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February 11, 2021 @ 2:00 pm (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Chat room transcript:

00:10:43 Steve Rader: Or we could use S&H green stamps for older folks

00:11:22 Open Assembly: Here is braintrust token overview:

This is their overview in typeform

00:11:25 Steve Rader: LIDAR is super cool Balaji! I am going to explain it to you over drinks some time!
00:15:38 Balaji Bondili: Yes, I use it every time when I scroll on social media when I am driving at 60 miles an hour.
00:15:54 Steve Rader: Erik/John… and if I’m not mistaken… per Balaji’s point, there will likely many users in the ecosystem that don’t care or need to understand it.
00:20:51 Steve Rader: A key question I’ve heard as well is, “is this the right time to work this?” (Pros and cons)
00:21:14 Steve Rader: For some, it seems that this is early to talk this….
00:25:15 Open Assembly:
00:28:58 Keith Berlin: I have to jump to another call. Brandon, will you send the recording?
00:52:28 David Messinger: Unfortunately I have to run, have a great everyone
00:53:32 Sanjay Sharma: I have to step out. great conversation. Looking forward to the next one.
00:53:58 Steve Rader: John/Catherine/Brandon…. Maybe for later, but I’ve had a few folks in CTW tell me that they are still a bit confused about the OA/CTW division … may be something we help clarify in comms
00:56:10 Steve Rader: FYI.. . my Advocacy work stream team is planning to do their first meeting on Monday morning.
00:56:19 Steve Rader: Good response from the team
00:56:51 Erik Stettler: I got some invites to Clubhouse and had to Google it to figure out what it is
00:56:58 Erik Stettler: (This was two days ago)
00:57:05 catherinemcgowin: That’s awesome, Steve.

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