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July 30, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

We’ve been busy collecting your surveys and refining the design principles. It’s a work in progress, but we’re am excited to give you an update. Thanks to all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to participate. We appreciate your input.

Call transcript:

00:11:34	Carin-Isabel Knoop:	do we have a prompt?
00:21:35	Carin-Isabel Knoop:	NEVER
00:21:37	Andy Barnes:	We won in groups ;-)
00:21:44	Carin-Isabel Knoop:	bryan is living the future of work
00:22:01	Ashley Beaudoin:	We totally won in groups, Andy and Chuck!
00:22:05	Carin-Isabel Knoop:	YAHOOOOOO
00:22:18	Open Assembly:
00:22:36	Open Assembly:
00:23:07	Carin-Isabel Knoop:	we want more cool case protagonists esp women from minority groups so send ideas to it is not always as complex at Balaji says. he is just special... ;-)
00:23:44	Open Assembly:	Will do Carin! Let’s do this!
00:26:27	Open Assembly:	Design principle survey:
00:26:39	Bondili, Balaji:	If anybody needs a copy of the case study, let me know - I can send you a copy.
00:26:55	David Swift:	Percentage of workforce being sourced through marketplaces.
00:27:07	Tom O'Malley:	Giggles
00:27:14	Tom O'Malley:	haaha
00:27:45	David Swift:	Today it is a very small percentage of most corporates work force
00:28:26	Open Assembly:
00:30:06	Open Assembly:
00:31:06	David Messinger:	for naming we have used squadhelp platform worked great
00:31:18	James Wright:	IMHO, the most important KPI no one is tracking is 'Give-a-care-ness' imho. For employees, the community, the planet
00:32:34	Mary Mellino:	linked in has a SSI (social selling index) score
00:33:05	Open Assembly:
00:33:44	Open Assembly:
00:34:04	Chuck Hamilton:	Is there a Connection Metric that comes with a open hire? I’m hiring you and your network.
00:34:45	Ty Montague:	It might be interesting to track “trust of open platforms” as a metric. People won’t use what they don’t trust.  And driving that metric up would be a good goal.
00:35:09	Bondili, Balaji:	process metrics and outcome metrics.
00:35:36	Sajeev:	+ 1 Steve. Reusability / repeatability is a key metric
00:35:37	Ty Montague:	This would require an initial piece of research on current level of trust (survey based).  And then tracking over time
00:35:39	Bondili, Balaji:	reuse - trust metric (TY).
00:36:18	Open Assembly:
00:38:02	Steve Rader:	workonomix
00:38:17	Rich Copsey:	metrics relative to the talent - diversity, global reach, earnings relative to the local standards...
00:39:04	Open Assembly:
00:39:42	Dean Bosche:	Putting my hand up!
00:40:06	Rich Copsey:	industry standardized identity certificate for talent
00:40:57	Chuck Hamilton:	That universal ID being adopted by many higher ED folks is  Could this be a place where we keep our basic skills map aligned. Capability index and unique ID?
00:42:19	David Messinger:	I personally agree with using sovrin
00:42:39	Gretta Corporaal:	A quick dive in my data: companies that keep track of metrics eg measure the following: cost; speed; quality; capability; aggregate saving; time to hire; time to delivery
00:42:53	Gretta Corporaal:	important to note is what is your base?
00:43:06	Gretta Corporaal:	what do you compare it to?
00:43:30	Open Assembly:
00:45:54	Stacie Joosten:	Agree @Gretta.  And @Dean. What are the metrics that tell the most compelling story to motivate organizations compelled to adopt open talent? Speed to contribution, cost reduction, bottom line improvement etc.
00:45:54	Gretta Corporaal:	Our online labour index might also be an interesting resource:
00:51:12	Arthur Ransier:	A success metric (from a consultant's perspective) could also be diversity in client placements. If they are deploying with the same client repeatedly, why use the platform/marketplace?
00:52:12	Open Assembly:
00:57:31	Gretta Corporaal:	Great points!
00:59:02	Tom Cooke:	Great points @Steve - I liked your example of trust a couple weeks ago about trusting AirBnB without knowing the owners of the properties.  Interesting to study how the platform built that trust
00:59:55	Alp Sezginsoy:
01:01:03	Tom Cooke:	Thanks @Alp!
01:01:45	Sajeev:	We use a simlar approach as outlined by Steve - its a baseline based approach - set of parameters defined - you baseline and show conitnuius improvement against it
01:01:55	Sajeev:	happy to help shape this 
01:02:07	Steve Rader:	got to drop.   great as always!!!
01:02:29	Arthur Ransier:	In terms of accreditation, there are ways to get value back to members as well -- one big opportunity could be administration of an association health plan (
01:03:27	Tom Cooke:	Maybe full adoption of a distributed workforce doesn’t happen until organizations are self-forming through these marketplaces
01:05:29	Rich Copsey:	need to bounce... thx all! John, ready to connect with Dyan when you are
01:05:38	Open Assembly:	Workstreams;
01:06:01	James Wright:


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