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July 15, 2021 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Call Agenda:

This Center of Transformation of Work meet-up features Dror Gurevich of the Velocity Foundation Network. The Velocity Network Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by Velocity Career Labs, a developer of innovative blockchain technology. The Foundation exists to govern the use of the Velocity Network by all involved parties. Collectively, this includes: Continuously building the rulebook, a common framework that ensures operational consistency and legal clarity for every transaction. Promoting global adoption and support among stakeholders and constituents. Guiding the development of the decentralized protocols. Supporting research and development of applications and associated services. And fostering a community of open-source developers.

Chat Room Transcript:

00:14:52 Todd Brous: That’s never enough time!
00:15:21 Alistair Hofert: We need more time @John – breakouts are awesome!
00:15:55 Chris Link Duarte: One of my favorite things about these meetings! Love the breakouts 🙂
00:16:23 CTW: Jeff Schwartz:
00:16:45 CTW: Gloat:
00:18:11 CTW: Bryan Pena:
00:19:31 CTW: John Healy:
00:20:27 Julie Shannan:
00:21:04 Chris Link Duarte:
00:24:44 CTW: Bryan Pena – Platform Accreditation:
00:26:56 Irma Lukoseviciene:
00:27:18 CTW: Mark Hannant:
00:27:56 Steve Rader: I’ve been really impressed with Velocity ever since I found them.
00:28:12 CTW: Dror Gurevich:
00:28:56 Catherine McGowin: Playbook In Progress Link:
00:28:56 CTW: Velocity Network Foundation:
00:29:06 Robert Jackson: Anyone in this group going to Staffing World ( If so, please ping me so we can be sure to meet up in person!
00:34:03 John Healy:
00:36:27 Carin I Knoop: The bigger challenge is that 1) we all lie all the time and 2) we (employee and employers) don’t know what we want and hence always look for new jobs, new partners, new distractions… if Dror and co can solve for that. we will impact 7.9 billion people…
00:36:55 Arturo Natella: CK – I agree.
00:37:43 Steve Rader: We discussed this issue at some of the earliest OA meetings…
00:38:21 Arturo Natella: Also – is it that we validate x,y,z task, credential, role has been completed but does it verify how?
00:39:41 Carin I Knoop: And how do you solve for credentials being good predictors (or not) of job performance? Plenty of MBAs are terrible managers, for example.
00:39:43 Arturo Natella: * how well they completed?
00:39:48 Julie Shannan: The co-founder of Rackspace, Dirk Elmendorf is working on this same issue with
00:45:40 Todd Brous: I’m a little confused on a few points. 

What if an employee had a “bad experience” in a previous position? How does the employee get past an immutable, and potentially damaging, entry on their career?
00:46:45 Alistair Hofert: What would the approach be to onboard 1 billion people, if this doesn’t yet exist for all citizens / open talent economy?
00:48:07 Arturo Natella: Or for women returning to the workforce after taking raising a family? Functional resumes are very helpful in this situation but not sure if that could happen here.
00:48:47 Balaji Bondili: Impressive group of companies.
00:49:01 Arturo Natella: In that instance, our professional “permanent record” may prohibit a functional resume type of application.
00:49:49 Steve Rader: It will be interesting to see if this architecture can scale to handle parts or all of a single worker’s digital exhaust (that will grow over time as we figure out how to instrument work better)
00:50:54 mark Hannant: A resume is a story and we tell our stories differently depending on the opportunity.
00:52:12 Balaji Bondili: I think is super valuable on binary (did the employment/ contract happen?), which helps recruiters. The manual part of the process is actually the interview which evaluates the impact statement, org fit – this doesn’t solve that.
00:52:26 Arthur Ransier: Todd/Arturo/Mark — I think of this more like a background check, not a resume. Businesses can choose what to do with the information/verified credentials
00:53:43 Todd Brous: @Arthur: I’m not convinced that this is a good thing for a global workforce. It’s GREAT for employers… but this could destroy workers if they have a bad rating or review.
00:54:22 Arthur Ransier: You’re not wrong! The same can be said for background checks, however
00:54:28 Steve Rader: @Todd.. doesn’t that exist no matter what.. this just makes it more transparent for the worker
00:55:39 Steve Rader: This may also be a framework for individuals to reclaim data privacy….
00:55:52 LifeSciHub LLC LLC: @steve ++1
00:56:00 Todd Brous: Ah! Reputation data is not included in the record. That’s a good thing.
00:56:09 Arthur Ransier: +1 Steve — workers can currently request copies of background checks, but they don’t “own” the live data
00:56:27 Alan Korpady: How does this differ from a social credit network?
00:56:59 Chris Link Duarte: One thing I haven’t seen in any of these or other platforms is the global look at religious exemptions. Being able to take religious leave or exemption from vaccines. What happens for native Americans for example that have required ceremonies throughout the year. Are any of these platforms taking into account religious exemptions and time off associated? Or mandatory vaccine policies?
00:57:00 mark Hannant: @Todd it also (probably) discriminates against people who are employed in the informal sector i.e if you’re not on board you go unnoticed/unemployable
00:57:28 Todd Brous: @Mark: +1
00:57:50 Arturo Natella: So would this be used for only roles that require credentials/license?
00:58:13 Steve Rader: But this could also provide gig/freelance worker platforms a mechanism to address trust issues.
00:58:32 Carin I Knoop: May we have the slides? They are super helpful.
00:59:49 Steve Rader: I have to drop off, but thank you Dror! I’ve always been interested in Velocity and I really appreciated the deep dive. I think this is super important for everything we’ve been working on.
01:00:00 Robert Jackson: Is there anything redeeming about the status quo of data and credential verification process?
01:01:32 Todd Brous: I’m sold! I like!
01:03:03 Arthur Ransier: +1 Balaji… this is the greatest gap I see. Businesses will still need to follow existing pre-screening processes IN ADDITION to grabbing verified credentials from Velocity
01:03:20 mark Hannant: Looks like a modern equivalent of the work passes of apartheid-era South Africa
01:04:26 Bryan Peña: Have to jump, this is great discussion. Looking forward to learning more.
01:07:28 LifeSciHub LLC LLC: This is basically the HR equivalent of what a medical record is supposed to be
01:07:39 Todd Brous: My concern… Reputation systems and “social credits” can be dangerous. I’d love to see an “expiration date” on one’s reputation so it can give the individual an opportunity to improve. 
(ie: eBay’s seller review algo).
01:08:01 Balaji Bondili: Dror, love the problem you are looking to solve and hopefully we can participate in the network. I need to drop now.
01:08:37 mark Hannant: Great chat. Thanks Dror.
01:08:40 Todd Brous: Thank you Drop!!!
01:08:59 Robert Jackson: Thanks Dror — !
01:09:00 Carin I Knoop: Yes super interesting — thank you.
01:09:04 LifeSciHub LLC LLC: Great meeting as usual!!
01:09:09 Arturo Natella: Very interesting. Thank you!
01:09:25 Alistair Hofert: Good insights here Dror – thank you!

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