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July 16, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

During this call we discuss our recent design sprint which focuses on the open economy ecosystem with the goal of finding a north star for this group to start heading towards.

Chat Room Transcript:

00:17:13 Open Assembly:
00:17:19 John Healy: Welcome Tim Salau!!
00:17:47 Tim S.: HEY JOHN!!!!
00:17:50 Tom Cooke: Mr. Future of Work himself!
00:17:55 Tim S.: WHAT’S UP my brother!
00:18:17 Steve Rader: Great to see you here Tim!!!
00:18:54 Open Assembly:
00:20:33 Open Assembly:
00:20:45 Dyan Finkhousen: Tim’s in the house!! We’re raising our game now!! Welcome!
00:20:45 Tim S.: Grateful to be here!
00:22:21 Mary Mellino: no. you?
00:22:29 Mary Mellino: following up with Dyan next week though.
00:24:28 Chuck Hamilton: A committee I’d like to be a part of a team to curate an inventory of the current open talent players, tools and platforms and find a way to visually map that landscape. ??
00:24:31 Open Assembly: FYI: our design sprint was facilitated by:
00:24:32 Janice Stevenor Dale: Future of Work is Now
00:24:51 Tim S.: It is now!!!
00:24:56 Janice Stevenor Dale: Is there an inventory of professions relative to platforms?
00:24:56 Rich Copsey: @Janice Right on!!
00:25:58 Open Assembly:
00:27:02 Rich Copsey: Liminal Space
00:27:14 Open Assembly:
00:29:45 jon younger: Thank you. Eager to hear more, and help send the message.
00:30:12 Open Assembly:
00:31:06 Darren Murph: Have to drop for a call, looking forward to watching the rest async. Grateful for this group and the passion here!
00:31:28 Open Assembly: Thanks Darren!
00:31:36 Chuck Hamilton: Congratulations team. I need to run early today, see ya soon. Thankful to be playing with you all.
00:31:36 Dyan Finkhousen: Great to catch up Darren!
00:32:13 Dyan Finkhousen: Thanks Chuck!
00:32:19 Balaji Bondili: I want to know what Sajeev’s watch is. I cant concentrate without knowing what it is, and wanting it!
00:32:45 Dyan Finkhousen: Sajeev – let’s see it.. need a close-up!
00:33:37 Open Assembly:
00:34:22 Open Assembly:
00:34:45 Mary Mellino: are you sharing the manifesto with the group?
00:35:24 John Healy: 2Mary…once cleaned up, absolutely!
00:35:31 Open Assembly: Mary – we need to a bit of word smithing!
00:36:02 Steve Rader: When I first met John, Dyan, and Balaji 2 years ago, Balaji made the comment that we were kind of the odd folks in our organizations (I think the island of lost toys ways the image) because of our ideas about the future of work…. Now being part of this larger group really amazing to me to say that we weren’t in fact alone… and we’ve found real community here.
00:36:30 John Healy: !!!! Steve!
00:36:51 Gretta Corporaal: It sounds like you did some interesting deepdives on important FOW topics. Keep me posted on plans re manifesto and the workgroups! Are any notes available on demand-side topics/challenges discussed?
00:36:58 Balaji Bondili: Steve! Yes, lost toys together can be the coolest, diverest collection and become the most awesome.
00:37:19 Open Assembly: Will do Gretta!
00:37:46 Mary Mellino: @Steve – love “island of lots toys” concept. Very fitting.
00:37:48 Ashley Beaudoin: The island of misfit toys! Should that be our new name for the Collective?! 🙂
00:38:14 Alp Sezginsoy: Great, Please keep me posted too @OpenAssembly!
00:38:19 Dyan Finkhousen: OMG the island of misfit toys has been our unofficial mascot for years!!
00:38:34 Cynthia Hansen: Hello, this is Cynthia Hansen of the Adecco Group Foundation. So thrilled to be part of the conversation, as we are a social innovation lab on the future or work. I would love to see how best to contribute to this group and look forward to getting involved. Apologies that I have to drop off now. Thanks for inviting me in.
00:38:56 Tim S.: Wooot! Welcome Cynthia!
00:39:13 Gretta Corporaal: Thanks, do keep me in the loop John! Happy to help document
00:39:21 Dean Bosche: Freddie Laker, fellow DSLR webcam twin!
00:39:29 Open Assembly:
00:39:46 Steve Rader: I got to have my breakout with Freddie and his experience is a fascinating version of the future of work!!!
00:40:19 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey Dean and Freddie – I have a DSLR sitting in the bag waiting to be put to use – need a gadget coach!
00:40:29 Steve Rader: I am super fascinated with all of the different models that folks are trying out there!
00:40:56 Tom O’Malley: Platform Revolution defines trust largely around CURATION
00:43:04 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Balaji referrals are all human centric…digital five stars is not proven trustworthy
00:44:06 Steve Rader: I think this is really a moving target.. traditional org clients are gong to have a very different requirement from someone who is more of a digital/FOW native.
00:44:55 Dyan Finkhousen: @Steve huge difference between digital natives and legacies
00:45:04 Janice Stevenor Dale: While the problem has a complex solution we must move quickly….can the standard be modular, agile and responsive to change?
00:45:08 Balaji Bondili: @Janice – Totally agree. I think ratings become another filter to shortlist, true beginings of trust/ affinity begins in the interview. We never hire anyone without an interview for tasks that we think are heavy on ambiguity.
00:45:22 Dean Bosche: @Freddie speak with Rory Spanier from Toptal if you want to learn how to build trust with clients. Their model unlocked this to the tune of $XXXM/year.
00:45:23 Jon Fredrickson: Frankly, there are at least 4 levels of trust to consider and other hidden layers of trust or risk
00:45:27 Balaji Bondili: Can you replace interviews at some point? Maybe.
00:46:00 Janice Stevenor Dale: Must work with someone at the firm and one year relationship is very heavy….
00:47:04 Pranish Kumar: One of the challenges, is our policy actually prohibits interviews for freelancers (as a means of differentiating full-time talent from non-FTE talent for compliance reasons)
00:47:37 Balaji Bondili: @Pranish – I am not sure that is true.
00:47:51 Balaji Bondili: Your policy! Sorry, I read it as policy.
00:48:00 John Healy: @Pranish…that form of “compliance” is built on overly conservative interpretation of law
00:48:17 Bryan Peña: Great to connect have to drop.
00:48:21 Pranish Kumar: @Balaji, it’s at least true for the Microsoft program today. I’m sure it’s a very conservative view, but this is one of the challenges with large enterprises today.
00:48:54 Steve Rader: I think in 10 years, we’ll look back on resumes and interviews as a crazy biased and inefficient way of finding the right skills and talent to get work done.
00:49:18 Open Assembly:
00:49:21 Pranish Kumar: @Steve – that I definitely agree with, just a matter of getting from where we are today to the future!
00:49:50 Pranish Kumar: In today’s environment or compliance programs are getting more attention/caution added not less.
00:50:29 Dyan Finkhousen: @Pranish… might be worth curating a few introductions for your L&E team to L&E execs at other orgs that have built a comfort level with a more balanced approach.. a thought
00:51:57 Tim S.: Happens to me everytime lol
00:51:58 Pranish Kumar: @Dyan – yes if there’s a forum for that it would be very interesting; I know from the few x-company discussions I’ve sat in, we’re not unique in our conservative approach (there are definitely other large companies in the same boat)
00:52:50 Steve Rader: I look forward to how we have more detailed discussions on trust breaking it down to trust they will are qualified, trust they will complete the task, on time… Trust that they won’t share proprietary info… trust they won’t hack your system if you provision them onto your system… each of these has different implications and is addressed in different ways.
00:52:56 Ty Montague: Gotta drop all. Sounds like great progress being made. V exciting!
00:53:00 Arthur Ransier: @Steve — if we are successful, employees will serve to fulfill core business roles only 🙂 I imagine interviews will continue, but they will be a lot different — less focused on A, B, C skills and more focused on achievements, passion/values and personal objectives
00:54:00 Dyan Finkhousen: @Pranish – I suspect folks on this call might be able to provide suggestions from our respective networks… ping me offline and I can suggest some folks you might want to connect with!
00:54:16 Dyan Finkhousen: Good to see ya Ty!
00:54:28 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Balaji, it must be owned by CEO…profiles in courage
00:56:10 Tom Cooke: Does HR get disrupted itself by self forming teams and self forming companies in the future of work where there is no hybrid of FTE and “independent” workers
00:56:17 Gavin McClafferty: @Arthur – If and when organizations adopt that mindset the results will be game changing! “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” (Saint-Exupéry, 1943).

00:56:47 Jon Fredrickson: What is your most trusted relationship, how long did it take to build it and if you had to trust anyone else at that same level, how long would that take?
00:57:03 Gavin McClafferty: @Arthur – let them self select, motivate them to share and explore their passions.
00:57:34 Steve Rader: (Out of left field) Are there any crowd platforms that work to match members to both paid tasks and altruistic/volunteer efforts? (Just had an interesting conversation with someone about life-balance and those different personal incentives/drivers)?
00:57:38 Balaji Bondili: @Aashir, totally agree.
00:57:40 Dyan Finkhousen: @Jon – Most trusted: John Winsor, Steve Rader, Balaji 🙂
00:58:32 Arthur Ransier: @Gavin – incredible quote love the connection!
00:58:38 Open Assembly:
00:58:38 Balaji Bondili: I need a (Love) emoji for that – Dyan.
00:59:02 Dyan Finkhousen: <3 @Balaji
00:59:03 Tom Cooke: @Steve – we are looking at that idea to give more people opportunity to work in the aerospace industry who may not have the certifications or credentials for traditional employment
00:59:19 Steve Rader: Love this concept of interchangeable parts as the analogy … especially for standard interface work
00:59:25 Dyan Finkhousen: LOVE what you guys are doing at Spacely @Tom!
00:59:50 Balaji Bondili: @Tom O’ – That is awesome!
00:59:59 Dyan Finkhousen: @Mary Mellino – New Division of Labor!
01:00:03 Tom Cooke: Thanks Dyan for your great support!
01:00:06 Steve Rader: @Tom Interesting! Would love to know more.
01:00:07 Dyan Finkhousen: For Sales
01:00:13 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Tom, yes, the complete “clay” of gigOPS is right on.
01:00:50 Steve Rader: Yet
01:01:10 Open Assembly:
01:02:18 Dyan Finkhousen: Have to run everyone – exceptional convo, can’t wait for what’s next! Have an amazing week
01:02:21 Mary Mellino: @Dyan – new division of labored enabled via new data sources to optimize efficiency and outcomes. Moneyball for business.
01:02:22 Steve Rader: Got to drop. Great call!!!
01:02:22 Monica Lucero: @Tom – I always say that Hollywood has been mastering freelance, gigs for 100yrs – this is a way of working and has been for some time. Would love to learn more….
01:02:58 Gavin McClafferty: @Monica – 100% agree.
01:03:12 John Healy: +1 Monica!!
01:03:26 Wade: thx John for your work and thre rest of the spint members
01:03:42 Arthur Ransier: Would love to dedicate a discussion to technology which specifically enables the adoption of open talent models. Not talent marketplaces but platforms that manage payment, compliance, etc. for open talent models</pre>

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