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June 17, 2021 @ 12:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

A conversation about the Open Talent Professional Certification Program, and we hear from Tim Prohm, Vice President Digital Product Architecture at Kelly who discusses the new talent management portal, Kelly Helix UX.

Chat room transcript:

00:11:30 Arturo Natella:
00:14:15 Erin McDermott: sorry for that last message to everyone 😳
00:16:34 CTW: Kathy – drop the the Kelly URL for the new program.
00:17:27 CTW: Fanny’s Sid Lee article, “The transformative power of brand” :
00:17:51 Mafé Rabino: I cannot save the chat, I will catch up with you in LinkedIn : )
00:18:59 Ernesto Olascoaga: Hi I am Ernesto Olascoaga from Cuernavaca, Mexico. Organizational Transformation consultant. Grupo Visión Global. Consulting company I started in 1976. Nice to be with you all for the first time. I am having problems with internet right now. So, I cannot totally connect.
00:19:03 CTW: Kathy Hardy:
00:19:20 CTW: Hi Ernesto!
00:19:43 Ernesto Olascoaga: Ernesto Olascoaga Grupo Visión Global.
00:20:05 CTW: Pernille:
00:21:20 CTW: Agnies: Please drop your contact info here if you’d like.
00:21:21 Ernesto Olascoaga: Yes, I am new!!!
00:22:22 Agnieszka Porębska: With pleasure!
00:22:33 Balaji Bondili: I am also on a bike!
00:23:35 CTW: Ashley:
00:24:00 CTW: John Healy:
00:24:43 CTW: Steve “The Spaniard” Rader:
00:25:01 Denis Simonov: Denis Simonov:
00:25:03 Denis Simonov:
00:25:08 CTW: Balaji:
00:25:09 Carrie Leonard:
00:25:34 Dash Desai:
00:25:43 Kathy Hardy: Here is the launch site for Kelly Discover:
00:26:46 CTW: Brian:
00:27:54 Bernard Pracko: “Back in the Saddle again”- finally put a small website up to overview our PB&J (People, Behavior & Jobs) project at
00:29:06 Agnieszka Porębska: Let me share our last year’s the Future of Work Report. Maybe you will find it interesting Working on a new one 🙂
00:29:41 Bernard Pracko: We have a slightly more explanatory site section at
00:30:47 Todd Brous: I wonder how “sustainable” that is?
00:31:12 mark Hannant: And one of the problems to your point Balaji, from india’s perspective, is that outsourcers are not creating jobs in the way they have. Jobless growth isn’t good for India!
00:31:44 David Swift: Tech is expensive too. What is it doing to margins?
00:32:23 John Healy: as much as companies like to think about breaking down work into tasks, the digital talent gap @John referenced is what is driving digital workers to fractionalize their time to maximizer their value
00:32:24 CTW: Stephen Wellbelove:
00:33:07 Steven Rader: That shortage in talent should be driving an entire shift in upskilling efforts (there’s a business model for moving unskilled folks into the knowledge economy!)
00:34:04 Bernard Pracko:
00:34:10 jülide Sünter: Exactly I liked the analogy with the fish Ponds – only more recruiters will not help – we Need to bring other People in – not only IT educated people
00:34:56 Steven Rader: @Jülide +1
00:35:03 Arthur Ransier: The idea that there are millions of jobs that can’t be filled is fascinating, because we’ve heard that narrative for at least 5 years. How many of those companies have spent the last 5 years upskilling their workforce?
00:35:22 CTW: Neil Fox:
00:37:49 Erin McDermott: YESSS…
00:38:18 Ashley Beaudoin: +1 Matt, maybe for the Advocacy Group
00:38:29 Kathy Hardy: over-looked talent is a new pool! The life skills that diverse, economically underserved people bring to work such as resiliency, persistence and problem solving has value in the world of work, as these are gaps for many college grads. Alternate paths to IT certifications added to these strong life skills make the folks I am placing unique and their desire to stick and find stability create ROI in turnover reduction.
00:39:06 Steven Rader: @Kathy +1000
00:39:12 Neil Fox: Kathy, what you are doing is really interesting and important. I would love to learn more
00:39:18 Matt Neal:
00:39:48 Dean Bosche (Virtasant): @Neil Fox – Great commentary on productizing services. Selfishly, I will reveal that you just described Virtasant’s business model. It’s great to find another ear to bend around the this topic.
00:40:27 Neil Fox: @Dean… it’s comforting to know we are not alone
00:40:28 Bernard Pracko: Measuring and individual’s safety is a starting point for feedback to gig workers.
00:40:48 Neil Fox: Building the future takes a new paradigm
00:41:46 Matt Neal: And how “Stable” is stable inside a company, anyway?
00:44:00 Erik Stettler: Good point Matt. Stability exists relative to the greater economic context, so anything more stationary (i.e., full-time job where you do similar tasks for a very long time) is inherently unstable.
00:44:29 John Healy: More FTEs taking side hustles….and access to those side hustles has been opened up significantly
00:44:32 Erik Stettler: Those career paths that embrace change however then become more stable in the context of ongoing economic and technological change.
00:44:40 Bernard Pracko: Perhaps understanding each individual’s thresholds of “stability” opens the doors to the conversation of gaining stability.
00:44:47 Balaji Bondili: Clone Wars. Who wins?
00:45:05 Todd Brous: @Balaji: You win!
00:45:08 Steven Rader: I think there is some natural oscillation due to COVID for folks back to full time, but I think that the rate of change in skills has fundamentally broken that full time model and the gig/freelance economy is here to stay.
00:45:35 Balaji Bondili: I win because, I have time. Because, I am not on…
00:45:54 Chris “Link” Duarte: there’s a great theme happening. companies realize that they have unmet need so they are building in “DEI” to be more attractive to the non majority. for companies to grow and attract the work, they will need to value inclusion.
00:54:07 Steven Rader: API?
00:54:14 CTW: Tim Prohm:
00:54:52 Ernesto Olascoaga: Unfortunately I could not fix mi WiFi. Hi to all and thanks. Please keep me in the group.
00:54:59 CTW: Kelly Helix:
00:57:38 Steven Rader: Standardized network APIs around this could could really make for an interesting digital ecosystem of talent…
00:58:52 Todd Brous: This looks incredible! #want
00:59:15 jülide Sünter: sorry- have to run to the next Meeting – super useful Exchange like Always – thank you
01:01:29 CTW: Dean Bosche:
01:01:55 CTW: David Swift:
01:03:53 Steven Rader: I’ve missed these conversations and glad to be back!!!
01:03:54 CTW: Make you calendar for next week’s CTW Clubhouse call!
01:04:02 Ashley Beaudoin: Great call today, nice to see everyone!
01:04:04 mark Hannant: Great discussion as always. Thanks all
01:04:25 Dash Desai: Great topic
01:04:28 Steven Rader: I have invites if anyone needs them… email me at
01:04:41 Chris “Link” Duarte: yes please. I’m on clubhouse now

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