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February 18, 2021 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Today’s Center for the Transformation of Work call featured a presentation from Bryan Pena of Defiant Solutions about platform credentialing, as well a look at the updated open talent landscape and framework on a learning management system.

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Chat room transcript:

00:03:39 Lucas Meyers: Keep all faucets on a trickle if you are in an area that is freezing and isn’t built for such weather….
00:04:52 Mark Hannant: Hello everyone. Good to see you all after a long time
00:08:22 CTW: Podcast with Steve Hatfield from Deloitte:
00:14:05 CTW: Podcast with Bryan Pena from Defiant Solutions:
00:14:44 Carin-Isabel Knoop: UHU welcome — I am from Eutin, SH. Moin moin!
00:14:45 Chris Link Duarte: Can OA enable the chat to “copy”
00:17:42 CTW: OAQ stands for Open Assembly Quarterly reports:
00:19:26 Lucas Meyers: “Competency for Currency”. Nice.
00:19:59 CTW: Org we are modeling for the CTW:
00:23:40 Alistair Hofert: How does one deal with intelligent automation that mimicks the human mind? Especially when machines learn from humans – how does one deal with that?
00:24:15 Jeffrey BOJAR: Minimum standards with a path to leveling up your game sounds like a great way to start. Meet all platforms where they are.
00:24:44 Steve Rader: @Jeffrey BOJAR +1
00:25:11 Jeffrey BOJAR: okay.
00:26:18 Andy Tanyatanaboon: So this is to evaluate the open talent platform and not the company who would request the talent right?
00:26:40 john winsor: it is.
00:27:29 Arthur Ransier: Let’s not forget that folks can fall into multiple buckets… e.g., a software engineering marketplace may want to tap into a marketing or Accounting/Finance marketplace
00:27:48 Janice Stevenor Dale: LEED was successful due to its alignment with a certain group of industry aligned individuals who would receive benefit from the enactment of the standard…you might think about how this model is might be applied to a similar structure, if a similar success is the goal. Our firm was an early contributor to LEED and may have insights.
00:27:52 Chris Link Duarte: So is a goal to eventually host. as a platform, a locator to find an “approved” open source platforms?
00:27:52 Arthur Ransier: seems a bit meta, but marketplaces may be one of the biggest users of marketplaces
00:27:57 Ashley Beaudoin: I like the last one on Talent Value Add – it reminds us that we need to prioritize the needs and preferences of talent and not just the needs and preferences of the platforms, and of the enterprise.
00:28:43 Lucas Meyers: The correlation between growth/advancement and education of the individual and stickiness is interesting.
00:28:58 Jeffrey BOJAR: @bryanpena – sign me up to lean on on the “Trust” plank –
00:29:05 Chris Link Duarte: I think sharing that you run a unique set of metrics to assess as well so that you set yourself apart
00:29:40 Paul Murcott: Scott Galloway (aka prof G) talk all the time about Cert is important. Even in today’s Prof G podcast episode
00:29:42 John Healy: happy to engage @Bryan
00:30:52 Satish Kumar: @Bryan, I would love to engage with this.
00:32:30 Lucas Meyers: I would suggest you make concrete definitions around culture, inclusion and data integrity- specific criteria – lest they be weaponized.
00:33:02 Todd Brous: @Lucas: +1
00:34:36 Janice Stevenor Dale: Fantastic work! So fluid…
00:35:18 David Messinger: on they diagram what if you separated by scale or focus like enterprise vs SMB?
00:36:20 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Has a discussion of “magic quadrant” of open talent platforms be one feasible output/product? With this giant listing of possible options carving up who the top leaders and innovators will help companies identify who are excelling in the pillars that Brian mentioned earlier
00:37:11 Steve Rader: Nice job Catherine!
00:37:17 Jeffrey BOJAR: @Andy +1
00:37:20 Chris DeLaurentis: Have you looked at white labeling Trailhead by SFDC at all?
00:39:25 Balaji Bondili: @andy T – love Magic Quadrant – I think helps identifying who is better.
00:39:33 Lucas Meyers: LearnWorlds has decent Accessibility functionality you can add but it has to be implemented. The Zoom/captioning function (WebVTT generation) is one such element. Please look into taking the #GAADPledge and ensuring your site (and project) is Accessibility optimized.
00:40:41 Steve Rader: Thanks Lucas, I’ll add that to our Advocacy work stream list.
00:40:41 David Messinger: I also really like the Thoughtworks tech radar as another format option
00:41:14 David Messinger: have never tried it, but they have a way to help you build your own too that might be helpful
00:41:24 Andy Tanyatanaboon: @Balaji it can help bring this world of Open Talent back to the familiar that businesses are used to.
00:41:54 Balaji Bondili: Yes, and also a hype cycle for any new approaches that we are seeing as a community.
00:42:03 Andy Tanyatanaboon: +1 Balaji
00:42:26 Janice Stevenor Dale: If we’re teaching, utilize Gardner’s intelligences to guide the creation of the case studies…less white paper, more quick exec summary/communication.
00:42:50 Andy Barnes: I missed all the January meetings and only realise today how much I miss hearing you all speak about the Future of Work etc …. Plenty of people in the UK still stuck on innovation being an online job board/electronic signature lol … anyway – just nice to be back in the room.
00:43:27 Stacie Joosten: +1 @Andy
00:45:14 Arthur Ransier: There were a number of CTAs on the call today. Is a follow up email possible, to serve as a recap for the folks on the call today and to reach the full group?
00:45:17 Mafé Rabino: We also have to consider the jobs that could be vulnerable to AI automation.
00:45:22 Lucas Meyers: More on GAAD:
00:46:10 Janice Stevenor Dale: must have steps for companies that are using a majority of open sourcing now…
00:46:11 Mark Gordon: yes, great idea!
00:46:13 Mark Gordon: clubhouse
00:46:29 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Clubhouse is the new digital crack
00:46:41 Chris DeLaurentis:
00:46:45 Arthur Ransier: I have a few invites to clubhouse for folks that need it
00:46:47 Lucas Meyers: I have ~6 clubhouse invites to give
00:46:53 David Messinger: I have some invites if you have an iOS device
00:46:59 Lucas Meyers: send me a note I’ll send you an invite
00:47:17 Arthur Ransier: Likewise, for an invite to clubhouse (need to have an iPhone)
00:47:22 John Healy: …send me an invite!
00:47:52 Arthur Ransier: also need to have your contact on my phone, so need phone # etc. Include that in your email! 😀
00:47:53 Mark Gordon: new format: people can talk to each other vs more listening on a podcast
00:48:19 Carin-Isabel Knoop: and open talent people to join a platform that is tied to a super expensive device is interesting from an inclusion side…
00:48:20 Janice Stevenor Dale: groundswell
00:48:42 Peña Bryan: @carin
00:48:52 Katrin Press: Would be great to connect in Clubhouse
00:49:29 Carin-Isabel Knoop: chasing the next dopamine dispenser…
00:49:44 Mark Gordon: It might to the way of pokemon go or not.. who knows
00:49:45 Ashley Beaudoin: @Carin Hahaha +1
00:49:47 Balaji Bondili: CARIN – YES!!! Hence my hesitation!
00:49:49 Lucas Meyers: Clubhouse is lacking in responsibility codes at its inception which I believe means inevitable devolution into the basement of fringe groups. Yuck. Enjoy it while you can. Another case we can all learn from.
00:50:14 stephen wellbelove: any notices on upcoming podcasts John ? I believe you and Barry have one on 24th Feb?
00:51:05 Barry Matthews: Its a live event on 24th
00:52:11 Barry Matthews: Some awesome speakers John, Mike Morris, Paul Quigley CEO Kelly, Matt Mottolla, Adrian from WEF etc etc
00:53:14 Andy Tanyatanaboon: From the Future of Work standpoint getting on Clubhouse and establishing a stake in the ground is important because there are already people speaking about it on the platform but with no organization – yet
00:53:45 CTW: Thanks Andy T!
00:54:13 CTW: Balaji and John with MBO Partners last week:
00:54:20 Mark Gordon: I agree, Andy. We don’t know if Clubhouse will stick, but if it doesn’t, it could elevate whatever org is the first to take the lead in clubhouse on each big topic
00:54:38 Mark Gordon: ** I mean if it DOES stick it could elevate…
00:55:20 Lucas Meyers: Back in the days of intense RFP/RFI replies I used and it was pretty great.
00:57:05 Chris Link Duarte: Question somewhat related: Are there any open talent platforms that serve lower level jobs- Referencing accessibility by veterans, prison re-entry, disabled, blue collar etc.?
00:57:06 Carin-Isabel Knoop: @Balaji comment: I think this is what Rangam Nish Patel and Kelly services did with sourcing neurodiverse talent
00:58:10 Steve Rader: @Link +1
00:58:13 Lucas Meyers: #BalajiFanclub. Makes me want to use Deloitte services.
00:59:08 Peña Bryan:
00:59:11 Karina Rehavia: Fiverr + Working not Working on acquisitions…
00:59:36 Catherine McGowin: Thanks, Karina!
01:00:30 CTW:
01:01:14 Steve Rader: Got to run. Great meeting! Thanks!
01:02:35 Mark Gordon: thanks everyone
01:02:53 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Great meetup! see everyone on Clubhouse 😉 if you need an invite please reach out to me, I have many available –
01:03:20 Alp Sezginsoy: Thanks everyone
01:03:23 Lucas Meyers: Gotta run, thanks all. I’ve a few Clubhouse invites to give as well
01:03:47 Sünter jülide: Need to leave – thanks a lot – a Wonderful Meeting –


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