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July 23, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

As mentioned during our last call we ended our three-day design sprint with a rough draft of a manifesto to guide our mission and purpose. We have been shaping and refining the manifesto and share our first draft during this call.

Call transcript:

For you Steve Rader:
00:06:54 Andy Barnes: Good evening (from the UK)
00:07:34 Andy Barnes: Definitely time to invest in the ‘home shed/office market @Steve
00:08:09 Dyan Finkhousen: @Janice’s office looks super-organized!!
00:15:33 Open Assembly:
00:18:21 Catherine McGowin: @Chuck – Canada is sounding like a great idea right now!
00:19:43 Mary Mellino: It could be cool to build this graphic for gig platforms.
00:19:44 Open Assembly: Please mute yourself if you are not talking. 😉
00:20:01 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey team – so great to see you!! Have to jump to another call – be well and stay awesome!! <3
00:21:09 Open Assembly:
00:21:36 Jeff Davis: The Great Influenza by John M. Barry, pandemic of 1918. Many lessons similar to today
00:21:36 sheila mahoney: @Jin- love this!! in life sciences we call this starting with a project post-mortem
00:21:49 Janice Stevenor Dale: @jin, can you send us links on participating in the design innovation on ventilators that you see are embracing innovation?
00:26:21 Open Assembly:
00:26:47 Chuck Hamilton: @jin, Have you seen the Ten Types Of Innovation Book – The Discipline of building breakthroughs ??
00:26:54 Open Assembly:
00:27:13 Gavin McClafferty: @Jin – the AI enterprise series has been incredible!!
00:27:45 Gavin McClafferty: Please check it out:
00:29:41 Jin Paik: @Churck, I have not but will check it out!
00:29:47 Jin Paik: @gavin, thanks!
00:30:10 Open Assembly:
00:30:44 Jin Paik: @shelia – that’s a good title also. We’ll add it to the potential list of names if that good with you.
00:30:58 sheila mahoney: totally!
00:32:54 sheila mahoney: @steve that really was a pretty awesome picture!
00:35:38 Mary Mellino: does the group have a perspective on our “Why” or purpose statement in addition to the vision?
00:38:05 Gavin McClafferty: @John @Open Assembly – this is a slam dunk!! Incredible!
00:38:51 Janice Stevenor Dale: What is the ideated balance between standardization and artistic independence?
00:39:22 Gavin McClafferty: @Janice – enough space for creative licence?
00:39:47 Mary Mellino: would something about building a standard taxonomy for defining tasks/skills etc. make sense to add here?
00:40:03 Balaji Bondili: @Janice, great point. The issue right now is the lack of any standards, makes it paralyzing. So, yes while designing the standards, it should be more about guard rails and paths vs. forced standards.
00:40:10 Steve Rader: @Mary – that was part of the discussion and one of the focus areas of the work groups
00:40:12 Open Assembly:
00:40:17 Gavin McClafferty: @Janice – boundaries who create clarity but enable space to focus and accelerate
00:40:18 Mary Mellino: awesome…
00:40:48 Open Assembly:
00:40:54 Gavin McClafferty: *should say which rather than who
00:41:06 Mary Mellino: @Steve – great. Aashir isn’t on the call but EY has a great taxonomy that could be a start. Not sure about IP concerns
00:41:08 sheila mahoney: As a tech platform my take on standardization is around data modeling so tech platforms can adopt easily. A bunch of custom systems with organically created language is unnecessary inefficiency. Collaboration gives us the opportunity to design this intelligently while allowing growth of the creativity and artistry you mention. But data needs to be standardized
00:41:47 Jin Paik:,,
00:41:52 Wyatt Nordstrom: i’m particularly interested in the ethical framework that underpins “new work.” is that covered in the principles?
00:42:17 Arturo Natella: I love this. Great job, team!
00:42:25 Steve Rader: @Jery – that was part of the discussion… I know that a focus on workers and what they need was discussed at lenght
00:42:40 Steve Rader: @Wyatt +1
00:43:06 Stacie Joosten: brb
00:43:08 Janice Stevenor Dale: long term health of all should be dear; as should be sustainable practices
00:43:16 Steve Rader: Now comes the hard part!! 🙂
00:43:38 Arthur Ransier: To our benefit may be addressing statutory/regulatory requirements that come with open talent models as a fundamental component of the vision, defining principles or objective
00:43:55 Gavin McClafferty: @Janice – 100% agree!
00:43:56 Arthur Ransier: I imagine AB5 will not be the first obstacle
00:44:02 Arthur Ransier: last*
00:44:29 Andy Barnes: @Arthur we have IR35 in the UK (same as AB5 sort of)
00:44:56 Open Assembly:
00:45:01 John Healy: +! Arthur
00:45:12 Arthur Ransier: Great insight Andy. I will take a look later.
00:45:15 sheila mahoney: @Arthur that’s a really good point. Not sure if anyone has considered getting regulators involved but that’s a great example of legislation being pursued (throughout the country not just CA) that is completely at odds w. our nascent manifesto
00:45:48 Janice Stevenor Dale: can community feedback be void of fake news, fake posts?
00:46:38 Mary Mellino: Perhaps the credential is “Trusted platform”
00:46:59 Gavin McClafferty: @Balaji – this may sound like an odd observation but has anyone looked to Hollywood to look at their approach for scaling talent in movies?
00:47:26 JC Pinheiro: @Gavin Are trade unions the key to managing that?
00:47:37 Janice Stevenor Dale: how to support large and small platforms that support each branch of a work group or collaborative group with shared interests…may not be career based, allow for more organic growth
00:47:38 Gavin McClafferty: This could provide some inspiration / learning for agile crowds
00:48:07 John Healy: @Gavin – SAG has a great “guild” structure to support this type of agility!
00:48:10 Arthur Ransier: @Gavin — I believe Disney has actually has a massive CW program, led by Peggy O’Neill last I checked
00:48:13 Gavin McClafferty: @JC – I’m not sure. Unions are really driven at a country by country or region level. Good question!
00:48:28 Gavin McClafferty: @Arthur – very interesting!
00:48:42 Gavin McClafferty: @John – sounds very cool!
00:49:09 Janice Stevenor Dale: howto: not be a union…un-union
00:49:11 Arthur Ransier: Labor/trade unions were a large backer of AB5 🙁
00:49:16 Gavin McClafferty: @JC – sorry should add at a state level also
00:49:21 Catherine McGowin: List of workstreams to collaborate on:
00:49:21 Chuck Hamilton: Looking for a for a work stream to look at mapping the inventory of businesses and service providers in the open talent model. Like Owang model
00:49:38 John Healy: not going to share the fun version John?
00:49:44 Mary Mellino: @Chuck – agree
00:50:07 Mary Mellino: and see the second comment in the chat for a link to the infographic I think we need
00:50:21 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Sheila, yes!
00:50:26 Andy Barnes: Great point Sheila
00:50:35 Wyatt Nordstrom: I might be a bit of a broken record on this point, but we formerly belonged to an org called CASRO that published a “code and standard” for proper survey research. it was broad enough to be inclusive of a wide variety of business models, but was explicit on what were considered acceptable and unacceptable practices, with an emphasis on client and participant (not vendor) rights. vendors who joined were required to adopt the code and standards as a condition of membership. it was a good model because it didn’t require casro to make subjective quality assessments about the vendors services, but did provide the vendors with a form of certification to which they could point.
00:51:11 Mary Mellino: should we define OKRs? (Objectives & Key Results) to guide the effort?
00:51:19 Wyatt Nordstrom: CASRO later merged with another market research association and watered down the code and standards, so we left.
00:51:31 Tom O’Malley: What do you think Jerry?
00:52:34 Balaji Bondili: @Wyatt – Totally agree with you. It has be a collaboration intensive, peer based approach vs. top down rule based approach.
00:52:50 Open Assembly: Here is the Workstream list: ?
00:54:22 Open Assembly:
00:54:52 Paul Estes: AMEN… well not to the workaholic part
00:55:21 John Healy: Consistency beats intensity….going to steal that one Sheila!
00:55:30 sheila mahoney: go for it!
00:55:32 Arthur Ransier: @Paul what does workaholic even mean in the context of “work-life integration”
00:55:34 Arthur Ransier: 🙂
00:55:45 Arthur Ransier: Living life I guess!
00:55:54 sheila mahoney: @Paul- noted 🙂
00:55:58 Gavin McClafferty: Early in the pandemic Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the world had undergone two years worth of digital transformation in two months. I think Open Assembly’s efforts may have surpassed that for the New Work!
00:56:53 Janice Stevenor Dale: core values with freedom to evolve
00:59:42 Janice Stevenor Dale: and how flexible the “work” or “worker” might feel within the greater eco-system
00:59:59 Steve Rader: The larger movement of workers from traditional to this new work paradigm is happening by itself and I think the work of this group is to help that movement work well for individuals and organizations and to help it steer clear of the possible negative things that could happen.
01:00:02 Sajeev Nair: +1 Balaji
01:00:08 Tom O’Malley: We need to keep in mind much of the market it feeling desperation, and potentially more-so in the near future. We need to be mindful to keep this practical.
01:00:20 Steve Rader: @Tom +1
01:00:29 Gavin McClafferty: @Tom +1
01:01:00 Arthur Ransier: @Balaji — how can we elevate one another within this group? We have buyers, suppliers, and workers involved here. We have folks putting out content consistently.
01:01:09 JC Pinheiro: Any investors who are interested in furthering the mission?
01:01:10 Arthur Ransier: Key approach in the immediate future may be to elevate one another
01:02:04 Steve Rader: @Janice +1
01:02:39 Janice Stevenor Dale: hand selected for certain
01:02:54 Balaji Bondili: + 1 to Mary.
01:03:35 Janice Stevenor Dale: workers, platforms, corporations are some of the groups of folks
01:04:44 Janice Stevenor Dale: Great job!
01:04:54 Andy Barnes: Thanks everyone</pre>

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