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January 6, 2022 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Steve King and McLean Robbins of MBO Partners present the results of their recent research study, which explores the rise and growth of the creator economy, the attitudes, motivations and demographics of independent creators, and what the creator economy means for the future of work.

Chat room transcript:

00:16:27 Chris Link Duarte: Love the break outs! Nice to meet you Lucas!
00:17:17 Lucas Meyers: You too Link! (I’m here: )
00:17:38 CTW: A bit about CTW history can be found here:
00:17:38 Mafé Rabino: Breakout room is short as always, lol Thank you @Mark Hannant!
00:17:45 Chris “Link” Duarte: Nice! Added you
00:19:35 Lucas Meyers: Open Talent in the context of The Great Resignation of Late 2021 is particularly relevant.
00:20:48 Chris “Link” Duarte: @Lucas absolutely! The Future of Work conversation EXPLODED when the “great awakening” (great resignation) conversation began trending
00:22:45 ashley beaudoin: COOL!
00:23:36 Chris “Link” Duarte: Jon Younger likes to call the great resignation “the great awakening.” I loved that and adopted it 🙂
00:23:59 David Alberts: Is there a link to talk
00:24:25 CTW: Dror Gurevich, CEO of Velocity Network Foundation & Velocity Career Labs:
00:24:34 David Alberts: Thank you
00:25:00 CTW: Chris “Link” Duarte:
00:25:41 Lucas Meyers: “Meaningful” seems to be the key word to fight attrition of devs in this new paradigm. My hope is leaders (like us) understand that inclusion and accessibility awareness and design is as much a part of this as is decentralization.
00:28:57 CTW: Ashley Beaudoin:
00:29:45 CTW: Networked Organization Playbook:
00:30:31 CTW: Mark Hannant:
00:30:58 CTW: Bryan Pena:
00:32:57 Chris “Link” Duarte: Meeee tooo John
00:33:14 Carrie Leonard: Giddy is an underused word!
00:33:22 CTW: Steve King:
00:33:30 John Healy: +1 Carrie!
00:33:33 Lucas Meyers: I like to say “giddy
00:33:42 CTW: McLean Robbins:
00:33:52 Lucas Meyers: But I also wear spurs at Whole Foods in los angeles.
00:34:50 CTW: Report:
00:37:05 Todd Brous: Mr. Beast is an outlier. 
What does the rest of the ecosystem look like?
00:37:49 CTW: 87.5 million followers:
00:39:47 Lucas Meyers: I’ve seen the term “remora” used to define faux-creators (a bit nicer than the term clout chaser).
00:40:09 Todd Brous: Is the 4.4M a part of the 7.1M?
00:40:19 McLean Robbins: The 4.4 and 7.1 are separate
00:40:33 Todd Brous: thanks
00:40:44 Mark Hannant: Do you have data for other regions? Asia?
00:41:10 McLean Robbins: We only track US for our data at present
00:42:49 Chris “Link” Duarte: We are also looking to define the language around who the “workforce” is. I currently have a running list of about 13 different “types” of workers. The language is growing for sure and it makes it difficult to show the data of this growing arena
00:44:11 Arthur Ransier: I’ve seen similar data about the creator economy skewing more male, which is interesting; the inverse is true for marketing/advertising/PR professions in general
00:44:56 Chris “Link” Duarte: Historically, research didn’t provide more options than male or female. Because transgender advocacy has done so much to expand research to measure 3rd gender categories has allowed people to identify and be counted- hence we see an increase of gender neutral identified
00:46:55 Arthur Ransier: That’s fascinating as well. I finished watching a TEDtalk this morning about how younger generations lack creativity — because of their downtime being spent on their phones (which eliminates “boredom” and the creativity that comes with it)
00:47:22 Arthur Ransier: Begs the question, are they “creating” or “parroting”?
00:47:43 Chris “Link” Duarte: I suspect that Gen Z will be the predominate as we develop more benefits in the creator economy sector
00:48:16 McLean Robbins: Arthur, based on what I see on TikTok that’s a very apt statement : )
00:50:01 Denise Brouder: I wonder about the correlation between prevailing attitudes and the historically low birth rate in the US, in terms of the determinants
00:50:21 Alan Korpady: Has anyone looked into the loss of idealism as a function of workforce tenure correlation?
00:52:13 Chris “Link” Duarte: Is the low wage demonstrative of the workforce who are using this work are doing it as supplemental work to their full time job?
00:52:52 Bryan Pena: the barrier to entry is so low, I imagine it will evolve similarly to traditional creative careers. Like acting or musicians
00:52:59 Bryan Pena: Or realtors
00:53:19 Bryan Pena: Due to the level of competition
00:53:37 McLean Robbins: Good point BP
00:54:18 Chris “Link” Duarte: I think also, that this work requires the creator to be their own boss, accountant, operations, HR etc. It is very difficult to manage it all as an independent worker
00:54:23 Todd Brous: Do you have info on the source of income? Was it the platform directly (ie YouTube revenue), or indirectly (ie Patreon)?
00:54:41 McLean Robbins: ^self reported and not specific to platform per our capture
00:55:01 Todd Brous: 👍
00:55:44 Chris “Link” Duarte: Fulfilling work
00:56:57 Alan Korpady: Income and wealth inequality is, according to some like Thomas Pickett, a characteristic of the economy as a whole and is growing. How does that fit?
00:57:30 Denise Brouder: the companies that raised $ – are they creators? or provide technology / services to build the creator economy?
00:58:14 Alan Korpady: Sorry Piketty.
00:59:59 Alan Korpady: Any correlation between creator economy and Blockchain?
01:00:03 ashley beaudoin: Love this research, super fascinating
01:00:17 Alan Korpady: Especially NFT’s?
01:00:45 ashley beaudoin: @John I just bought Jimmy Chin’s new photography (coffee table) book 😉
01:01:26 Chris “Link” Duarte: Thank you Steve and McLean
01:01:32 Mark Hannant: Would love to discuss how we can expand the research into other regions
01:03:30 stephen wellbelove: Thank you, interesting session
01:05:23 Mafé Rabino: Thank you everyone! Happy New Year . . .
01:05:54 CTW: Osarumen Osama i.:
01:05:56 Barry Matthews: Awesome job – thank you – I think we will see exponential growth of the creator economy as web3.0 (NFTs) and particularly the metaverse expands
01:06:26 Alan Korpady: Has any attention been paid to the position of IP regulators
01:06:35 Mark Hannant: Super session. Thanks
01:06:39 McLean Robbins: Thanks for having us all!
01:06:42 Todd Brous: Thanks everyone!!!
01:06:51 David Alberts: Thank you so much for interesting conversation
01:06:52 Alan Korpady: Thanks everyone
01:07:15 Mafé Rabino: Great Session! Thank you Steve and McLeelan!
01:07:18 Arthur Ransier: Happy New Year!
01:07:20 Arthur Ransier: Cheers
01:07:21 Stephen Lepke: Take care!

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