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December 17, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

On today’s call we give thanks and gratitude for our community and look forward to 2021 with positivity and optimism for the open economy.

Chat room transcript:

00:09:31 San Rahi (he/him): Quick write up on our Open Innovation platform in FastCo today
00:09:33 San Rahi (he/him):
00:09:54 San Rahi (he/him):
00:10:02 Gavin McClafferty: @San – congratulations!
00:10:31 Chris “Link” Duarte: Good morning everyone from Arizona
00:11:03 Open Assembly: Barry and Eleanor >>
00:11:04 Maria Fe Rabino: Happy Holidays Everyone!
00:11:29 David Boghossian: Good morning from snowy Vermont. 2 feet and counting!
00:12:07 carin knoop: John of course!
00:12:08 Chris “Link” Duarte: Nice David. I cant say I am envious. We have a high today of 67
00:28:10 Janice Stevenor Dale: Nice hat Chuck!
00:29:00 Steve Rader: Every time…. I get cut off mid-sentance
00:29:01 carin knoop: none of us could foresee our jobs
00:29:08 Terri Gallagher Gallagher & Co: AI and Robitics are going to elevate humans not take away
00:29:36 Catherine McGowin: We had such an amazing breakout group! Really made me realize how much we can learn from each other.
00:30:14 Chuck Hamilton: Adding link for Arrow
00:30:15 carin knoop: good timing!
00:30:20 Chris “Link” Duarte: Way cool Jery
00:31:02 David Cameron: Hello, San!!!
00:31:50 Open Assembly: Jerry Wind’s new book:
00:32:25 Open Assembly:
00:33:09 San Rahi (he/him):
00:33:24 Open Assembly: Great stuff San!!
00:33:33 Laura McLeod: Congrats, great work San
00:33:48 Open Assembly:
00:34:34 Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab: Wow John, huge!
00:34:48 San Rahi (he/him): Please tell your networks to sign up and submit a solution. There’s so much to be done to meet the 2030 challenges and it will take all of us.
00:34:54 Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab: @John – (Also, hello from 2 hours east in coastal North Carolina)
00:35:39 John Healy: Hey @darren….getting ready to open up a new place in Wilmington, NC
00:35:54 Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab: Love it!
00:36:38 Gavin McClafferty: @John – that’s a really nice touch!
00:37:22 John Healy: if anyone is trying to track me down…
00:38:06 Andy Tanyatanaboon: thanks John! wonderful hearing about your exciting transition and very excited for your next chapter in life
00:39:21 carin knoop: Happy Holidays everyone, back to “captive talent” work! See you in 2021. Woot! Carin
00:39:22 Steve Rader: Too cool!!
00:39:22 Open Assembly: Here are the instructions to:
00:41:20 Andy Tanyatanaboon: Feels like Christmas came early!
00:44:27 Open Assembly: Feel free to reach out to me about the CTW call schedule, the Open Assembly Collective Partnership you can reach me at:
00:46:04 Tom OMalley: Amen!
00:46:36 Chris “Link” Duarte: Agreed!
00:46:37 Steve Rader: For me, that World Economic Forum report that just came out really reinforced a lot of what we are all talking about and validated what this group has been working on for a while.
00:46:56 Wyatt Nordstrom: If the pandemic subsides and knowledge workers can return to the office, will there be a “counterrevolution?”
00:46:56 Steve Rader: Bryan +1
00:47:55 James Wright: +1 Steve!
00:48:18 Chuck Hamilton: Favourite recent role posted on Indeed. Director of Remote Work – reporting to HR 🙂
00:48:27 Steve Rader: I think we are just getting started as to what these platforms and communities are capable of…
00:48:45 Steve Rader: Darren +1
00:48:53 Dyan Finkhousen: Our enterprise client conversations are night and day different today v one year ago… clients we’re working with ‘just get it’ – very little education required, the convo focuses more on how to design their bespoke model.
00:49:26 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Wyatt, philosophies vary but the FOW will be adopted by the majority, but perhaps not for a majority of their staff. Change will be driven by requirement and demand and experience has taught employees what they want, more flexiblity.
00:49:38 Dyan Finkhousen: Cheers to that!
00:49:56 Steve Rader: I love promoting the positive possibilities with this… AND I think it is important for us to also be the watchdog for finding the potholes ahead and getting ahead of them.
00:50:06 Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab: For sure, for sure
00:51:27 San Rahi (he/him): As disruptive as 2020 has been, 2021 will be diametrically disruptive – though not a mirror image. Where that will take us will be an exciting discovery.
00:51:32 Chris Kneeland: Question: Some on this call represent firms that enable open talent (chiefly, many of the logos on the Open Assembly membership slide). Other are more keen to help evangelize the merits of open talent, most likely first and foremost within their organizations. How does the charter of Open Assembly differ from the Centre for the Transformation of Work? Knowing that will make it easier to decide which group to lean into.
00:51:42 Open Assembly:
00:51:48 Steve Rader: @San +1
00:52:57 Steve Rader: Mike… thanks for everything you and TC are doing in this space! I’m always impressed!
00:53:19 Chris “Link” Duarte: If anyone needs an “evangelist”- I’d like to fill out an application for that 🙂
00:56:02 Open Assembly: Barry Matthews:
00:56:28 Chris “Link” Duarte: I believe that the next step is to convince the masses- the consumers- of this arena. They will then demand from the institutions that they move this way so that they can serve the customers better. Institutions needs consumers that trust their business with this tech/innovation; however, its the general public that needs to make the push to move in that direction. To draw them, we have to offer “evangelical leadership” and education about how consumers can use open innovation. From the bottom up
00:58:24 Open Assembly:
00:58:31 Chuck Hamilton: I would love to speak with anyone interested in talking about the palpable depression I feel that is growing out there for the future of work. We know that the story is positive, but as general media sees it, the future is often pitched as bleak. Let’s shift this conversation.
00:58:46 Chris “Link” Duarte: I would like to add that we can’t use our “brands” to draw in the crowd; we have to demonstrate with our passions about why we believe that this is the best direction to move to attract people
00:59:11 Bryan Pena: Would love to connect chuck. Totally agree.
00:59:31 Open Assembly: OA Podcast w/ Toptal’s Erik Stettler:
00:59:35 John Healy: great perspective @Erik!
00:59:41 Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab: +1
01:00:19 San Rahi (he/him): @chuck, agree we need to reframe from POV of fear of loss to gain of opportunity
01:00:32 Andy Tanyatanaboon: I am grateful for such a vibrant community and since my start with Harvard Business Analytics Program and having read up on Open Innovation and Open Talent through cases written on John Windsor and Steve Radar and Jeff Davis – to see it blossom into the real world outside of academics is amazing and I had to be involved. I have also committed to establishing open talent as a primary model for the startup I am co-founding which I hope to make it a part of the DNA of the organization from the ground up.. Academic -> Real world development – > Real world application All that in a year of chaos is quite humbling
01:01:03 Todd Brous: @Andy +2
01:01:06 Steve Rader: @Andy – LOVE IT!
01:01:52 San Rahi (he/him): “Ask yourself: where could the collision of our strengths and our weaknesses yield innovation?” – ES power
01:02:17 Rebecca Benson: With the rapid evolution of open talent, new marketplace platforms, etc., I keep asking myself, and keep looking for clues from the AICPA and Board of Accountancy groups – when will there be a “re-birth” (thank you @Erik Stettler) in the current tax structure, when will it implode and collide with the evolution of the new workforce (for the individual and the corporation).
01:02:46 Rich Copsey: Happy holidays all! gotta run and put on a shirt with a collar for my next call… Cheers! looking forward to ’21 with all of you
01:02:59 Steve Rader: @Chuck – I think that fear will be a natural part of this substantial transition… I think we should mine those reactions for possible issues, but also try and highlight the possible ways that this can all go…
01:03:20 Dyan Finkhousen: Have a great holiday @Rich – see you on the flipside in 2021!!
01:03:22 Open Assembly:
01:03:28 Tom OMalley: Nice Job @Erik
01:03:38 stephen wellbelove: I have been talking to Barry about how he can help me in my organisation (a large global tech services outsourcer) spread the word of gig economy and open talent. It is very challenging to break the traditonal model because employees are their secret sauce and to think that freelancers can help augment a full time workforce is difficult and leads to concerns around losing their differentiation.
01:04:30 Janice Stevenor Dale: @Jerry, yes, “dept by dept”
01:05:30 Steve Rader: Breakouts have been game changing!!!
01:05:36 John Healy: full green today @Ray….thank you!
01:05:57 Open Assembly:
01:06:08 Stacie Joosten: +1 @John!
01:06:35 Open Assembly: More OA podcasts can be found here:
01:06:57 Steve Rader: I appreciate the perspective of looking for the win-win for workers and organizations!
01:07:21 Stephen Lepke: It has been a great year working with you! Next is going to be even better.
01:07:23 Todd Brous: Thank you John for all of this!!! 
Happy Holidays everyone!!
01:07:36 Catherine McGowin: Thanks, everyone for all your amazing contributions this year!
01:07:44 Chris “Link” Duarte: Im just always amazed that these sessions don’t cap out in attendance. I imagine everyone out there would want to be a part of these. They are amazing
01:07:45 Gavin McClafferty: Grateful for this community! Thank you OA for blazing this amazing trail 🙂
01:07:53 Laura McLeod: Happy Holidays everyone!
01:07:58 Mafé Rabino: Happy Holidays Everyone! Thank you Everyone.
01:08:15 Bryan Pena: thanks everyone for a great year and incredible thought leadership.
01:08:16 San Rahi (he/him): Stay safe and rest up everyone!
01:08:18 Dyan Finkhousen: <3 <3 <3
01:08:19 Stacie Joosten: Thank you everyone! So grateful for group, and all the best to everyone!
01:08:35 Matt Neal: stay safe all. happy holidays!
01:08:40 Erin McDermott: Thank you all! It’s been amazing learning from all of you! xox
01:08:42 Karina Rehavia: Happy Holidays everybody!
01:08:42 Open Assembly: TAKE CARE EVERYONE!!!
01:08:43 Steve Rader: Hope everyone has a great time with family over the holidays!!
01:08:44 Mark Hannant: Best wishes all for the holidays. See you all in 2021
01:08:45 Dyan Finkhousen: Thanks so much everyone – have an amazing holiday season and can’t wait to connect in 21
01:08:46 David Cameron: Thanks, everyone!
01:08:47 Tom OMalley: “Take your work seriously, but not yourself”…Dwight Eisenhower….this group embodies this.
01:08:47 Rebecca Benson: Thank you for opening up this group! Happy Holidays!
01:08:51 Todd Boyd: Happy Holidays!

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