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January 21, 2021 @ 2:00 pm (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Chat room transcript:

00:04:34 Mafé Rabino: Warm Greetings Everyone!!!
00:06:55 Jamie Elliott: welcome Shah!
00:07:37 Shah Ramezani: Thanks Guys!
00:08:15 Rich Copsey: @Mike me too!!
00:08:24 John Healy: +1 Mike!
00:08:28 Todd Brous: Hey Ty!!
00:08:54 Ty Montague: Hey Todd!
00:09:02 Shah Ramezani: Shah Ramezani, CEO and Founder of CodeMonk. a human cloud platform for engineering teams. Previously, Asia General Manager at The Hut Group where I was last heading up their Asia team across multiple business lines (Left end of 2019). Prior to that held various Investment Analyst roles at a London Based Hedge Fund, UBS & Lazard.
00:09:04 Steve Rader: “Scale” That is definitely the case at NASA!
00:10:56 Arthur Ransier: Hi Jeff! Thanks for joining
00:12:13 Andy Tanyatanaboon:
00:12:16 Lucas Meyers: Scared is GOOD! Go get it Andy!
00:12:24 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Thanks Lucas!
00:13:37 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Our customers are very needy bunch, High end biotech Investors and PhD Biotech Scientists so if we can do it anyone can do it..
00:14:57 David Boghossian: David Boghossian, CEO of Insight 2 Impact a product development group in Cambridge MA. My interest is in the innovation use case for open talent. Frequently corporate innovation needs to be sheltered from corporate systems and si perfect of open talent models. I believe scaling that use case might be one of the “chasm crossing” areas to focus on. Agree with Michael….scaling is the word.
00:16:06 sheila mahoney: OK Janice- you need to tell some stories
00:16:23 Andy Tanyatanaboon: B Corp! Yaay!
00:16:55 CTW: HI all! Don’t miss our podcasts including the latest with Chris Stanton.
00:17:23 Andy Tanyatanaboon: feeling the love
00:18:21 CTW: Welcome Stephen!
00:18:27 Shah Ramezani: Welcome!
00:18:54 Steve Rader: Hey TIM!!! Great to see you!
00:19:23 stephen wellbelove: thanks everyone
00:20:42 CTW:
00:20:46 stephen wellbelove: i’m raising at glass at 21.21 as it will be the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century
00:21:14 CTW:
00:21:55 Andy Tanyatanaboon: clever Stephen! *raising glass*
00:22:27 CTW:
00:24:28 Matt Neal:
00:26:17 Steve Rader: @David +1
00:26:27 CTW:
00:26:57 stephen wellbelove:
00:27:06 Steve Rader:
00:27:11 James Wright: LOVE THAT David!!
00:27:13 Steve Rader: Too cool
00:28:03 Steve Rader: @Lucas… would love to hear more
00:34:03 David Boghossian:
00:34:22 Lucas Meyers:
00:34:59 Shah Ramezani:
00:35:39 Janice Stevenor Dale: just ordered his book!
00:36:18 San Rahi: +1
00:36:18 Mafé Rabino: Please type the Book Title.
00:36:33 Lucas Meyers:
00:36:52 Mafé Rabino: hank you @Lucas!
00:37:05 Shah Ramezani: Will get it!
00:37:15 CTW: OA Podcasts:
00:37:38 Mafé Rabino: I mean: Thank you @Lucas for the book link.
00:41:30 CTW:
00:45:18 Chris Link Duarte: That’s amazing!
00:45:28 Chris Link Duarte: Thank you Stephanie
00:46:58 Chuck Hamilton: I know the folks at Thinkific and I’m local to them. If it helps to have a local lead here, let me know.
00:47:17 Bernard Pracko:
00:47:29 Janice Stevenor Dale: just introduced an entrepreneurial company who specialize in insects to the food challenge #orchestraprovisions
00:47:54 CTW: NASA report:
00:52:50 Rich Copsey: reduce, or better remove the friction
00:53:04 Steve Rader: @aBalaji! +1… we are thinking that identity management might be the hub
00:53:10 David Boghossian: +1 Balaji
00:53:11 Steve Rader: Like Mess is working at tc
00:53:31 San Rahi: Nice @Balaji!
00:53:52 Lucas Meyers: OA/CTW Reading List would be awesome.
00:53:54 Chris Link Duarte: Jerrys book is amazing. I am a few chapters in
00:54:17 Ashley Beaudoin: +1 Lucas
00:54:19 Jeffrey Bojar: +1 Lucas
00:56:10 Steve Rader: I thought Jon Younger’s video he posted to help freelancers get started was good:
00:56:52 Rich Copsey: @John I need this book ASAP! You’re describing exactly what I am drawing up now
00:57:25 Chuck Hamilton: Space Poop challenge is both a great story and model to replicate
00:57:29 Steve Rader: Existing companies have so many barriers: digital infrastructure, culture, existing processes/structures….
00:57:55 Steve Rader: @Chuck +1…. And the follow on… “Lunar Loo”
00:58:21 Terri Gallagher: And Also, companies overwhelmed with talent tech choices and what part of talent supply strategy to technology enable
00:58:23 Lucas Meyers: Balaji = Bajaji Bondili / Pixel / Deloitte?
00:58:38 Balaji Bondili: Yes! Hey hey Lucas!
00:59:19 Chuck Hamilton: Yes these stories speak to the idea that simple and large complex problems all benefit from crowd.
00:59:22 David Boghossian: I’m thinking playbooks for different industries and use cases that put the resources together in one place to get an open talent project done successfully.
00:59:32 Steve Rader: Balaji = Awesome shoes
01:00:10 Mafé Rabino: It can be several books.
01:00:11 Janice Stevenor Dale: Not cookie cutter solutions anyway…so many different personalities, cultures, direction
01:00:57 Janice Stevenor Dale: “home grown vs freelance”
01:01:22 Janice Stevenor Dale: benefits package
01:01:27 Steve Rader: @Balaji… I agree it hasn’t been proven in all scales/context… but I do think there are lots of successes… just in unique situations and smaller contexts
01:01:49 Lucas Meyers: The Myopia Effect.
01:01:49 Balaji Bondili: @Steve = totally agree!
01:01:55 Chuck Hamilton: For the last few years I’ve been applying open talent thinking to small companies and startups. I feel that this segment of the customer set needs to be further highlighted
01:02:05 Steve Rader: @Shiela +1
01:02:19 Terri Gallagher: Completely agree @chuck Hamilton
01:02:19 Mafé Rabino: Can we save the chat?
01:02:56 Jamie Elliott: @Mafe yup, right hand side of the chat pod; File button 🙂
01:02:57 Steve Rader: I think if you hit select all and copy you can paste it into a doc.
01:03:18 Steve Rader: Jamie’s is a much better solution…lol
01:03:29 Chuck Hamilton: That function needs to be turned on by Brandon
01:03:33 Chris Link Duarte: since we switched over this January, we cannot copy and paste
01:04:10 Balaji Bondili: @chris you are right. I just tried
01:04:16 Lucas Meyers: Time to bust out the “Hindsight is 2020” puns. Or not.
01:04:20 Andy Tanyatanaboon: It is a setting within zoom meeting setup
01:04:22 Andy Tanyatanaboon: about the copy
01:04:29 Chris Link Duarte: I am committed for 2021 that rural communities will catch up 🙂 Thank you!
01:04:32 Andy Tanyatanaboon: just go into the setting on the meeting itself for next time

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