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December 3, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Today’s call featured the release of rough draft graphic of the open marketplace on a Mural board and a great discussion about the Center for the Transformation of Work.


Chat room transcript:

00:15:11 Andy Tanyatanaboon: I assume since your here your not going to Marily’s thing right?

00:23:01 Lucas Meyers: *In 2 zooms.. this and Marily’s

00:23:56 Open Assembly:

00:24:21 Alistair: John is surfing instead of working… this dimension of thinking…but actually fixes large problems

00:25:31 Chris “Link” Duarte: That’s a great point

00:26:32 carin knoop: @alistair–be nice! he is tracking the next wave in OT!

00:26:54 Open Assembly:

00:27:03 Andy Tanyatanaboon: If you were to allowed to be live anywhere, and have your own flexible schedule, would there still be a need for a lot of PTO or Vacation time? curious what your thoughts on this

00:27:38 Steve Rader: @Andy +1

00:28:27 Chris “Link” Duarte: Andy Yes. PTO is still needed because with the expectation that since you are always home- you are always available.  We still need PTO to get our work to leave us alone and also the feeling of free when we step away

00:28:56 Chuck Hamilton: Looking to chat with anyone on the team who is interested in discussing how Leadership changes in the era of Open Talent. New tools and support and micro expertise.

00:29:00 Chris “Link” Duarte: What is this white board app again?

00:29:07 Steve Rader: Mural

00:29:09 Open Assembly:

00:30:04 San Rahi: @Andy I believe so – I still need space where I don’t need to decide anything

00:30:07 Chris “Link” Duarte: Thank you! Im totally using this for some of my workgroups

00:30:08 Steve Rader: Google also provides a super simple version of a shared whiteboard (Jamboard) that is part of their Suite.

00:30:49 Chris “Link” Duarte: Ive used jamboard too but always looking for cool new tools to engage people on online meetings…some online meetings have become dull

00:30:56 San Rahi: @Chuck – Leadership becomes a Service function?

00:31:42 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Andy, we live this and yes, one still needs down time until traditional schedules, centered around school changes.

00:31:52 Alistair: Where does OA feature in all these competitive platforms?

00:32:35 San Rahi: @Alistair – the Sherpa?

00:32:49 Tom Cooke: GigWage is a growing one to Balaji’s point

00:33:53 Chris “Link” Duarte: Would you be willing to share this slide?

00:33:54 Andy Tanyatanaboon: If a company “trusts” you to manage your own flexible time, couldn’t you just put in time off whenever you see fit vs trying to force it through a PTO or Vacation process? With companies who have switched to “unlimited vacation” they abandon the concept already of fixed time off

00:34:01 Rebecca Benson: @Bryan – agree with the differentiation / classification comment.

00:34:18 James Wright: Here’s another approach of slicing and dicing that I’ve seen work well in the DevOps space –

00:35:21 Terri Gallagher: agreed @Andy, it’s about outcomes and delivery, then take the time you need to refresh and replenish.  Bonus: the flexibility is huge attraction strategy.

00:35:41 Barry Matthews: I think it’s a great start and the first one that I’ve seen that summarises all of the platforms in a structured and thoughtful way – as the industry grows it’s going to get even more complex!

00:36:45 Arturo Natella: Through my career coaching work I’ve been turning people to platforms but the one question I get is which one there are so many. Where do I start? I think this is an issue for both supply and demand.

00:36:53 Open Assembly:

00:37:51 Alistair: Yes, San!

00:37:52 Tom Cooke: Maybe that’s why people go to Amazon because it’s a lot easier going there where they can tap into a marketplace of marketplaces

00:37:54 Open Assembly:

00:37:59 carin knoop: @Arturo–great question, I wonder how corporates answer this question too from the demand side. probably word of mouth?

00:38:35 Open Assembly:

00:38:56 Steve Rader: I always think of the crowd platform model as being a better way to match needs with solutions in a more efficient way… now with lots of platform options, there is a real opportunity for macro level matching platforms (like the one’s on the left).

00:39:35 Arturo Natella: @ Carin Knoop – word of mouth seems to be the way for now – but I think centralization is needed going forward.

00:39:46 Chris “Link” Duarte: Innovative minds 🙂

00:40:23 Tom Cooke: @Steve – So Deloitte and Kelly are the entry point and they reach into the various platforms based on what need they have?

00:41:09 carin knoop: perhaps we should launch the Yelp of OT platforms! 😉

00:41:12 Open Assembly:

00:41:15 Chris “Link” Duarte: This is the hour I look most forward to every week.  I am always sad when I have a schedule conflict.  I have learned so much, made new friends, and feel as though I have like-minded circles to express myself in.  I love this group

00:41:18 Steve Rader: It would be interesting to start documenting the differentiating factors for each platform…

00:42:32 Open Assembly:

00:42:38 Alistair: @San – you can’t explain to your mother but you can convince world leaders to buy you in 1 week…

00:44:28 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Perhaps a Magic Quadrant approach of Open talent platforms

00:45:19 Alistair: Based on Stephanie’s question….should we speak about standardisation, accreditation and the linkages to OA to connect the demand and supply side?

00:45:27 San Rahi: @Alistair my mum is harder to bribe

00:45:42 Rich Copsey: Looks to me like there is a platform offering missing which could sit between “ways to access…” and “external platforms”    I thought Catalant and Spigit had been looking into that…

00:45:52 Chris “Link” Duarte: Maybe it’s an opportunity to build a “union” between platforms.  Are they just all in competition to outdo each other or is there a lot of overlap but using multiple brand names

00:45:53 carin knoop: perhaps we could post the mural and crowdsource input? we could set some criteria — #people on platform #months in operation etc

00:45:57 Jeff Doi: @san, ha!

00:46:12 Janice Stevenor Dale: models and laddering up is a worthy exercise for those who follow

00:46:17 Alistair: @San – your mom is the boss, and I fear her

00:46:28 Steve Rader: One of the big challenges to capturing all for that differentiating info for platforms is that many of the platforms are changing rapidly and always adding new capabilities.

00:47:23 Arthur Ransier: Will CTW provide certs at the layer between Org/MSP, MSP/Platform and Platform/Talent?

00:47:41 Arthur Ransier: (or offer best practices for each layer)

00:47:48 Ashley Beaudoin: +1 Arthur

00:48:34 Open Assembly:

00:48:49 carin knoop: +1 tom

00:48:54 Chris “Link” Duarte: @Arthur good thought.  I would imagine that policy minds are needed to create protocols, best practices etc.  I think we are still so behind with global models that have varying security measures they must take- or are lacking

00:49:08 Steve Rader: I am still struck by how similar our problem is to the open API/network service model that has been put together over the past 15 years…. Talent or solutions as an API may be an interesting model.

00:49:41 Tom Cooke: +1 Steve

00:49:51 Janice Stevenor Dale: aligning to the corporate structure is a way to move existing…show innovation leaders with flattened structure, others with more traditional structures and those in the middle, and those entrepreneurs who are starting new today

00:49:55 Chris “Link” Duarte: YES Julia!

00:50:04 Steve Rader: I think that the OA community is actually a good example of how emerging community and culture are evolving…

00:50:46 Jamie Elliott: Hi everyone. New here. I manage challenge competitions, mostly in the US but am located in Germany. Excited to meet everyone. Thanks for having me. Impressive stuff.

00:51:06 Steve Rader: Welcome Jamie!

00:51:07 Chris “Link” Duarte: Steve +1.  I am actually modeling this community with the creation of the rural thought leaders network.  Culture is so important to keep and maintain

00:51:10 Janice Stevenor Dale: We should follow timelines as announced by CDC, as there’s a time for modifications to be considered

00:52:21 Open Assembly:

00:56:11 Chuck Hamilton: Note to all, that we welcome folks to our SLACK collaboration space called 4OpenTalent. Just reach out and I’ll add you in

00:56:26 James Wright: 100 percent agree Alistair!

00:58:54 Steve Rader: While I like the idea of accessing the “best in class” talent, I also wonder if we need to find a way to talk about value-based talent that platforms can make available.. where talent may be available for lower cost for freelancers that are still building skills.

00:59:36 Steve Rader: Again…. Just trying to figure out how we amplify the opportunity of those that are trying to upskill

01:00:07 Iman Fadaei: @Steve we built this for student freelancers at

01:00:57 San Rahi: @Steve 100% agree – we qualified Best-in-class for that reason i.e. within that class

01:01:08 Erin McDermott: @Steve Or looking at it from the supply side — I encourage freelancers that want to learn new skills to team up with freelancers that are experts in those specific things. The learner takes a lower cut, the teacher takes a higher cut and the demand side seems the same competency level of output work in the end.

01:01:10 Andy Tanyatanaboon: +1 Steve, I think for this to really take off it can’t be just about the best talent but all talent

01:01:45 Todd Brous: @Erin:  how realistic is that?  Does that actually work?

01:01:57 Todd Brous: @Andy:  +1

01:02:00 Erin McDermott: I’ve been able to add on specialties myself!

01:02:44 Steve Rader: @Erin… love the teaming/mentoring model! I would love for all platforms to offer/facilitate that kind of arrangement.

01:03:22 Steve Rader: A community that is constantly upskilling has better odds of retaining their members on the platform while increasing the capabilities of their community.  Win-Win

01:03:33 Jeff Davis: Paper is in the open commons – Jeff

01:03:46 Terri Gallagher: to @erin platforms are doing this now with upskilling components; sr. talent training jr. talent then presenting to clients as a training transformation journey.

01:04:11 Terri Gallagher: to @erin…so you are not crazy. 🙂

01:04:37 Erin McDermott: lol thanks @Terri

01:04:50 Alistair: Machine learning brain profiling is a thing….

01:06:06 Open Assembly:

01:07:18 Steve Rader: The value of “open”

01:07:30 Steve Rader: “Know when to hold em’

01:08:15 Tom Cooke: I like the extreme sports model.  Guys and girls keep pushing each other and has raised the game significantly in a short amount of time

01:09:02 Rebecca Benson: @Erin @Steve, agree. Seems that I am seeing more and more projects primarily needing the tech skills, but have a small nuance of accounting/finance awareness that would lead to collaboration among freelancers

01:10:00 Open Assembly: If anyone new to the group would like to take part in the “work streams” please send email to

01:10:03 Steve Rader: @Rebecca very interesting!  Would love to learn more

01:10:07 Arthur Ransier: Nice!

01:10:14 San Rahi: Lovely to see you all! Gotta run.

01:11:08 Chuck Hamilton: Merging the Marketing and Education team soon as well. 🙂

01:11:36 Craig Terblanche: The more you give the more you get, be more open…

01:11:37 Steve Rader: As always… great discussion!  Thanks John!

01:11:57 Steve Rader: Nobody puts John Healy in a corner

01:12:08 Alex Wente: Lol steve

01:12:19 Stacie Joosten: Lol steve

01:12:29 carin knoop: thank you all!

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