the friction that interferes with the adoption of this new paradigm for work?

Chat room transcription:

00:30:06 Chuck Hamilton: 10 years remote work for me now
00:30:31 Gavin McClafferty: @John @Brandon – can certainly share some interesting insights into that topic.
00:30:35 Darren Murph: @John: Breakouts are awesome, still the best 6 minutes of my week
00:30:37 Richard Skellett: 30 years remote
00:30:39 Open Assembly:
00:30:57 Chuck Hamilton: Need ten minutes I think
00:31:39 Gavin McClafferty: @Open Assembly – I’ve seen 45% of a workforce go remote over night and the remaining 55% offshore.
00:33:00 Pranish Kumar: Remote has been the exception not the rule for us, until COVID – will be interesting to see what the post-COVID world will look like.
00:33:36 Open Assembly:
00:34:21 Open Assembly:
00:34:59 John Fitch:
00:39:46 Catherine McGowin: The working hypothesis on the mural is the hypothesis that we will use for the Design Sprint we plan to hold in July.
00:41:34 Paul Estes: Here is a view of how 10 large companies are evolving (some note evolving) –
00:44:03 David Swift: the text on the stickies is very slow or stuck!
00:45:31 John Fitch:
00:46:47 Marcia Zellers: Huge apologies, I need to jump to a 9:30 meeting.
00:47:10 Richard Skellett: personal balance sheet aligned with company balance sheet….people liability and asset curve
00:47:18 Janice Stevenor Dale: Please post the question in the chat.
00:48:47 John Fitch: As allies who believe in the virtues and support the adoption of open talent and innovation models, we believe that we can make more meaningful progress together than apart. How might we come together and organize the open talent marketplace, overcome our most critical challenges, and reduce the friction that interferes with the adoption of this new paradigm for work?
00:49:20 Richard Skellett: multi portfolio working but simultaneously based on outputs
00:51:09 Balaji: your voice sounds perfect for meditation apps.
00:51:24 Darren Murph: @Balaji I was thinking the same thing!
00:51:26 Andrew Barnes: Agree balaji
00:51:37 Andrew Barnes: I am so chilled now
00:51:40 Ryan Gill: Balaji bringing the humor 😂
00:51:54 Balaji: haha!
00:52:11 Balaji: I need to open my eyes now, all refreshed and relaxed.
00:52:51 Balaji: #authentic
00:54:01 Open Assembly:
00:55:37 Andrew Barnes: Sorry a bit distracted by playing with mural!
00:55:57 Open Assembly:
00:56:25 Richard Skellett:
00:56:29 Chuck Hamilton: There appears to be a balanced number of ideas in each theme area. That is a good thing
00:58:58 Open Assembly:
01:00:20 Open Assembly:
01:00:41 Open Assembly:
01:02:01 Chuck Hamilton: The Calm App is looking more bedtime story readers
01:02:20 Sheila Mahoney: “stress is contagious, so is calm” so true- love it!!
01:02:33 Balaji Bondili: But, I feel his voice reduced our reflections on the thorns!
01:02:56 Open Assembly: is another great meditation app
01:03:58 John Healy: have to step out early….excited about where we are heading….all in!
01:05:56 Open Assembly:
01:06:17 Open Assembly:
01:06:55 Open Assembly:
01:07:39 Open Assembly:
01:08:31 Open Assembly:
01:09:55 Open Assembly:
01:09:59 Richard Skellett: fabulous points and glad to be here
01:10:17 Open Assembly:
01:10:35 John Fitch: Looking forward to geeking out on all things future of work with you.
01:10:37 John Fitch:
01:11:07 Pranish Kumar: Finding the right model for x-promotion would be really interesting; for us it’s a huge process to onboard a single platform (usually takes months), so basic x-promotion is likely not going to drive much adoption.
01:11:46 Open Assembly:
01:12:24 Andrew Barnes: Perhaps we could build a flow chart where clients can answer 3 simple questions which send them towards the right open talent partners ? e.g. do they want high price or low price, local or international and whether it is advisory style work or delivery or survey style help needed
01:12:40 Chuck Hamilton: How can we inspire LinkedIn Talent to join this community?
01:13:02 Richard Skellett: paid on output v day rate
01:13:12 Sheila Mahoney: I cheated- just put another bud in there!
01:13:14 Andrew Barnes: @chuck Linkedin who is that ? 😉
01:13:38 Chuck Hamilton: @Andrew Ha:)
01:13:53 Dyan Finkhousen: Have to run everyone – great session today, so thankful for this community and looking forward to what’s next!
01:14:46 Open Assembly:
01:15:06 Open Assembly:
01:15:16 Balaji Bondili: @Vivek: Enterprise metrics are critical.
01:15:26 Darren Murph: Very sadly have to jump as well. I’m grateful for this group. The world needs this positivity. @JohnFitch, thanks for being a great leader, looking forward to continued collaboration.
01:15:27 Sheila Mahoney: suggest everyone bookmark this-
01:15:49 Open Assembly: Thanks Vivek!
01:16:40 Open Assembly:
01:16:48 Rich Copsey: fantastic seeing you all again! … gotta jump to another call… loved the conversation
01:17:04 Open Assembly: Paul Estes:
01:17:24 Gavin McClafferty: @Paul Estes – 100% management are not incentivised to change the status quo!
01:17:25 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Paul, right on! When fear of job loss abounds, including CEO’s….risk averse rules.
01:17:40 Ed Wong: Awesome meeting but I need to jump. Take care all!
01:18:24 Janice Stevenor Dale: “Words Matter”, recommended reading.
01:18:35 James O’Flynn: Great point Paul are we trying to win followers or create followers.
01:19:26 Janice Stevenor Dale: Exactly, HR is balance in an organization, not accelerators.
01:19:27 Balaji Bondili: Sorry team, need to drop. @John Fitch – Let me know when you start a meditation session. Thanks
01:19:57 Chuck Hamilton: Thanks all.
01:20:11 Janice Stevenor Dale: Cool experiment!
01:20:14 Paul Estes: Thank you John
01:20:23 Sheila Mahoney: @janice- brilliant and fascinating way to put it!!
01:20:25 Open Assembly:
01:20:47 Ashley Beaudoin: Thank you John (Winsor and Fitch!)
01:21:15 Andrew Barnes: Thanks @johnf
01:21:15 Richard Skellett: thank you all and fabulous group

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