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July 9, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

After a week off, we’re back discussing the latest insights from the leaders of the open economy.

Chat room transcript:

00:12:42	Chuck Hamilton:	Predictions say that 2021 will see a peek in the purchase of pants
00:22:01	Andy Barnes:	We ‘won’ the breakout room game ;-)
00:22:16	Balaji Bondili:	hells yeah!
00:23:15	sheila mahoney:	what event is this?
00:23:22	Chuck Hamilton:	Unfortunately I did not hear about it. :(
00:23:22	sheila mahoney:	being discussed
00:23:37	Matt Nisbet:	Which event?
00:23:38	Open Assembly:
00:24:02	Ashley Beaudoin:	Thank you Dyan! Would love to watch the recording
00:24:06	Open Assembly:
00:26:39	Open Assembly:	Dyan - After the MIT Summit I felt there is a need for separate B2B and B2C Summit. You?
00:26:58	Open Assembly:
00:28:00	Dyan Finkhousen:	I think the Summit could easily bridge into bigger / more frequent engagements - B2B / B2C / Digital Natives / Legacy Incumbents
00:28:20	Janice Stevenor Dale:	Universities are building temporary classrooms in SoCal to bridge hybrid opportunities.
00:28:46	Catherine McGowin:	@geordie - tell JJ hi.
00:28:46	Tom Cooke:	With Harvard’s recent announcement of going online for the fall at the same price of tuition there’s lots of discussion on value and what you’re getting for that price
00:28:52	Gavin McClafferty:	@John - your recent posts on LinkedIn have been incredible. 
00:29:56	Chuck Hamilton:	Classroom 2.0 should be come the richest experience ever as opposed to something learners do by default. The connected student bring their best to the the (more rare) live settings
00:30:05	Dyan Finkhousen:	Wow sounds amazing @John - definitely hit us up with links when you publish
00:30:07	Open Assembly:
00:30:33	Anne Muscarella:	The Talent Led Revolution Research Paper:
00:30:36	Open Assembly:
00:31:00	Anne Muscarella:	Our research paper reveals:

Why elite technical talent are leaving companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb and Amazon to become professional freelancers

What HR, IT and Innovation Leaders need to understand about talent to attract the best in the world

Why distributed work unlocks disruptive potential for enterprises in all industries and how to take advantage of it

The emergence of a new user owned economy powering the future of work
00:31:25	Open Assembly:
00:31:36	Gavin McClafferty:	@Anne - sounds like an incredible piece of research!
00:31:54	Gavin McClafferty:	@Gabe - very, very interesting!
00:31:55	Anne Muscarella:	1 in 3 Americans are leaving their corporate jobs to freelance, and they aren’t going back
00:32:23	Anne Muscarella:	90% of the freelancers Braintrust surveyed plan to freelance or own their own businesses for the rest of their careers.
00:32:40	Anne Muscarella:	75% of freelancers we surveyed said that autonomy in their careers is MORE important than salary.
00:33:17	Anne Muscarella:	Check us out on LinkedIn:
00:33:34	Anne Muscarella:	Link to the research again here ;-)
00:34:17	Tom Cooke:	Interested in the progression to get to freelancing full time - seems these skills are being developed in traditional employment channels to bring value to overall personal brand.  Is there a “requirement” to go to Google, Microsoft, other big name first to build resume to be successful freelancer
00:34:29	Open Assembly:
00:37:06	Chuck Hamilton:	Why has LinkedIn not enabled a pay wall to leverage their network freelancers?
00:37:19	Steve Rader:	I just finished reading “Range” by David Epstein (thanks @Gavin) and I found it to have a lot of relevant insights into the move in demand from specialists to generalist and how that is affecting some of this.
00:38:37	Steve Rader:	I think that it will be interesting to watch the different open talent platform models begin to compete for talent and address Gabe’s comment.
00:39:02	JC Pinheiro:	@sheila, will you be sharing this study?
00:39:09	Gavin McClafferty:	@Chuck - good question! Also worth thinking why hasn't Facebook tackled this? 2 billion + users, the start of a global cryptocurrency.
00:39:14	sheila mahoney:	Definitely!
00:39:37	Andy Barnes:	@chuck they make too much money selling data / monthly memberships and leadership is a bit lost since MS acquired. Imho
00:39:50	Gavin McClafferty:	@Sheila - great points! I've head a few similar stories lately.
00:39:54	JC Pinheiro:	@sheila fab! Thanks :D
00:40:50	Steve Rader:	I really like the idea of platforms that “build ecosystems” as part of their matching that starts to address this issue.
00:41:19	Open Assembly:
00:42:02	gabe luna ostaseski:	Many times the reason that people don’t stay on platforms over time is that their incentives aren’t aligned.
00:42:26	Open Assembly:
00:43:17	Open Assembly:
00:43:22	Steve Rader:	It will be interesting to see if organizations begin to create “pre-source learning programs or certifications” where freelancers can take a company specific orientation course such that if/when they get hired as a freelancer, they are oriented to company specific processes, terms, etc.
00:43:44	John Healy:	that would be cool @Steve!
00:44:11	Dyan Finkhousen:	Awesome idea @Steve!
00:44:20	Janice Stevenor Dale:	Google Education has begun solving secondary education online teaching certification…
00:44:31	Gavin McClafferty:	@Steve - I've been blown away with Coursera and Harvard X lately.
00:44:48	John Healy:	what kind of micro credentials need to exist for Open Innovation talent to demonstrate their success in ability to integrate into multiple cultures 
00:45:26	Bryan Peña:	The report Steve is referencing
00:45:28	Bryan Peña:
00:46:38	Chuck Hamilton:	Concerning the future of work, one would think our star/high skilled independent will choose to work less and make 80% to make sure they get the right work, do the most rewarding work and add value. Again the portfolio career is the dream of the high-end independent talent.
00:47:05	Open Assembly:
00:47:20	Open Assembly:
00:47:37	Steve Rader:	This company specific onboarding training could be something that platforms facilitate for organizations.
00:48:26	Open Assembly:
00:48:28	Steve Rader:	@Chuck great point.
00:48:29	Arturo Natella:	I remember MBO state of The State of Independence in America report says “…there is a big difference in income by age, as older workers tend to have more skills, experience, and fully-developed networks. Millennial Full-Time Independents reported an average income of $52,200, compared with $78,000 for the older cohorts.” Using platforms seems to be way to level the playing field a bit. Perhaps it would be good to create best practices to help new platform adopters - especially those with small networks - learn how to better build and sustain their network/portfolio.
00:48:46	Laura McLeod:	I love this idea too Steve. Onboarding & certification is certainly something we’ve been focusing on, in particular with partner integrations - ensuring freelancers are trained, onboarded and certified to the partners brand and tooling, so we can ensure as seamless a match as possible, and set client and freelancer up for success
00:48:49	Open Assembly:
00:50:37	Open Assembly:
00:50:48	Chuck Hamilton:	Just read - The Right It: Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed. Great book and advice for the next generation business.
00:51:17	Open Assembly:
00:51:18	Open Assembly:
00:51:22	Bryan Peña:	I think Geordie has better Art than anyone else....
00:51:34	gabe luna ostaseski:	What we’ve found is that they want ownership…over their time, the work they choose…and part of the networks that they contribute to
00:51:44	Mary Mellino:	@Steve - I just ordered range.  I think freelance platforms are currently catered to will be interesting to see how the supply/demand matching on platforms can work for the generalist skillset.  A bit harder to define.
00:52:19	John Healy:	@Steve...fully on point!  and as the platform companies mature and develop their communities, they have the opportunity to become more core to the freelancers that use them to fill the white space right now!
00:52:43	Open Assembly:
00:53:38	Janice Stevenor Dale:	@Kelly, Steve…what were talking about is a shift from corporations which create culture, and platforms which create community
00:53:38	Chuck Hamilton:	Will Post covid companies will need to build less for   efficiency and profit and more for Resiliency and flow makers in the business?
00:53:48	Steve Rader:	@Mary I agree… I think a key feature that is lacking in all of our current situation is the process and technology needed to extract the right skills requirements for a given project.   I can imagine some amazing AI opportunities for taking task descriptions and spitting out the list of optimal skills that are needed...
00:54:14	Steve Rader:	And even the right/new ways to describe skills
00:55:24	Steve Rader:	@Chuck… great question!
00:55:24	Open Assembly:
00:55:30	Dyan Finkhousen:	@Chuck great point - companies can't afford to ignore resilience post-Covid... they'll need to design operations and hire talent with resilience in mind
00:56:05	Sajeev Nair:	Need to drop off - great call as always. Thank you all
00:58:25	Mary Mellino:	@Steve - I couldn't agree more.  I think the start is building a taxonomy of "generalist" skills. Could be interesting for this group to work on. 
00:58:26	Open Assembly:
00:58:32	Tom Cooke:	I think curiosity is a key skill when identifying a generalist
00:58:41	Dyan Finkhousen:	What is everyone hearing about the emergence of service providers for 'untethered' services - medical / dental / vision / life / etc. for independent contractors?
00:59:44	Janice Stevenor Dale:	There are SME’s providing full service doc in the boxes in the Pacific Northwest.
00:59:49	Dyan Finkhousen:	@Balaji - speed to outcome!
01:00:09	Tom Cooke:	@Dyan - I shared this with Sheila previously.  I’m looking for more ideas like this too
01:00:34	Dyan Finkhousen:	@Janice - would love to learn more
01:00:35	John Healy:	@Dyan....look at iPSE -
01:00:42	Dyan Finkhousen:	@Tom - thanks!
01:00:54	Mary Mellino:	@Tom - agree on curiosity.  Also, ability to shift mental models, navigate through ambiguity,
01:00:58	Steve Rader:	@Mary.. I think the skills taxonomy discussion is directly related to the digital exhaust discussion and the data that can be captured in the execution of tasks that can be turned around and used with ML to match skills.  The AI perspective makes me wonder if there is an unstructured data approach ahead of us.
01:01:02	John Healy:	Prudential has committed $500 million to developing products for the IC community
01:01:06	Dyan Finkhousen:	Fantastic - thanks @John
01:01:33	Chuck Hamilton:	@Balaji FTTV - First Time to Value metric drives this thinking.
01:01:36	Open Assembly:
01:02:15	John Healy:	super cool @Kirsten!
01:02:21	Dyan Finkhousen:	@Steve and @Mary - there is such an amazing opportunity at the meta level - the economic value of skills, tasks - could inform better investment in learning
01:02:22	Open Assembly:
01:02:42	Gavin McClafferty:	@Kirstin - blazing a trail! Incredible!!!!
01:03:11	Steve Rader:	Does anyone have a good feel for (or infographic describing) how the various platforms intersect with workers at different skill and socioeco
01:03:18	Steve Rader:	Socioeconomic levels
01:03:20	John Healy:	see that comment from Gavin....Kirstin....I've been validated; you are a trailblazer!
01:04:09	Steve Rader:	The life long learning is the key to all of this (and one reason the traditional org model is breaking)
01:04:54	Steve Rader:	@Dyan… yes!  The meta level!
01:04:56	gabe luna ostaseski:	Hi everyone, great to join this call. I have to hop into another interview. Looking forward to seeing you next time.
01:06:04	Open Assembly:
01:06:18	Lisa Nelson:	Great meeting. Thank you
01:06:22	Gavin McClafferty:	@Gabe - incredible insights!
01:06:37	Anne Muscarella:	I have to jump - great meeting everyone!!
01:06:39	Tom Cooke:	We have a physical business in a physical marketplace…I know so passe but the Stanifesto is something I think platform marketplaces can consider to help build their communities
01:06:43	Open Assembly:
01:07:37	Steve Rader:	I’ve been curious if there is an analogy for what we are trying to do here in the internet service interface architecture world…. Human skills/labor being accessed via standard interfaces ….   I’d be interested if anyone in that world sees this parallel and would be willing to chat.
01:07:47	sheila mahoney:	Harari I amazing!!!  
01:07:59	sheila mahoney:	Sapiens- a Brief history of humankind= MUST read!!
01:08:17	Bryan Peña:	Sheila YES! 
01:08:21	Bryan Peña:	love that book
01:08:40	Bryan Peña:	I highly recommend "Origin Story"
01:09:02	Andy Barnes:	Thanks everyone
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